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  1. Get in touch with ebay then thief gets no money the buyer gets refunded and eventually you get your amp back if you have serial numbers etc
  2. The seller wont have got the money yet from paypal with a new id so I would contact ebay and the buyer so the tea leaf gets nothing
  3. both those 5's look great have a feeling we will have more chance of hens teeth being in stock in the UK tho
  4. oh man wish i hadn't seen this thread i feel my wallet getting lighter already
  5. riffstation perhaps http://basschat.co.uk/topic/216206-riffstation-review/
  6. the girl with the stingray has massive ... large Facebook following due to her showing off her talents seems to be a competent bassist who posts pics of herself in a corset, don't get me wrong I'm not complaining but i think the visuals are enhancing the playing somewhat
  7. Guitarist in my first band band who was also teaching me bass told me Reading music? thats for ........ dont do it Worst co.ment he could have made
  8. my daughter started on guitar aged 8 with boot feet unfortunately she lost interest after about a year and stopped practising i tried everything i could think of to get her playing again but failed. when she started secondary school however she was into it again big time she now plays guitar, bass and piano. she has always been quite competitive and i think seeing other kids who were better than she was spurred her on infact she only really picked up the bass to begin with because the school bands bass player had given her some cheek and she wanted to be better than him wish i had just started telling her she wasnt as good as the next kid when she was 8 would have saved me a lot of effort trying to get back into it
  9. do not buy her indoors a dog like I did :-( they bark a lot and never in time
  10. [quote name='EliasMooseblaster' timestamp='1377273554' post='2185716'] Just a word of warning: I wasn't kidding about the extra time/patience for tinkering. You may have to install a different kernel (low-latency) to get the best performance, and you may need to spend a little time faffing around with the setup in [i]Jack[/i][i]CTL[/i] once you've installed it. That said, I managed to get it working so it can't be too difficult; if you go to the Ubuntu Studio website, there are some pretty comprehensive instructions. I haven't had the time to get fully acquainted with it, but [i]Ardour [/i](free multi-track recording software) seems to be pretty good so far. [/quote] Thats what I love about the linux world, the no it cant be done on this os attitude doesnt exist My daughter uses the that box and likes to have a play about recording her ideas all her friends think she is a wierdo for not using windows or mac Teenagers lol
  11. Interesting idea recording with linux I have a box with ububtu running on it and an old sound card might have to give that a go
  12. Bottom line is a naff pc wont perform doesnt need to be top end but definitely not bottom tier Mac will run everything as well as a pc but will also run up your overdraft :-( Choice is yours
  13. I went over to mac earlier this year built it myself out of fully compatible parts and all I can say is its fast and solid Not used logic im still using ableton there isnt much difference on performance compared to my windows box but it has never hung or crashed while recording etc Only downside with mac is all my fave games are windows only :'(
  14. looks like it was strung by a guitarist
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