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  2. Whilst I found that useful in my former professional career I found this more directly useful in the dark arts of management: https://www.marines.mil/Portals/59/Publications/MCDP 1 Warfighting.pdf It has the bonus for cheapskates like me, free, tried and tested (though not sure about recent results).
  3. My orig white 62 slab was made in the same month,your price for an original seems about right making this a good purchase.The neck on mine is actually quite big compared to any other jazz I have owned .
  4. Hah only that we're a relatively small audience for such a grand talent 😉 Most welcome.
  5. Both equipped with J-Retro Deluxe. I couldn't stand a bass with pickup switching. A Jazz Bass has always blendable pickups. Always! No - not the serial mode; I didn't like the mismatch in volume when switching. Don't miss it...
  6. The publication has been added to my reading list. I thank you.
  7. BassAgent

    Show us your rig!

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  8. I have found getting the intonation 'spot' on with my 5 stringer B string has been a compromise. Bass is a G&L, nice new strings (both TI and Chromes flats tried). The notes fretted do change pitch slightly from slightly sharp on the initial attack to correct pitch in the 'steady state'. We are talking cents here. I also found that the floppiness of the B string results in finger pressure being a factor in tuning. My compromise was to balance the open B, octave B and fretted at 3,5th & 7th intonation, based on me mainly using 3,5&7 on B string. My take as a Physicist is that initial plucking of the string causes the tension to increase significantly , hence increase in frequency (pitch). As the string amplitude decreases with energy losses the frequency drops. It would be interesting to measure these transient frequency changes (This surely has been done) and how well a string remains tuned over the lifetime of a note. I have the kit at work and may take a quick look in the near future.
  9. I had an Affinity Jazz, Modded loads but it was already essentially a great player to start with.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. You're not alone! The gitwrist in my band (a leftie) has a few fenders but nine times out of ten he picks up his old Squier Affinity Tele. The rest of us think it sounds better too but that could just be cos he plays it better....
  12. I'm from the Netherlands and found it difficult too to find an expeditor that takes larger size parcels (like a bass in a case). I used to ship through UPS, but they changed their sizes recently. Recently I got a bass shipped from the UK that I bought here on bc, using eurosender. All went great at a good price and full insurance. Last time when I had to ship a bass myself, GLS appeared to be usable but have various price restrictions mentioned on their web pages. So I went to the parcel shop to hear they couldn't take it... So I checked eurosender if they also arrange shipping from the Netherlands. And they do! It is possible to ship a bass from about 35 euro's on, depending on the height of the insurance. That's cheap imo. Eurosender is a company that uses various delivery companies for their business. My parcel went with dpd (can't book large size parcels with them as a private customer) . It was very easy to book the parcel and plan the pickup. All went smooth, their information is complete and clear, and the parcel was delivered in a few days. From my 2 experiences, I would recommend them. Beside all the plus points I already mentioned, they are about 50% cheaper than when I had to use UPS, and they have more options for insurance.
  13. I've never bought any of Thomann own brand products but have bought from them and haven't had a problem with them sorting a problem out. As far as warranty, it's in the product description that it's covered for 3 years.
  14. Wot you trying to say? You say we is not gud enuff for the Skank?
  15. Smoothhound on my home pedal board and one other small change to my rig which I'll have to thank @bassfan for pointing my nose in the right direction! Great to catch up with @NotAsGoodAsJaco who's currently after a BB NE2, in fact from another chap called Al(!) so you can imagine our confusion at the start of our chat today: "Al, are you the guy selling me a NE2", "Not likely mate!" 😂 He's also after a Yammy BB1025, which I'm also not selling, but very happy to give my fellow BCer, who was on his way to one of his 280(!) gigs this year, a plug in case anyone else is thinking of moving theirs on... This, for the avoidance of doubt, is the one that's not for sale alongside the updated rig
  16. I would imagine it sounds great in your garden, in the same room it is just way too loud to enjoy last time I saw them
  17. @skankdelvar poetry. Sadly destined never to be given its truly deserved audience by virtue of being birthed in the comment section of a bass guitar forum. If you haven't already, can I recommend you read this - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Book-Five-Rings-Miyamoto-Musashi-ebook/dp/B007V3FHRU As an aside, I once took out a kitten using only a Mercedes. Messy but extremely efficient.
  18. Greetings, low-enders! I'm having some issues with intonating a couple of my basses, and I figured I'd find the advice I need here. i've recently adjusted the neck relief on a fretted 5-string, so now am now needing to re-intonate it. Fretting at 12, then playing the 1st harmonic, most of the strings are pretty accurate. But in at least one string, as I play the harmonic, the needle wavers, which I wonder is the oscillation of a poorly intonated string. But I've tried, as an experiment, deliberately putting the intonation out on the strings which don't produce that wavering, then re-adjusting so it is intonated correctly. Tried the same with the rogue strings, and it still wavers. Can anybody tell me why it wavers? Is it a string issue, a tuner issue, or what? The second issue I have is with an unlined, fretless 4-string. Which begins with the fretting at the 12th. A movement of just one millimetre when fretting will obviously give a different reading. I've looked on t'interweb, and many people maintain that intonation on a fretless doesn't matter, it's all about the ear. The 'physics' bit of my brain disagrees, but is no expert. I've also read however, in a book by Leo Lospennato, that intonation can be done using the 1st harmonic and the open string, be it on a fretted or a fretless. This would obviously make intonation easier, as it avoids any fretting inaccuracy, but this book is the only place where Open-string adjustment is mentioned. The guy knows way more than I do, so I just wanted to know what you guys think, as I know less than you fine people... All the best, S
  19. Bad experience with GLS. They threw the bass over the garden gate when I was not there. I only found her at night on my way home. And bad experience also with this used purchase on basschat. The seller sent me a bad bass. And does not answer to my proposals to return the bass and refund.
  20. One hopes Lidl can supply pies of the one true way, the Ginster way. It will be interesting to find out why the 1/2 hour deserved slotting and the gat that was used.
  21. He certainly sounds great whatever he plays...
  22. Not sure about at present but for the last whoever knows how long he’s played an MIJ 57 Precision.
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