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  1. Its funny to me how some are talking about hate for altered tunings. Its just a tuning. It's not like they've pissed in your face or slept with your girlfriend.
  2. How about get your bass set up in C standard. Then relearn everything in that tuning and then you can play all your C metal stuff aswell.
  3. [size=5][sub]I absolutely love her! My mum got me into her music when i was five. Then when i was older i fell in love for different reasons. Ha ha. her music and songwriting is genius. One of the best. There is good bass playing on loads of her stuff. Babooshka for starters. (good for other reasons too!)[/sub][/size] http://youtu.be/6xckBwPdo1c and check this out http://youtu.be/8CzKUmy6TFQ
  4. [quote name='BluRay' timestamp='1343845101' post='1756284'] but are two small handbags better than one big one? [/quote] You would have a greater area covered with two handbags swinging at once!
  5. [quote name='Marvin' timestamp='1343841617' post='1756205'] I agree entirely. I'll even go further and say that there almost appears to be an agenda behind the thread. [/quote] [quote name='Musicman20' timestamp='1343841789' post='1756211'] Seriously? Thats like me saying 'there is an agenda behind your defence to BF'. If you aren;t party to it, you can't tell if you'd be offended. Alex barely visits Basschat, or barely posts, whichever, so its odd that his return is an argument. [/quote] [quote name='Musicman20' timestamp='1343842125' post='1756217'] I'm quite happy for anyone to say whether they would or wouldn't be offended, but I have been singled out, and I feel a little aggrieved, so yes, not happy. [/quote] I've followed it all, all day. To me it was just handbags from both sides at certain points. i don't feel there were agenda's or people being over offensive. It was just a difference of opinion. Like in everyday life. It just got a little heated sometimes. Just handbags tho!
  6. Is that a no on the trade with the peavey and marshall then?
  7. [quote name='alexclaber' timestamp='1343838674' post='1756125'] Pete, we have a one month trial period and we don't want to waste people's time or our own time selling them an inappropriate cab, or waste their money and our money shipping it back and forth. Our smaller cabs (unsurprisingly) can't handle certain bigger gigs in certain styles and ones without tweeters won't do certain tones etc etc. Our Super Twelve T does everything you'd expect a great 4x10" to do (but better in other ways). But if you're chasing smaller and lighter than we wouldn't want someone to end up with something that can't do what they want because they're pushing the envelope too far. This all seems much more of an emotional and psychological issue than an amplification one! For the record, we ran an offer last December which was a pre-Xmas offer and it was clearly stated as such. Gareth emailed me in February and again in May asking if we could repeat the that offer or do another discount. We don't do discounts or endorsements unless there's a really strong business case (like Flea saying "I want a cab!") because it wouldn't be fair to everyone else, many of whom are working bassists, who are paying full price. Others ask as well. I'm sorry I mentioned it, I'm just getting tired of hearing the same things over and over and over and over again from the same person! [/quote] I'll swap a super 12 for a broken peavey 210tx and a faulty 400w marshall head from the 90's
  8. Don't bother talking to the others first. Just stand up for yourself in front of the band and have it out. The rest of the band haven't said owt to him yet, and they should of, so who's saying they ever will. No time like the present. Sort it before it snowballs! T
  9. I'm near manchester, I could find out all those details for you i.e weight, cost to send etc and let you know! Like i said may take a couple of days tho!
  10. do you want me to take some pics of it and pm you? It's in good nick apart from it not working ha ha. It might take a day or two tho as it's not at my house it's where we store our gear.
  11. [quote name='Mr. Foxen' timestamp='1343756843' post='1754753'] Most people don't like the tweeter on those anyway, so no horn isn't a massive deal. They don't sell for much but they are a sensible size if not weight. [/quote] Yeah, i always had it turned down really low and when it went i just disconnected it rather than gettin it fixed. I ain't bothered about how much i make, just want rid really. I just don't wanna lose money. Would rather chuck it than fix it and lose money.
  12. Any info on the horn (titter titter!)?
  13. [quote name='icastle' timestamp='1343756449' post='1754744'] Unless you know for certain that you've driven the cab too hard and blown both speakers, chances are that it's going to be a wire disconnected. At the very least I'd take a look inside and see if there's a lonely looking wire floating about... [/quote] Doh!
  14. I have a Peavey 210TX (350w @ 4 ohms). It is broken. I don't need it even if it wasn't. I don't know whether i should skip it or fix it and sell it. i know it definitely needs a new horn. I have no idea how much they cost or how much it would cost to have it put in. Also no sound comes out of it. I don't think i've blown the speakers, I've never put a lot thru it. I don't know how much it would cost to fix it or even how much it would be worth if i did fix it. Obviously there is no point paying to get it fixed then selling it at a loss. What do you reckon? Any ideas? Is this a dumb thread?1 ha ha
  15. It can be done, i did something similar however it wasn't a gig it was a rehearsal. In my late teens and early twenties i used to do a lot of local amateur and professional theater gigs. I got a gig doing Grease it was semi pro but at at a big theatre running for a week, pretty tidy money. The night before the second rehearsal i got totally shitfaced and the following morning turned up for the rehearsal still arseholed and without my bass. The MD wasn't happy. He asked what i was going to do. I spied a double bass in the corner. I said 'oh, I'll just play that!'. He asked if i could play it. 'Course i can i lied'. Found a couple of notes and blagged it brilliantly whilst rough. My fingers were grim for a while after tho.
