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  1. Up for sale a set of DR Neon glow in the dark blue strings. Only used for a couple of gigs, fitted to a Fender 4 in line tuners with string through body. It looks AWESOME, but the sound is just not for me... £20 posted UK (RRP £40).
  2. I have the same in sunburst. It's a beautiful bass! And for the price, it's a great bass! Really punchy and with a great tone!
  3. For what I've been told by the tech guy (it's at a repair shop in Taunton), he didn't connected everything back into the amp. He powered it "outside" the amp.
  4. Update: bought one from China, via eBay. It simply blew up when powered. Returning it at the moment. I've also been chatting with @Chienmortbb, who has been very useful! I've even suggested a Chinese ICE blind test at the next SW Bash... To see which one would blow up first!😁
  5. Hi all! I have a GK MB212-II that needs the power module replacement. The part number is ICE125ASX2. I can only seem to find suppliers from China or USA. Can anyone recommend a UK/European supplier/distributor to get one of those, without the weeks waiting or possible import tax fees? Thank you!
  6. And it's really light! I think it'll be a winner!
  7. This is lovely, Steve! What a delight to see these photos, and to realize how simple you have made this! And what a surprise to listen to it in the bass bash! Real monster! Congratulations! 👏👏👏
  8. Grill and cover now sold to @Al Krow! I will update the ad asap, with the price updated.
  9. Keep those comments coming, guys! And if @Apeneck Sweeney doesn't mind having an F112 without cover and extra grill (reflected in a discount), @Al Krow may get some goodies for his new cab! Ping me some messages!
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