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  1. Played a local club in Kirkcaldy last night, first gig in a month, but more importantly, first gig with new singer.....a few iffy moments here and there and a few occasions where drummer, guitarist and myself had to adlib a bit to get around a wee faux pas or 2 by vocalist. But all good in the end.
  2. Going to struggle to get to Edinburgh this year Pete unfortunately. Can't get the time off work. Hope the gigs go really well.
  3. [quote name='steve-bbb' timestamp='1358068710' post='1932445'] laughing and gurning at the cheese-wire strummer should do the trick then [/quote] That's a given!!
  4. I think at the end of the day, unless it's your full time job, we will always make the odd gaffe or 3. As long as we can cover them up well. Every one of us in the band make the od mistake, but nothing that is totally detrimental to the song. We all know when each in turn of us does a mistake but we just smirk at each other, shrug it off and bash on without stopping. Then have a laugh about it at the break/end of gig. Maybe we should just actually rehearse more!!
  5. Mine are Nike. Turned them inside out......TA-DAAAH!
  6. I was starting to wonder if I was the only one wearing wrist bands anymore.......good to know I'm not a total freak!!
  7. Me and the rest of Under Fire will be up in Perth bringing the bells in at Letham Club......even bringing the missus!!
  8. Any Spector I have played/owned has been fantastic. And my Legend is my *go to* bass every time.
  9. Used to like them so much years ago...did the whole wembley thing in 07 (met the wife there, possible bad move!! haha), did it again in 10 and really thought I had found the perfect band. But the last couple of albums were a bit pants, in fact, I've still not listened to the new one at all. The wife still loves them to bits, but I think they have sold out now, it's purely the cash they are after IMO, and I refuse to go see the stadium gigs next year. To me they have become a different beast altogther from say 5-8 years ago. Ho hum......I'll find somebody better.....band wise I mean, not the wife!
  10. Bought a stand from Anth. Cannot fault his manner, communication or indeed his speed of package and posting. First class and would not hesitate to deal with him again.
  11. First band I ever got into. First album I ever had (If you can't stand the heat) First band I went to see live (without it being some dodgy pub thing) Normally go see them whenever I can.....never disappoint. Will always have a soft spot for the mighty Quo
  12. [quote name='hollywoodrox' timestamp='1351804811' post='1855749'] Obviously it's because the bass player is uber cool, sting, kip winger,bill wyman,David ellefson, nikki sixx rudy sarzo,glen Hughes, all these dudes are cool, it must be a trait generic to bass players an inner charisma that refuses to hide its light under a bushel, that's what draws them to identify you man, it,s a heavy burden but being a bass player you can take it , it, s your birthright, go forth and let your notes ring low and clear shaking the very bowels of civilisation [/quote] Aye......what he said!!
  13. Have a look at this site..... [url="http://www.mybadges.co.uk/backdrops.htm"]http://www.mybadges.co.uk/backdrops.htm[/url] I've ordered a couple of the smaller 6ftx2ft banners from here, plus flyers and they are very professional in what they do. They do various sizes of backdrops etc......
  14. I had that the other week.......while taking a break in the gig, some people walked into the venue, saw us milling around near the stage, came up to us, asked if we were the band, to which we all nodded and said yes.....and instantly one of the girls pointed at me and said....,,,, "you're the bassist, aren't you?, you look like a bassist!"......bizarre!! Again, at least I was counted as one of the band....Result!!
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