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  1. OK fellas last question.....I hope! What would you recommend out of the following scenarios:- 1) A 500w into 4 ohms amp into a fender rumble 4x10 which is 500w @ 4ohms or 2) The same amp into a Gk 212 MBE which is 600w @ 8ohms but this gives me the option of adding say another [email protected] 8ohms at a later date. i.e when got more money. Thanks for your time
  2. A great man once said " I need TP for my bunghole!" Thanks a lot gents i am a little wiser but still ain't sure what to buy but i am getting much closer. Cheers
  3. Thanks a lot gents, however i have more dumb questions. Just say an amp (solid state) is 500w into 4 ohms then you buy two cabs one 4 ohms one 8 ohms, according to icastles calculator thing that would be 2.67 ohms. Would that damage the amp? Is the 500w into 4 ohms its minimum? It may not seem like it but this is helping loads even if i don't fully grasp it. i'm getting the basic message. I think!
  4. [quote name='Bill Fitzmaurice' timestamp='1338828840' post='1679761'] The watts just don't matter, you have to increase them by a factor of ten to sound twice as loud. Always buy 8 ohm cabs so that if you need to add a second you can. And the last thing you'd add to a 412 is a 115, a 115 can't even keep up with a 212. [/quote] So what do 1x15 give you then is it more low frequencies or is that bollocks! Just to be clear then, a 500w amp that only gives out 350 due to ohms would be plenty loud.
  5. Also what about ohms? If you have say an amp that's 500w at 4ohms and 350w at 8 ohms and you run it thru a 4x12 that handles 500w at 8 ohms, i take it you'll get 350. If you add say a 1x15 cab that is 8 ohm would you still get 350 or do the ohms increase or decrease. Would i have to buy 4ohm cabs. Do you worst, I can handle condescension due the my arrogance and giant intellect in other areas!!! ha ha!
  6. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1338804094' post='1679327'] OK here is the laymans terms, I am one and this is how I see it but the others will be back to baffle you with electronic wizardry and have a debate about it Im sure! I have a Morris Minor (realy ) it was designed for about 28bhp yet you can have a bigger engine like mine with about 39bhp or much more without upgrading the brakes and tyres etc, If you think of the car as the speaker cabs and the engine as the amp then I could drive it all day long without revving it up much and keep it below 20bhp which would be fine, I could drive it hard all the time until something broke but in reality I can drive it within a safe manner and exploit the extra power within reason once I have the feel of when its pushing it too hard (farting speaker constantly etc). [/quote] Thanks pal!
  7. this is entertaining but confusing when you know nowt about all this tech stuff. Advanced music theory easy, watts, rms etc.....clueless. i'm looking to buy new stuff too. Can someone explain in laymans speak please. Does it matter if the amp is more powerful than the speakers.
  8. Actually, thinking about it and remember i know very little, Do you think the 1x15 version of the amp would get all 500w through that one speaker and would the 2x10 respond well to a B string?
