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  1. We only used the WHD kit for one gig, and it worked perfectly well for that. Our drummer replaced the kick drum head with a better quality one, and he said that that made a lot of difference. Of course the volume and depth of sound of a kick drum with no shell will always be lower, but it is totally adequate for small gigs. The entire kit fits in a large backpack cymbal carrier and a small gym bag, and the stability is probably better than the pearl's. At the time of buying it was the drummer who insisted we bought the cheaper WHD kit, as he thought the setup looked more stable, and the quality of the drumsheads was probably what made the pearl kit more expensive. As he was going to change them anyway, he recommended we bought that one from Gear4Music. I think he was right
  2. my experience is that powerline adapters add around 5ms to the ping time, and a significant amount of jitter, but they're better than wifi. Nowhere near as good as ethernet though.
  3. Excellent transaction as usual - quick and simple negotiations, frequent and clear communication, high quality shipping and perfect packaging. And extra strings
  4. my normal overall latency to cloud servers in the UK is around 30ms, which i find pefectly adequate for my playing.
  5. I'v found that playing with around 60ms latency gives my bass playing a good reggae/dub feel
  6. Interesting point. I would recommend the opposite, which is to only turn off direct monitoring and only hear the return signal from your instrument. In that way you can adjust your playing to compensate for latency. Of course that doesn't work for singing or acoustic instruments
  7. I really enjoy the random jams on the public servers, and makes me think that my knowledge of standards is pathetic at best
  8. Yep, lots of bass players on the public servers. Perhaps bassists are more inclined to try new things, and more persistent in getting things to work? Personally only have good things to say about using jamulus. Sound quality is sometimes not great, but I found the overall experience is great.
  9. I've also been using a heavily padded fishing rod case. Bit too long, but well cushioned and lots of pockets!
  10. Stagg makes a EUB hard case. My current Aria Eub came with one, and it works just fine. A quick search for Stagg EDB case will bring up soem options
  11. My Aria EUB also had a problem with a too short endpin. I ended up replacing it with a longer steel rod of the correct calibre (10mm) with a rubber cap at one end. Simplistic, but effective.
  12. In an attempt to reduce my band's footprint and volume without losing the drive and presence of drums, we bought one of these: https://www.gear4music.com/Drums-and-Percussion/WHD-Portable-Busker-Shell-Kit/2Z2D Of course it needs hi hat and a cymbal and a stool and a kick drum pedal, but the main component folds onto itself, and everything now fits in a backpack and a large cymbal bag instead of several bags. The sound is pretty good, especially once you've swapped out the stock skins with your (or our drummer's) favourite ones. Of course, Pearl's offer would be good too: https://www.gear4music.com/Drums-and-Percussion/Pearl-Compact-Traveler-Shell-Pack/1WTH
  13. I'm using the Aria SWB EUB a lot more than I used to, and I am beginning to feel uncomfortable with the original bit of bent steel rod that serves as a body brace. Does anybody know of any replacement braces? Has anyone tried to fit something more ergonomic to it? Perhaps using a brace from a different bass?
  14. Six piece with two singers, guitar, bass, sax, drums. Soul, funk, swing, ska, whatever else captures our fancy - no hard rock or metal. We like to try and gig in small pubs with no designated stage, so the smaller the better Sounds like I should just go for it. I was worried that the small box factor meant just distortion on the low frequencies if slightly pushed, but maybe not.
  15. I am considering using a pair something like the Alto TX208 Active PA Speaker as small wedge monitors for the whole band. Do you think they would take handle bass and DB ok for monitoring purposes? We are not superloud, but we often gig in tiny spaces. We find it tricky to position bass and guitar amps so they can serve as main source of sound for both monitoring and audience. Vocals and sax go through PA, drums are acoustic only.
  16. For a long time I used a PJB Briefcase on double bass. At 100w of hifi sound it won't work in a loud band, but i've successfully used it for both DB and EB in a full band setting with no PA support. Strategic positioning and tilting helped, as well as sympathetic volume setting from the rest of the band. I changed to a bigger PJB rig because too often I didn't have the chance to set up as I needed to to be heard. I miss the portability and form factor, so I bought a second hand Markbass minimark 602, which is louder and lighter than the PJB briefcase.
  17. I'm interested in learning a bit of slap bass to help with some of the rockabilly and bluegrass style covers we might do, but i'm worried that i won't be able to set up my bass to play in one style and not the other effectively. Any advice? I've currently got both a mag and a piezo pickup on my bass, and i'm using spiro weichs (i think)
  18. (free bump) I have one too, see it in action here, through a PJB D400 and a CAB47
  19. I have succesfully doubled on DB and EB for a while using a PJB briefcase. Two separate inputs with identical eq and compression capabilities. The only downside is that the two inputs are not mutuallu exclusive, so I ended up uplugging one whe I was using the other. Also, you need to like what PJB has to offer, i.e. musical and clean tone but not much power In the end I sold the rig for a smaller head+cab setup and a small pedalboard with an ABY switch and a separate preamp for the DB
  20. Yep I still have it. It's currently at the workshop getting a refret I don't use it a huge amount, but I like to keep it because it's got a really unusual tone and playing position, and it's now the second oldest bass I own! Here it is in action a few years ago
  21. I ended up buying one of these: https://www.fishingmegastore.com/holdalls/greys-prodigy-rod-ready-holdall~12928.html
  22. I think the Aria is longer than the NS EUBs. If someone can take some measurements of the NS bag I could check
  23. Thomann didn't really help. Since it's not in their catalog, they can't help me. Stagg have been supremely unresponsive as well. Should anyone know of another place I could try calling, please let me know. Also this:
  24. I'd like to revive this thread by pointing out that a lot of manufacturers are bringing out small form 2x8 vertically stacked cabs TC Electronic Warwick Trace Elliot The TC looks very intresting at that price, but would it work for both DB and EB in a small gig with no PA support?
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