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  1. [quote name='danbowskill' post='1368789' date='Sep 10 2011, 06:43 PM']sounds good :-) you got a nice tone on the bass (sansamp ?). i think the guitar is way to loud in the mix (or the bass n drums need to come up? ) but i guess that will come out more in the mix and master. got a bit of a early 90s feel [/quote] Thanks. the amp was an Ampeg head D.I'd into desk. The gtrs are a bit too loud. A bit to middley to toppy as well which makes it more audible. Thanks for the comment
  2. This is the first song from my new band the producers. This is not the final mix, we will be doing that next week. If you could give any opinions on the mix that would be greatly appreciated. Also feel free to comment on the performances and what you think of the actual tune. Thank you very much
  3. I have one of the black ones of this. How much do you reckon you would get for it nowadays? There are a few chips on it tho!
  4. [quote name='silddx' post='1156768' date='Mar 10 2011, 04:00 PM']Haha! You always get this on here! People yapping about gear and tone and technique all day, but if you post a clip or a video, you get one comment per 20 downloads or views. I think we have to accept that most people don't really know how to describe music when they hear it, despite them rabidly describing everything else. They will mostly only know if they like it or not, if they don't most will decline to comment. However, if it's a cover of someone else's bass line, then that allows them to COMPARE, which makes it much easier for them to express a view and consequently you get many more. I think what you did shows you have very good technique on the bass, and a creative and melodic musical mind. Impressive [/quote] I agree to an extent! In addition, i also feel that people comment more when the stuff posted isn't so great. It's seems to be easier to criticise than praise.
  5. [quote name='Blademan_98' post='1142701' date='Feb 26 2011, 07:27 PM']Wow, that is really cool. Bass was well balanced and the twiddly bits were great. The vocals were clear (maybe a little to loud but thats really subjective). Great stuff![/quote] Cheers man! Thanks for the input. It seems to be a problem we have. We're always going to quiet or too loud with the vocals on mixes.
  6. Hi, uploading a track by one of the bands i'm in (Crank). Please leave opinions on anything. i.e mix, bass playing, guitar playing, production etc. Last time i posted something i only got two opinions back so please feel free to say what you like! [attachment=73292:Freaks.mp3]
  7. [quote name='ThomBassmonkey' post='1121344' date='Feb 9 2011, 01:31 PM']Apologies to the rest of the forum for doing it publically, but it has been almost a year and I still see him successfully trading on here. It's a concern that he could do the same thing to other people so I'd rather kick up a bit of a fuss than let him get away with it.[/quote] Ha ha. I think its brilliant that you've done it on here! Can picture it. Just post my video. get a bit of an ego massage.......oh no i've been slapped down and made to look like a c***! Brilliant!
  8. [quote name='ThomBassmonkey' post='1121327' date='Feb 9 2011, 01:20 PM']Jay, since I can't get your attention anywhere else and I'm sick of trying. Can I please have the money we agreed on for the repairs the bass you sold me needed? I know by now you've seen, and ignored, my communications in private so I thought maybe a more public approach would do it. If you contact me and we resolve this, I'll happily remove this post and post on your feedback thread that it has been resolved, but I've been out of pocket a long time now (almost a year) and it needs to be sorted.[/quote] Ha ha ! Quality
  9. Like it. Good sh*t! The band nail it! The singer has a little to much Jay Kay inflection for my taste. But jay Kays are probably someone from the 70's> He's pretty good tho! there is a touch of Bill Withers in there too! nice bass playing.
  10. [quote name='s1ater' post='1125832' date='Feb 13 2011, 11:56 AM']not bad at all, for me I think the vocals need to be brought up in the mix... you could automate the volume in the quiet bit?[/quote] Cheers!
  11. [quote name='Roland Rock' post='1124684' date='Feb 12 2011, 09:56 AM']Hi, Sounds good - nice one. It's a pretty good mix instrumentally, and a good song. I find the vocals a bit quiet in the mix, perhaps this is on purpose?[/quote] Yeah it was on purpose. Plus he wasn't keen on having vocal exposed too much in quiet bit. Thaks for comments tho. Appreciated.
  12. Just thought i post this track. Please could you give thoughts on anything. i.e quality of song, playing, recording. We produced it ourselves as a band. CRANK.
  13. It says Powerpop on your Myspace. So someone has already done it for you.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. I recently found all the music i recorded at music college back in the 1990's. Unfortunately its all on DAT. I'm looking to buy a DAt player (possibly portable) on the cheap. Anyone got one or know where to get one.
  16. [quote name='wateroftyne' post='1065035' date='Dec 20 2010, 08:08 PM']Time spent out in the real world gigging & meeting other musicians [i]GREATER THAN[/i] Time spent in bedroom widdling over chord changes [i]EQUALS[/i] success IMO.[/quote] As opposed to the imaginary world! I think both are of equal importance. You won't be able to do much gigging in the 'real world' if you've never done any practising in your bedroom.
  17. Lord Sausage


    does anyone know if you can upload mp4 to basschat?
  18. Whilst my kid was in the womb i played him Mozart. Since he was born i played music to him everyday from fleetwood mac to Holst to Guns n roses. He's now nearly two. He loves music and has definite ability. He sings along to the bee gees, dances to fatboy slim. Listens intently to the planet suite by Holst and the Rite of Spring by Stravinsky. He picks up most tunes after a couple of listens and sings bits. And loves bashing my guitar or keyboard. So i 'd say it definitely helps.
  19. Not even that great technically. Mainly clicks. No musical invention. Also the drummer is turd!
  20. Why one over the other. Have both, like i do. Much better!
  21. Maybe its because of the Elite clique! Thats why i hardly bother anymore! Not that i'm an experienced, interesting poster or anything! Or a girl for that matter!
  22. Thats the most confusing thing i've ever read. I've got a degree in music and that almost made me unlearn music!
  23. I think too many bands do this. I've done it myself in bands. scrapping tunes because of a hint of another famous tune. Its a waste of time. As long as it is a direct intentional rip off and it doesn't sound exact, then there is no problem.
  24. I think copyright is one note in every six has to be different for it to be legal. And you can't copyright chord sequences, so there will be no suing.
  25. [quote name='Twigman' post='973812' date='Oct 1 2010, 12:26 PM']So many of you play in covers bands, in fact it seems to me that all of you do!!! What is the appeal of playing in a covers band? I've never understood it. I've always played in a band that writes and performs its own material - very very very rarely have we ever thrown a cover into our set and I always felt it was a pointless exercise. Does anyone here, apart from me, play in a band that writes its own material?[/quote] I do both. In two originals and one covers. Cos i enjoy both. Why limit yourself. I like whiskey and beer, so do both. I like blonds, i like brunettes so i do both. I like rock i like jazz etc, etc. What's the point of just playing in an originals band?
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