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  1. Ok I recently did a post about an ashdown that i wash looking at. However i've just found a Line6 Lowdown Ld400Pro online brand new, cheap as chips. Does anyone know anything about them, Loudness, suitability for gigging instead of a rig etc. Cheers
  2. Thanks a lot gents.Basically what i'm looking for is a loud combo amp for around £500. Just to save me carting my rig to smaller gigs. I want somethin loud enough to hold its own.
  3. Does anyone one own or has anyone played through this amp. I'm thinking off buying one soon, but i won't be able to try it for a month which is when PMT Manchester will get one in. Could anyone give me an idea of how they perform? Thanks
  4. If i looked like John Taylor i wouldn't join a cover band, i'd be out shagging!
  5. Nit a big Indie fan so not the ideal judge, but it sounds as good as what i've heard in the genre and for a home recording that's pretty good quality!
  6. Not really my bag, but excellently written and arranged and top production!
  7. [quote name='EdwardHimself' timestamp='1332956342' post='1595541'] I thought you might say this. I do listen to bands like Alice in Chains so I am aware of that type of singing however I do think it was slightly out of tune even so, sorry. [/quote] No need to apologise. I just better check that the autotune we use in conjunction with pro-tools is working properly. Perhaps its out of tune!
  8. [quote name='EdwardHimself' timestamp='1332934605' post='1595014'] Ok, I think in terms of the mix, it is sounding very boomy. There is too much in the 100-200 Hz range in terms of frequencies I would have said. Also some of the vocal harmonies sound a bit out of tune. I suppose whoever does the backing vocals wanted to "be a hero" and not use autotune, which is fine, but in order for it to still sound decent you have to put the work in to make sure you sing it in tune in the first place. Expecting to have decent sounding vocals without either electronic help or putting in the work to get it sounding like that naturally is imo expecting to have your cake and eat it. [/quote] Thanks for the opinion. I can agree with it being a bit boomy. However, to assume whoever did the backing vocals wanted to "be a hero" is incorrect. The people who did the backing vocals chose to put a b9 in the harmony. To create tension, as the basic tenets of music is tension then resolve.
  9. [quote name='ChristopherGilbert' timestamp='1332834927' post='1593606'] Just had a listen, not expecting to like it that much, but it was really really awesome. And a wicked sounding bass, too. [/quote] Thank you very much.
  10. [quote name='All thumbs' timestamp='1332822831' post='1593547'] Sounds pretty bloomin' awesome! Where did you record them? [/quote] At a place called SoundLoft in leigh, Lancashire. The geezer who runs it plays in a band called Jesus In India. He has a great ear for production and is a good lad. Doesn't bullshit, Just gets to the point. If you are interested in recording there jus drop us a line i'll get the info for ya. I don't work there this isn't shameless pimpin
  11. [quote name='garethfriend' timestamp='1332699318' post='1591828'] nice work, bass sounds immense, what did you use? [/quote] Thanks, used my Yamaha BBN5 with fresh RotoSound Rotobass strings (usually use Swing Bass, but shop had none) Into an Ampeg Head, D.I'ed straight into the desk.
  12. Hi everyone could you please have a listen to my bands tracks. These is the first two we have recorded and we are mixing our third. I would appreciate any comments about song, mix, sounds, bass playing, singing etc. Here is the link. I ain't so great on computers so you will prob have to copy and paste it into browser, ain't too sure how to set as click links. [url="http://soundcloud.com/search?q%5Bfulltext%5D=asedya"]http://soundcloud.co...ltext%5D=asedya[/url] Maybe not then! Looks like it does it for you. Tom
  13. thank you very much gentleman.
  14. Does anyone know if these amps are any good. Thinking of buying one but can't get to test one for about a week. It's a [b] Marshall MB4210 Bass Combo Amp[/b] Cheers
  15. I'd say about £500 if in top nick! But i don't know much about value of stuff!
  16. The guy who first got me into bass when i was a nipper. Duff McKagen. The aggressive compressed chorus sound. still love it!
