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  1. I have the same in sunburst. It's a beautiful bass! And for the price, it's a great bass! Really punchy and with a great tone!
  2. For what I've been told by the tech guy (it's at a repair shop in Taunton), he didn't connected everything back into the amp. He powered it "outside" the amp.
  3. Update: bought one from China, via eBay. It simply blew up when powered. Returning it at the moment. I've also been chatting with @Chienmortbb, who has been very useful! I've even suggested a Chinese ICE blind test at the next SW Bash... To see which one would blow up first!😁
  4. Hi all! I have a GK MB212-II that needs the power module replacement. The part number is ICE125ASX2. I can only seem to find suppliers from China or USA. Can anyone recommend a UK/European supplier/distributor to get one of those, without the weeks waiting or possible import tax fees? Thank you!
  5. And it's really light! I think it'll be a winner!
  6. This is lovely, Steve! What a delight to see these photos, and to realize how simple you have made this! And what a surprise to listen to it in the bass bash! Real monster! Congratulations! 👏👏👏
  7. Grill and cover now sold to @Al Krow! I will update the ad asap, with the price updated.
  8. Keep those comments coming, guys! And if @Apeneck Sweeney doesn't mind having an F112 without cover and extra grill (reflected in a discount), @Al Krow may get some goodies for his new cab! Ping me some messages!
  9. One of the classic solid state amps! Been very happy with the Helix, so this is now surplus. GK tone and a good amount of solid state power (700W+50W @ 4ohm - biamp / 480W @ 8ohm). Very good condition. Comes fitted in a shallow rack. Can ship (adds cost).
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