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  1. [quote name='6stringbassist' post='895031' date='Jul 14 2010, 08:21 PM']They're not too noticeable, and don't affect the playabilty at all. If I keep it I'll get it sanded and epoxied.[/quote] does it affect the tone in any way?
  2. [quote name='6stringbassist' post='894931' date='Jul 14 2010, 06:37 PM']I'm selling a really nice CIJ Fender jazz if you're interested. [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=95050"]http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=95050[/url][/quote] am interested. will think about it. Its just marks on board which make me um and ah. but prob won't getter a better bass at that price
  3. [quote name='bythesea' post='894124' date='Jul 13 2010, 08:16 PM']Does it have to be brand new? I bought a second hand (unmarked) CIJ fretless Jazz for round that figure. Wonderful bass.[/quote] not if its in good nick and sounds good. cheers
  4. I've got £400 to spare. (rare as rockin horse sh*t). I,ve decided to purchase a fretless if possible as i don't have one and haven't played on one for about 12 yrs. does anyone know of a half decent or better fretless bass that i can buy brand new for around £350 to £400? thanks a lot
  5. This is too much thought. You just play it, feel it.
  6. [quote name='thedonutman' post='804229' date='Apr 12 2010, 09:42 PM']"Tossbank" - what wonderfully graphic connotations...... [/quote] We try our best.....to be graphic! ha ha
  7. [quote name='phil.i.stein' post='804141' date='Apr 12 2010, 08:56 PM']couldn\'t resist a thread with that title, x-cellent. band of gold / goldie looking chain , no ? edit - bombers on benefits ? check out the trailer for 4 lions : [/quote] Thanks pal. We first did band of gold in 1998. so thats pre goldie lookin chain. we got the name from that program about prostitutes that was on at the time
  8. See what you think of this mockery of popular music! Tracks are 1-put it in the tossbank 2-bombers on benefits 3-tourette timmy [attachment=47096:_Put_it_...bank____.mp3] [attachment=47097:bombers_...benefits.wma] [attachment=47098:tourette_timmy.wma] for more sillyness visit myspace/bandofgold08
  9. [quote name='igloobuilding' post='803990' date='Apr 12 2010, 06:43 PM']Cheers for the feedback. Your right about the drums, they are the standard drum sound you get on the Boss RC2 Loopstation, we recorded the drums through my roland amp and then tried to make them sound a bit on the dirty side. Have you got a link for your stuff? Would like a listen. Cheers again Ian[/quote] i do a few things. I play bass in an heavy rock band. That stuff is on here in this recording section under- Opinions- i would like some opinions on my bands music. i also sing in a bizarre comedy rock band that stuff is on myspace/bandofgold08 the individual composition stuff i do ranges from standard jazzy fusion stuff to bizarre almost unlistenable minimalist/maximalist. But none of that is ready for public consumption yet.
  10. Good to hear something a bit different. I did something similar when at uni, but its was electro-acoustic (Art composition bollocks!). Yours is nice and melodic. Liked track one the best, don't know if drums were meant to be lo-fi but i liked it. Te last one on the page sounded a tad like jaco but was good. People must have liked it cos you've had 38 listens and no criticism. people don't tend to leave any comments unless it criticism. I've had the same amount on mine but no comments. Good work (don't mean to sound patronising)
  11. [quote name='Jerry_B' post='799234' date='Apr 7 2010, 09:01 PM']Yes - thankyou, pedant [/quote] Right on brother!