  17. This must have been sold by now. Boo hoo! If only i'd seen it earlier!
  18. [quote name='Blademan_98' post='1373587' date='Sep 14 2011, 07:12 PM']Sadly you are spot on. I lose the plot in places and timing wanders all over the place The fills seem to be my worst places. Like the title says "need more practice" [/quote] Yeah that's the same as what i was doing. I have to practice or it the standard drops. But the main thing is having a go and be creative. There was some good ideas in the piece, and i liked its lilt.
  19. Bizarrely that has inspired me to try my fretless thru some distortion. Got a big muff pedal so gonna have a fanny about ( excuse the pun ) with it. With regards to the piece. It's got nice feel, but with a few timing issues. but i think loads of us need to practise more. I returned to playing bass about a yr or so ago after an hiatus of about 5yrs. My timing was dogshit. It really suprised me. Not like massively out of time, but rushin things etc. So i had to hammer that. Only recently got happy with it. Now it's trying to get the fingers as quick as the brain.
  20. [quote name='Skol303' post='1373250' date='Sep 14 2011, 02:13 PM']^ This is typical of most 'comment on my song' forums, to be honest. I think people are either worried about causing upset with critical feedback; or are perhaps more interested in having people comment on their own music, than commenting on others. Or perhaps they just can't be a$$ed?! Don't take it personally whichever is the case. As for your track, the song itself is good but it's arguably let down by the mix. No big deal, as this can obviously be fixed! I'm no expert in that regard - I'm just a happy hobbyist when it comes to mixing - but as others have mentioned, it needs more clarity and balance between the different elements of the song. The guitars in particular need taming (typically!) and the vocal bringing forward. As an aside, your band name - The Producers - made me think of The Editors. Don't know if that means anything, just passing on feedback.[/quote] Fair point! But if you put stuff up you should expect some constructive criticism. This isn't an arse lickin forum! The comments i've received have help with extra insight before the final mix. Thanks a lot. Oh yeah and the name has nowt to do with The Editors. It's a direct rip off, of the classic Mel Brooks comedy.
  21. [quote name='TorVic' post='1372709' date='Sep 14 2011, 12:25 AM']Like the song! A good mix and it could be a hit! All the best! (2p: distorted guitars are too prominent - drops back too much when it switches to clean. voice could be more in the forefront.)[/quote] Nice one. i think the prominence of the guitar is due to eq on distortion. Your comments back up what i thought wit relation to them. Hadn't even given regard to the vocal. so thanks for that. will have a re listen to it.
  22. [quote name='Blademan_98' post='1372386' date='Sep 13 2011, 07:31 PM']I'm afraid a lot of people don't like to comment in case it comes across badly. I have posted a few tracks (mainly me playing badly ) and only usually get a couple of comments. Your track sounds very good. I like the tune and the mix is not all that 'toppy' tbh. I can hear the bass and drums. The guitars may be a tad loud but not that much. The quiet section near the end, where the bass really comes to the front, is superb. I for one really enjoyed it, good work. Blademan[/quote] thank you kindly sir! bizarrely its the guitarist who thinks the bass isn't loud enough, and it's me who thinks the guitars are too toppy. That's why opinon'ss off here, good or bad, are relevant because they can help get your work sorted. i appreciate criticism. Thanks a lot and i will look out for your stuff on here.
  23. Good tune, excellent sound quality. And excellent professional video. Could only wish to make a video that looks that sharp.
  24. [quote name='Lord Sausage' post='1368794' date='Sep 10 2011, 06:52 PM']Thanks. the amp was an Ampeg head D.I'd into desk. The gtrs are a bit too loud. A bit to middley to toppy as well which makes it more audible. Thanks for the comment[/quote] What's the point of this recording forum. You hardly get any comments to help! Surely defeating the purpose of a forum!
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