  9. Basically i've never really known much about the technical side of amps. I've had the same rig since i was 16. Marshall amp, Peavey speakers. Its always done the job. just plugged in and got a decent sound. However, its time for a new amp and ideally i want a combo as i still have the rig so i want something more portable for smaller gigs and i pretty much know what i want i just want some final advice and i have two questions (ish) 1. How is having a tc electronics BH500 amp going through a tc electronics 2x10 cab better than having a tc electronics BG500 210 combo, which is essentially the same amp through a 2x10. Whats the difference? 2. With regards to the combo what would be better, having the 2x10 version or the 1x15? I mainly play rock and do some theater gigs (musicals). Cheers
  10. Hi everyone, Asedya will be doing our first gigs in Manchester this summer. We are playing Club academy on June 23rd and The Night and Day Cafe on July 13th. You can listen to our stuff at Soundcloud.com/asedya if you like it and fancy coming contact us on Facebook/asedya and we will sort out some tickets Cheers
  11. I've had cubase sequel 2 for about 18 months. However due to being very busy i.e jobs young kids, playing in bands, being addicted to Football Manger 12, starting projects before finishing others i've only just finished the first project on it that i started. Initially i just started to throw something together just to get me used to Sequel and how to get around it but it just grew and grew, and due to having a mediocre computer a lot of bouncing was required. However it is finally finished. It's a simple jazz fusiony type thing. The only samples on it are drums. Tell us what ya think! Cheers! Here is the link [url="http://soundcloud.com/dreaded-ted/arsehole-bossanova"]http://soundcloud.com/dreaded-ted/arsehole-bossanova[/url] Oh Yeah, it's called Arsehole Bossanova but it's more of a Samba
  12. Thanks guys, think i'll steer clear. Any recommendations for a loud combo about £500 new
  13. Ok I recently did a post about an ashdown that i wash looking at. However i've just found a Line6 Lowdown Ld400Pro online brand new, cheap as chips. Does anyone know anything about them, Loudness, suitability for gigging instead of a rig etc. Cheers
  14. Thanks a lot gents.Basically what i'm looking for is a loud combo amp for around £500. Just to save me carting my rig to smaller gigs. I want somethin loud enough to hold its own.
  15. Does anyone one own or has anyone played through this amp. I'm thinking off buying one soon, but i won't be able to try it for a month which is when PMT Manchester will get one in. Could anyone give me an idea of how they perform? Thanks
  16. If i looked like John Taylor i wouldn't join a cover band, i'd be out shagging!
  17. Nit a big Indie fan so not the ideal judge, but it sounds as good as what i've heard in the genre and for a home recording that's pretty good quality!
  18. Not really my bag, but excellently written and arranged and top production!
  19. [quote name='EdwardHimself' timestamp='1332956342' post='1595541'] I thought you might say this. I do listen to bands like Alice in Chains so I am aware of that type of singing however I do think it was slightly out of tune even so, sorry. [/quote] No need to apologise. I just better check that the autotune we use in conjunction with pro-tools is working properly. Perhaps its out of tune!
  20. [quote name='EdwardHimself' timestamp='1332934605' post='1595014'] Ok, I think in terms of the mix, it is sounding very boomy. There is too much in the 100-200 Hz range in terms of frequencies I would have said. Also some of the vocal harmonies sound a bit out of tune. I suppose whoever does the backing vocals wanted to "be a hero" and not use autotune, which is fine, but in order for it to still sound decent you have to put the work in to make sure you sing it in tune in the first place. Expecting to have decent sounding vocals without either electronic help or putting in the work to get it sounding like that naturally is imo expecting to have your cake and eat it. [/quote] Thanks for the opinion. I can agree with it being a bit boomy. However, to assume whoever did the backing vocals wanted to "be a hero" is incorrect. The people who did the backing vocals chose to put a b9 in the harmony. To create tension, as the basic tenets of music is tension then resolve.
  21. [quote name='ChristopherGilbert' timestamp='1332834927' post='1593606'] Just had a listen, not expecting to like it that much, but it was really really awesome. And a wicked sounding bass, too. [/quote] Thank you very much.
  22. [quote name='All thumbs' timestamp='1332822831' post='1593547'] Sounds pretty bloomin' awesome! Where did you record them? [/quote] At a place called SoundLoft in leigh, Lancashire. The geezer who runs it plays in a band called Jesus In India. He has a great ear for production and is a good lad. Doesn't bullshit, Just gets to the point. If you are interested in recording there jus drop us a line i'll get the info for ya. I don't work there this isn't shameless pimpin
  23. [quote name='garethfriend' timestamp='1332699318' post='1591828'] nice work, bass sounds immense, what did you use? [/quote] Thanks, used my Yamaha BBN5 with fresh RotoSound Rotobass strings (usually use Swing Bass, but shop had none) Into an Ampeg Head, D.I'ed straight into the desk.
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