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  1. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1349015741' post='1820674'] A pair of drumsticks is not [i]that [/i]expensive. Invest in [i]his [/i]future, it'll pay you back many times over in your retirement..! [/quote] [quote name='flyfisher' timestamp='1349015998' post='1820678'] Excellent! Though I must concur with the above comment about drum sticks . . . poor deprived child [/quote] ha ha. He has two pairs but he prefers spoons at the min. I think he's trying to learn two instruments at once.
  2. Hi my son, Stan, loves Gotye. We filmed him playing a singing along to Eyes Wide Open by Gotye. We put it on youtube so members of our families who live miles away could see it. So what happens.....someone in Gotye's band sees it and tweets it......Gotye retweets it.....over 3000 people view it. Meaning he is more successful than me. ha ha....perhaps it's time to give up. ha ha http://youtu.be/xbMQvYIFMn0
  3. I've recently started doing this for originals gigs. I just take my bass and a Hartke Bass Attack pedal. I love it, you have normal pre amp bits a eq sweep boost (changeable) and you can get a tubey sound from it. At the last gig i did the bass player in the band supplying the amp said don't touch the eq. I just said don't need to. I just used the pedal before it and turned off the compression on the amp. Afterwards he was asking what make my bass was cos it sounded so good through his amp. The pedal can also be used as a D.I box, pre and post.
  4. [quote name='flyfisher' timestamp='1347401890' post='1800472'] What about guitar players who play without a plectrum? Or doesn't it matter? [/quote] Well Jeff beck plays without a pick and he sounds better than most who do! But it doesn't matter. One of the first things i learned being a musician was " If it sounds right, it is right!" http://youtu.be/3uwvBizKAwc
  5. Manchester, but the head has in effect been sold now. Just sorting out the details.
  6. Is there a minimum donation?
  7. A friend of mine has a 1970's Marshall Head (Gtr). You can adjust the ohms on the back. i.e 4, 8, 16. He has a 16 ohm cab. Would the best performance come from matching the head to the cab and have both at 16 ohms?
  8. Sorry, forgot to say I'm open for a haggle! (if that's within the rules) (Burt, this bloke won't haggle!) (Won't haggle!) You may save a few sheckels but there will be no free gourd!
  9. Hi all, For sale is a peavey 1x15. Not exactly sure of specs but its got a black widow inside 4 ohm.. The carpet covering is slightly damaged but the speaker cab works fine looking for about £60. (the 2x10 in the pic has already been sold. Couldn't fit any more pics on the file if anyone is interested i can send close ups of it that shows the carpet damage). [attachment=119593:009.JPG] [size=5]Cab Price drop to £50[/size]
  10. [quote name='andydye' timestamp='1348841614' post='1819003'] 'my settings' 'manage attachments' I had to do this recently... [/quote] [quote name='paul j h' timestamp='1348842547' post='1819028'] Hi i had the same problem, now sorted after the above, many thanks. Paul. [/quote] Thank you, kind sirs!
  11. I want to try selling some stuff on here but i have no upload quota left so i can't upload pictures. How can you get it emptied? I've gone back through my content but all the uploads were from early posts and the content doesn't go back that far for me to delete them. Can anyone help?
  12. [quote name='eude' timestamp='1332424209' post='1588118'] Roscoe beck seems to like it.. [media]http://youtu.be/7z5YD6lZCGg[/media] Eude [/quote] God that guy is boring, hardly gets me rushing out to buy one. Plus it would have been nice to hear him play some bass, instead of that pseudo- guitar jazzy chord bollocks that's all the rage.
  13. If incredibly good looking was part of the stereotype then that would describe me!
  14. I thought you meant something completely different with Soapbar
  15. [quote name='Wil' timestamp='1346794211' post='1793465'] Silly moustache, too. [/quote][quote name='Wil' timestamp='1346794211' post='1793465'] Silly moustache, too. [/quote] I don't think i've ever seen a moustache that isn't silly, maybe apart from Hitler's
  16. Don't tell him Pike! How dare someone ask for help without being creative, working out for themselves, learning theory, not learning theory, trying to sound like someone else and being condescended too first!
  17. They're all right in using your ear, and combining it with theory etc. But there is no hard and fast right way of doing things, whatever works best. Plus don't let people tell you the right and wrong way of doing things. All players have picked up things off other players either by listening or seeing and listening. Also this is a forum where better to ask for help. With regard to the 'clinical' thing. It may be, may not be, but by trying different things that you haven't before over time it will become part of your natural ear and ability etc. Anyway here is a couple of simple ones of the top of my head that i like and were early ones that i picked up Root,5, octave, ninth, octave root, 5, combination of 7, octave, ninth
  18. How about some Rick James..Bitch! (this is best quality i could find) http://youtu.be/HdlPyybTb60
  19. in terms of odd time grooves, how about this from Zep. [media]http://youtu.be/l4rmnmRJmEc[/media]
  20. [quote name='silddx' timestamp='1348094865' post='1809383'] Ears are more important than hands, or gear. [/quote] I struggle to play the strings with my ears, they're a bit too flappy and my neck starts hurting after a bit!
  21. How about a nice shifting Polyrhythm groove? 7/16 over 2/4. Again not funk but definitely a groove. Just the intro......... it goes mental after that! http://youtu.be/J_jMMF6AP28
  22. [quote name='scalpy' timestamp='1347949446' post='1806912'] Quite agree, but you might get shot down in flames by the jazz funk fascistas! [/quote] Ha ha. Probably! I don't get it tho. I've been playing Jazz funk since i was 17 as well as rock n roll. Don't see how ones better than the other or how one grooves more than the other. They are just different!
  23. With regard to the Jamerson vs Kaye thing, surely you can tell just by the playing that it's him and not her. All the bullshit is unnecessary!
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