  16. Hi, Asedya require a new drummer. We are a Heavy Rock band who rehearse in Leigh, Lancashire. We play originals and covers (seperately). We have recently performed gigs at The Academy in Manchester and The Night and Day cafe. We have a gig coming up supporting Hellbound Hearts (ex terrorvision). You can listen to our music at facebook/asedya. If you like it, get in touch with Tom at [email protected] and we'll sort something out. Cheers
  17. I've used them all my life on the odd ocassion where i tried something else, like elites, i quickly went back to Rotos. Swing 66 all the way, saying that recorded a tune a few months ago with roto bass and liked them too!
  18. [quote name='shizznit' timestamp='1334564921' post='1617519'] This is a topic no doubt that has been discussed on BC many times before, but allow me to vent! I went out for a meal with my girlfriend on Saturday night and she wanted to catch some live music after we had eaten. I took her to a well known live music venue in Cardiff and as we walked in a 5-piece covers band were setting up. Sorted! Soon afterwards they started to play their first set. Apart from being horrifically loud for the size of the venue they were simply just awful. The singers voice was very weak, flat and forgot his lyrics, the drummer knew only two beat patterns for every song they played, the bass player didn’t know that he was playing the wrong notes for at least 2 bars before realising on quite a few songs and the guitar player…well…he was actually pretty good to be fair! Sometimes a band can have a bad night (we all do), but you can tell that they are simply crap anyway. I am not focussing so much on their ability or talent, but more on how much my girlfriend (along with many others) enjoyed their performance despite being so bad. I really struggled to enjoy the evening hearing so many monumental mistakes being made or lack of effort to at least play the song vaguely similar to the original. I have got to a stage whereby I am very pensive about going out to see a live band in town…covers bands to be precise. Most of my live work at the moment is with covers bands and we do put a lot of effort in to study the songs and get them sounding tight and as precise to the original song as possible. And yet, we are struggling to get into well paid venues in the area such as this one and a bunch of plebs can walk in to play a bunch of songs very poorly and get away with it. I couldn’t help but feel a bit gutted and a tad bit angry. As a musician I can be hyper critical (and often I am) about other performing musicians. But, the bigger thing for me is that punters will enjoy a poor band as equally as a good one. Most folks at the venue are not musicians and don’t pick up on the mistakes or bad musicianship. I’m fine with that…as long as they have a great night who cares really, but I go out to perform to my best ability so that the punters can enjoy their evening. Is my hard work to achieve that noticeable? As I get older and more experienced with my musical endeavours I find it harder to enjoy myself at a gig for these reasons. This kills me because above all else I am a music fan and I want to enjoy live music, but I do have a competitive nature. I think you gain that on the covers circuit after a while because you are all fighting to get the best gig in town. But, it does really vex me when I watch a band in venues with high exposure that we can’t get into that are not good enough for the fee they are paid and the punters big them up. I need to relax more and let it go over my head, but I can't help feel that the punters deserve better even though they might not know it. [/quote] i used to be like this when i was 18 and thru a lot of my 20's but as i got older i cared less, to the point where it doesn't bother me. If anything it makes me laugh. It's kind of like a bloopers show. Plus it's just a gig in a pub, in the grand scheme of things it is totally irrelevant. However, about a year ago i saw this young band playing Judas priest, Iron Maiden and Sabbath covers......badly, but they were having such a good time you could feel it. It was excellent and i bloody loved it. Had a great time. Sometime's you've just gotta let it go.
  19. Duff was my inspiration to start and i love JPJ and Jaco. But i don't sound like any of them. I think i've nicked approaches and ideas of loads of musicians and scrambled into my own noise. Looking at my playing, i'm probably more, influenced by drummers and guitarists than bass players.
  20. Just had a listen. Never been a big Rush fan. Not because i dislike their music just never got round to listening to them much. However, i did hammer this on Guitar hero yrs ago ha ha. I will try to find some time to learn it. I'll let you know how i did when i can be arsed to get around to it.
  21. My missus has her Youtube playlist on and the following song came on. I love it! Which is bizarre! It made me wonder if there was a guilty pleasure thread and lo and behold there is. Here is one of my many! http://youtu.be/bBPtP4t2J1k
  22. I've got one. They're pretty good. The eq is just alright. The contour is good. i don't like the colour knob, but i think that comes into it's own if you pair it with a HB cab. I use a Hartke Bass Attack pre amp pedal with it and it sounds really good.
  23. I started playing both at the same time when i was 14. I found bass slightly harder to start with. Mainly the physicality of it, fretting the notes, the stretches etc. After a number of years of playing i found bass more interesting and more difficult to be interesting on so i played more bass. I think there's more to do on bass, support the rhythm, support the harmony and the melody. Also it's more difficult to shred on a bass, if your into that kind of thing(as i was in my early 20's). Piece of piss to shred on a gtr.
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