  12. [size=3]i agree with Doddy. i got a five string bout 12 yrs ago. it took like a week to get used to and when i play for or five there is very little difference. i think people have the misconception its for metal or hard rock but its a musical addition. The purpose of any instrument is to fulfill its job sonically and arrangement wise. The five string definately has an advantage over the four. if you're in a three piece band you can make the band sound bigger by going lower. if you are in a band with keyboards, you can stay out of the way of the keyboards left hand so you don't creat any unwanted chords or dissonance in the low end. This also applies to big band and pit work. Its about how you use the instrument musically not technically. when, whilst playing a piece of music do you have to run up a 2 octave scale diatonically, almost never. its irrelevant, thats just for practising. personally i've never cared how many position shifts you do. Playing economically doesn't matter. all that matters is you play the right note at the right time.[/size][/size]
  13. Here are some recordings from a band i am in, Mongo. feel free to comment on anything. recording quality, performance, individual instrument performance and tone etc.. [attachment=46779:Nowhere_Man.wma] [attachment=46781:One_more_Day.wma] [attachment=46782:Pill.wma] [attachment=46774:Broken_Wing.wma]
  14. Why can't i upload my tunes. is it because they are saved as wma files. everytime i try it says sant upload this attachment
  15. [quote name='waldemar' post='793925' date='Apr 2 2010, 12:27 AM'][url="http://tinyurl.com/yfmvltg"]http://tinyurl.com/yfmvltg[/url] Looks like a no/low fuss solution at a reasonable price. Does it perform well, though? Or is the quality going to be no different to jacking straight into your mic port? I'm not after true pro-quality, just something I can plug into the lap-top and use to capture bits of noodling with. I've found going into the mic (via a Tascam bass-trainer) to be pretty rubbish - so if this is going to get me a better sound then I might just go for it... Anyone got one? Any opinions? Ta! w./[/quote] I've got a Line6 UX1. it cost £100 and its awesome. you get quality pro sounds out of it. there are effects, amp simulators, you can set a theoretical mike distance from a cab to get a roomy tone, etc. you get riffworks and another recording package. suitable for noodling. but i got sequel2 for £80 and you can do pro sounding stuff. need a min gig of ram on computer tho or you get latency issues. but for total of £180 its awesome. however like you said, if your just noodling the £100 for the UX1 will sort ya. Dawsons stock it
  16. The original Fool for you Loving-Whitesnake, just cos its got a melodic and groovy bassline Communication breakdown and lemon song by zep
  17. muscle memory is a fallacy. You don't have any muscles in your fingers, its just bones and tendons. Its all in your head i'm afraid. You just need to free your mind!
  18. just thought of one (possibly, depends on your definition of metal) lohn Myung, Dream Theater
  19. Don't really rate any bass players of that genre. i do love megadeth but i agree bass sound is to trebly (as in the whole genre). there should be some absolute monsters in metal but don't think they are any! am i wrong? my brain ain't what it used to be!
  20. Just listened to ya stuff. v good. good to hear an english band who aren't emo,trad or indie. particularly like fal from grace. production good on that one too
  21. I'll go next! The band is called Band of Gold. We are a five piece (Drums,Bass, Guitar, Keys, Vocals). We all live in the Wigan area. I would describe us as jazz punk pop rock and more as we try to reference as many styles as possible. however we only have five tracks on myspace and they are the jazz punk pop rock ones. We like to pastiche artists and style....and swear! All opinions welcome as the bands purpose is to be as ridiculous as possible, We are like Marmite! If any one is interested its myspace/bandofgold08
  22. [quote name='crez5150' post='791292' date='Mar 30 2010, 10:53 PM']I love this.... made me laugh...... S'funny as I know a few bands that have done similar things because they got hacked with the local music scene..... A friend of mine decided to go solo and now is pretty successful with this act -[url="http://www.kuntandthegang.co.uk/"] kunt & the Gang[/url] I'm sure you'll like it[/quote] will check it out
  23. Check Stu Hamm (bass,obviously) and Chris Frazier (drums) out on these bad boys! especially round 2.35 on this one
  24. [quote name='yorick' post='789815' date='Mar 29 2010, 07:45 PM']Sounds like Syd era Floyd playing ska. I can definitely hear "Bike" in there........[/quote] Well that is interestin cos none of us like pink floyd and have never heard that tune. i might look it up
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