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Gary Moore's Les Paul


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On 25/03/2018 at 11:15, Skybone said:

Kirk is looking very old...

For 40 years in the music business, I reckon he's doing OK!

Interesting interview, and he seems like a real gent to give up a load of his time and not bang on about his pedals (which has to be the reason whey he agreed).

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On 29/11/2021 at 21:13, AndyTravis said:

I’ve been told that particular guitar is a bit of a pig…


Also stood with Peter Green as he chortled at the Collectors Choice recreation we had on the wall in a shop…


ah well.

As you’ll doubtless know, apparently Peter liked pristine guitars so I imagine wouldn’t have got the ‘recreation’ thing at all.


I know he also used to complain about the original having a neck like a tree trunk (i.e. more of a ‘50s profile, unlike Clapton’s, which he liked and which had a thinner ‘60s profile, although others who have played it have actually said the neck isn’t that big). Somebody once asked him if he’d like the original back and he said “No. Look at the state of it!”

Personally I think it’s probably the best-sounding guitar I’ve ever heard. It’s certainly the best looking IMO. 



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Apparently just under 700 Les Paul bursts were made in 1959 but about a thousand are known to exist...(perhaps thanks to Ed Roman who offered to perform such surgery on original fifties goldtops!)  Mainly thanks to people taking gold tops from the same year and having maple tops put on them along with a burst refinish.   Some, like John Shanks, have suggested the gold tops sound better...!  Rick Neilsen from Cheap Trick has a 59 with a stunning maple top on it.

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I'm really glad that it is actually being taken out and played.

I also enjoyed the meltdown when Kirk actually took it on tour with him. For years GM fans had been complaining that it wasn't getting used, and now they got upset that it was.


Loved it!

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