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Slimmest patch cables?


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I need to add an additional mini pedal to my Nano+ board which I think I can, just, do if I can find slimmer patch cables.


The pedals currently on board are 4x TC minis and a Sansamp BDDIv2


I've been looking at RockBoard or EBS Flat Patch cables but I don't know anyone who's used them and it they really will save over a standard type pancake.


Any thoughts?



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EBS Flat Patch have done me well for a few years. It depends on what they're replacing, but they poke out probably a bit less less than 1cm whereas I have some heavy duty Fender ones that poke out by about 2cm.  The Fender ones do feel more robust though. My worry with squeezing mini pedals as tightly together as possible is it becomes a bit of a delicate move to stomp them on/off without hitting neighbouring ones, those soft touch TC footswitches are easily pressed (and my size 12 DMs quickly stomping on small pedals on the floor in a dark pub is not usually a delicate manouver!).


The flat Harley Benton flat cables have not done me so well - the outer sleeve has started to come away on a couple of them to expose bare wire.

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NB There's some mixed reviews when it comes to noise rejection with the EBS-type of flat cable.


Another option is the Ibanez mini link series. Not only are they small, but their sound/noise rejection is very good. There's a YouTuber who did a kind "scientific" test of many patch cables, with a giant spreadsheet as output, and the Ibanez came out pretty much on top. If you search you'll find mention of it. 


And luckily, the same product seems to be sold by Harley Benton for cheap: https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_solder_free_patch_cable_kit.htm


Downside is they are not robust. 


If you can solder, making up your own cables using the Squareplug SP series ends up being only a couple of mm less slim than the EBS etc. And the quality is excellent.


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I use the Rockboard ones and am really satisfied with mine so far.


As far as I can tell low noise and low capacitance, and no other signal degeneration/high end suck, really flexible cables, and I have a hard time imagining how a patch cable plug could possibly get any flatter than this.


Also non of mine has failed yet or developed any other issues, and I got a rather big pedal board, using a lots of them.





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I’ve just taken delivery of some WBC patch cables using the Eminence ‘Tiny’ connector, very impressed so far. Not the cheapest, but perfectly reasonable for the quality I think.







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