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  1. Ok guys, the Bass was sold to me, I traded it, I think for a Marcus Miller Jazz with a Status neck on here. I instantly regretted it as well but hey ho you live and you learn. So the connection we have now is Red Shuker Jazz Marcus Miller with Status neck
  2. Turned out to be the pickups, mainly the bridge one. I took them out and pointed them round the other way. so what was previously picking up the D&G was now picking up the B&E The B&E strings were then hardly audible but the others were fine. Strange how both pickups went but maybe the one magnet going affected the other one. Anyway new pickup day tomorrow (if they arrive), Bartolini's here we come
  3. Wiring couldn't be any simpler. 3 wires - hot, cold and ground. Hot and cold go into the John East Pre. Anyway, I've just ordered a pair of Bartolini's so hopefully it'll be up and running again soon.
  4. It's an Ibanez SR1305, jazz style but with soapbars. Bass worked fine then just suddenly stopped. I'll just go through the process of elimination and try and rectify it. The only downside is that I don't have any spare pickups to swap out. It sounds like the D&G strings are phasing in and out . I tried putting a different string on the G but no change. The B,E and A strings sound as normal.
  5. There's no pole pieces, they're covered. It does seem strange that both would fail.
  6. The B,E & A strings are perfect on my Ibanez SR1305 but the D&G strings are not being picked up for some reason. The D string can be heard but it's softer and echo's. I've just fitted a John East Uni Pre to it and that's not solved the problem (I didn't buy the East for that purpose, it was always my intention to fit it to this bass) I'm just about to try different strings to see if that's the problem but if it isn't does anyone know what else it could be? Thanks in advance.
  7. [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1482838679' post='3202960'] Thanks for the post, Chris. I too am in the process of "making the change". I've a number of 4 strings that, for now at least, I don't really want to sell, but I've a couple of nice 5s. All seems to be going well. I'm sticking with a 5er for 90% of the time at least. I'm interested in your comment about "doing it for the right reasons". What would the right reasons be? What I mostly do is play from sight reading and occasionally there might be a low D or C, not often though. The reason I'm mostly doing it for is flexibility of places on the neck to be able to play without "excessive" movement of the fretting hand, but is this the right reason? Am I simply being lazy? [/quote] I switched to a 5 in a cover band I was in, the singer never sang anything in the original key and I found it easier to transpose. That was my reason at the time
  8. [quote name='Bassassin' timestamp='1483038325' post='3204387'] These are very good - I had 2 MIJ SR800s (fretted & fretless) but for reaons unknown SRs do not hold their value - even high-end Japanese ones. If I remember I got about £220 for my fretless (near-mint & pretty uncommon) and swapped the fretted for another bass worth about that amount. So yes - over the odds, if it's on Ebay it won't sell for that amount, so it might be worth contacting the seller and seeing if he'll do a deal, possibly minus an amp I'm assuming you don't need! FWIW a 1992 Fujigen-built SR (looks like an SR800) was listed recently at £200 - attracted no bids. [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ibanez-soundgear-bass-Guitar-/272491517207"]http://www.ebay.co.u...r-/272491517207[/url] [/quote] Can't believe that didn't attract any bids at that price. Great bass for the money.
  9. I'm interested in the Tuner if you decide to split.
  10. I bought Mikes Retrovibe -T-Rod from him. it arrived well boxed and in pristine condition. It's a great Bass for the money and Mike's a great guy to deal with. Thanks Mike.
  11. [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1459432316' post='3016528'] I had one of the first SuperTwelve cabs, but I don't remember being offered a an upgrade to a Super 12V. That's the one with the built-in battery, right? [/quote] I still have the Super 12 I bought off you and use it regularly. It's a great cab.
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