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Barefaced Compact on tour

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At long last we have some new Compacts spare! Please add yourself and your location if you'd like to try one. Please don't add yourself to the list if you're the kind of bassist that needs a tweeter for their tone because you'll be dissatisfied with the Compact - instead see the Midget T tour thread. Also, note the size of the Compact - if it's too big for you but you're thinking about going Barefaced, join the Midget T tour. Also, if you're in a LOUD band and currently use a rig which is significantly larger than the Compact then bear in mind you'll need more power for the Compact to keep up - Hoffman's Law and all that.

Once we have a decent list of basschatters and locations we'll work out a logical route. If you already own a Compact or a Midget and would like to hear what a two cab stack could do for you, feel free to join the tour.

There's no such thing as a free lunch so in return for getting to try a fancy new cab, we'd like a post about your experiences with it, and we'd particularly like photos, videos or recordings, especially from gigs that you've used it on. To stop those further down the list from becoming very frustrated with the wait, please endeavour to move the cab on within a fortnight at the longest. Also, we'd like to send out a brief user guide to everyone on the list, so that those trying the cab get the best out of it - please email us at [email protected] before the tour starts.

The cab will not be starting out here, it'll be Fedexed to the first person on the list and it'll inevitably end up miles away and need shipping back. Please keep the box, the additional cardboard packing materials and the polystyrene packing corners, and pass them on with the cab, so the final recipient and thus returnee doesn't have to improvise.

That's all folks!

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I'd like to be added to the list to try the Compact. I'm in Solihull in the West Midlands.

Are you planning to have any other cabs available to try? I only ask because I've been looking for a lightweight alternative to my backbreaking (but loud and great sounding) EBS cabs for a little while now. Russ (RussFM) has suggested the Super Twelves and I'd be really keen to try one of these in a gig setting.


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I had a chance to try the last touring Compact, but as I was not in a band at the time I would really appreciate the opportunity to see what the new one can do at a rehearsal or gig!

And if a super twelve goes out and about, I would REALLY love to try one of those!!

Based in Newcastle, but regularly travel up to Edinburgh/Fife if that helps the distribution...

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[quote name='Conan' post='835052' date='May 12 2010, 09:25 AM']I had a chance to try the last touring Compact, but as I was not in a band at the time I would really appreciate the opportunity to see what the new one can do at a rehearsal or gig![/quote]
Had a brief chat with Alex about the Compacts at the SE Bass Bash last year - tried my GK head through that and a Vintage(or it might have been a Big One, dunno, can't remember :) ). Super impressed with the Compact, so would relish the chance to try it out in a gig setting, so please add me to the list (I'm in Cambridge).

[quote]And if a super twelve goes out and about, I would REALLY love to try one of those!![/quote]
Plus the One - I'm thinking about a second (well, third) cab to be part of my modular-throw-it-together clean/grit stack - I'm using the EBS cabs at the moment 'cos they do clean very well, and a couple of el-cheapo Maplin-special 12" PA cabs for the mild dirtiness (oooohhh missus :rolleyes: ).

Ta muchly, Ian

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[quote name='alexclaber' post='836378' date='May 13 2010, 05:01 PM']No. New cab, new list![/quote]

Then location-wise can it at least start where the last one finished? :)

I'm in Runcorn, if I could be added to the list please.

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[quote name='daz' post='838441' date='May 15 2010, 09:07 PM']Im in Chester and would love to give one a whirl.


Hey, I'm in Chester too! I'd like to join the list as I did own a Compact for a short while and am beginning to think I didn't give it a fair crack of the whip after all. Would definitely like to give it another chance now I'm settled on my TC RH450 as my amp of choice.



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Does this look logical?

largo - Fife, Scotland.
razze06 - Edinburgh
Conan - Newcastle, travels to Edinburgh/Fife
wateroftyne - Tyneside-ish
bassfunk - Manchester
skychaserhigh - Stockport
guyl - Stockport
Protium - Runcorn
Bass Culture - Chester
daz - Chester
tonyf - Solihull
xzodar - Bristol
baixo - Reading (or Slough)
chris_b - Kingston upon Thames
waltsdog - SW London
Bottle - Cambridge
freefaaall - Crawley

If you've only just seen this thread (even if it's summer or autumn by now) then note where the cab is and if it hasn't gone past you, slot yourself into a geographically sensible space.

For those further down the line, if you want to try a Compact but would rather try one as soon as possible, buy one and use it and it'll cost you £10 for us to get it collected if you don't like it, so in one sense you can hire a top quality cab for a month for a tenner!

If you don't know if this cab could do what you want and only want to join the tour if the probability of it being suitable is fairly high, then email us a link to a youtube clip or two that represent your ideal tone and tell us what bass and amp you use. We should be able to give you a fairly accurate answer either confirming your choice or directing you to another of our cabs or to something else entirely.

The Compact going on tour will be a silver cloth front one - old school baby. Take photos please - surely there can't be any "I don't have a digital camera" excuses nowadays? :) If you're truly 21st century then audio and video clips (especially of gigs and especially without PA support) are groovy too.

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Cheers Alex

Looking forward to trying the cab out when it gets here!

On a related note, if there's anyone else in the Cambridge area who fancies meeting up at any point to have a noodle and chat about basses, then PM me!

HTH, Ian

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