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  1. 14x46" internal, I can take it to Ottawa if you like
  2. Not a clue what it is wound to. I bought it in about 2011 and didn't request anything special if that helps? The foam is included and unused (still has the sticky tape on the back).
  3. Hard case in decent condition, £20 collected from Sandhurst (Berks).
  4. Sonic Blue Precision body, string through with bridge. The sonic blue is fading to a greener colour as you can see on the pictures. Neck pocket 62mm x 18mm (3 or so mm deep than a regular fender pocket so it needs a shim for a Fender neck). Throwing in a pearloid pickguard with pots and output jack. £50 collected from Sandhurst (Berks) or local. Add £15 for postage.
  5. Wizard Thumper P pickup in excellent condition, I have the original box somewhere. £50 if you pick it up from Sandhurst (Berks, or local) add £5 if you want it posted.
  6. Lefty Mexican Fender Jazz neck with machine heads, skunk stripe is delaminating very slightly in a small section (you can feel it is slightly raised but doesn't show up in pictures) but the truss is fine and it doesn't seem to affect it. Few marks on the nack but plays fine, nut has been flipped to righty. Plate and screws included. £50 - Collection from Sandhurst (berks or local) or I'll be in London on Thursday & Saturday. Can post for an extra £15.
  7. Last price drop to see if I get some interest: £1550 or make me a trade offer. Only going to have it up til Friday, otherwise, this one will stay in Canada.
  8. Oh, I see. I'm open to just about anything trades wise but I'd prefer a deal for a lower value bass with cash my way (unless you have a Dingwall).
  9. [quote name='Storky' timestamp='1506030708' post='3376070'] Nice. I like what you've done. What do you do about the bridge, aren't standard bridges too wide? [/quote] That's a standard bridge with 19mm spacing, it's fine as long as you don't mind the strings being a little close to the edge of the board (think stingray 5). The one I used was vintage style so you can change the string spacing a little but it's not really necessary. You will have to measure and re-drill for the new bridge though, it's not a drop in replacement.
  10. Broncos make a great base for modding, ditch the tuners and the bridge and stick any pickup you like in there. Here is mine. [attachment=254038:20170307_202137.jpg]
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