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  1. I'd be interested. But I have seen one on ebay for £400 with a cab. I would only be willing to pay £300?
  2. Yeah. Would you say[quote name='0175westwood29' timestamp='1340104549' post='1699049'] the 500 is loud, but then i am running through my 610! but i have it at about 12'o'clock? so theres still a little bit more to go. really nice clean tones, you can also add a little edge with the tube pre, not distorting but just a bit of edge. really nice amp! i dnt need the 800 but if you have the money why not get a more powerfull amp? and the 800 is i think pretty good value! although i might be tempted to get a momark head as its about the same price and you then can basically have all the markbass heads on tap as the modules are pretty reasonable! andy [/quote] Would you say it's too gimmiky?! Or is it a nice niche that will work ona pro level?
  3. Why do I need an 800? If the most I'll use is 1 2x 10 and 1 4 x 10 won't the 500 be sufficient? Or would you take the 800 for headroom? Anyone got any thoughts on the amps?
  4. Fairly advanced. Will play any style and will travel for the right fee. PM me.
  5. I am a christian bassist. I'd say I'm very tight and willing to practice. I can't drive and i'm midlands. Will do recordings and gigs if paid to travel. Don't drive til Sept.
  6. Plus is the the old version of the head?
  7. hartke 4x10 xl alluminium cones and HA3500
  8. I'd do £400 if you could deliver to birmingham next month when i'm paid for June?
  9. Urgent... Anyone got a pdf of a real fake book in bass clef!?!
  10. Anyone know any good bass rack Effects? Top spec?
  11. Alder, Ash, Mahogany, Maple? I don't know which would will help produce what sound on which part of the bass?!
  12. Name YOUR top 10 bassists of all time... Talking mainly about stand out virtuoso players here. Any genre.
  13. Funny you should say that... Originally I was but now I like the new avenger series?
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