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  1. This ia the case I'll probably end up getting. The Pelican Storm iM3410A little higher than I want to spend, but not as high as a flight case. The foam can be cut to fit the instrument and should be room for thw stand.
  2. I think from the specs the NXT would just fit lengthwise. Thanks!
  3. It's a good idea, except the EUB is 135 cm long... All golf cases come in just a little short. I thought about it when I saw our drummer uses one for his hardware... Very durable.
  4. It's working but just not really what I want. Might be better if I had a better padded bag than the stock gig bag.
  5. I've looked into the Stagg case, It is just a litte too narrow for the NXT, and I have heard it wasn't real durable but may have worked if it had fit. Gollihur's has the tube case which is just like the ski case I'm using. I would live to have onw of their flight cases, whole much more affordable than the ones NS Design sells, still a little more pricey than I can afford. If I could find one used it would great. The Pelican m3410 Storm Rifle case seems like it might works. It's hinged and has foam that can be cut to fit. Also has wheels. It's not super cheap but closer to my price range. I wanted to explore a few more options before going that direction. I cannot believe there aren more cases that will work with an EUB.
  6. I'm looking for different options for my NS Design NXT4. I am currently using a Sportube ski/snowboard case. I've also used a case made from a pvc pipe. I do not like transporting it in just the gig bag. Outside of trying to build my own case, which would be a disaster, I wanted to get some other ideas. Thank you!
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