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  1. debwilliams

    feedback for lee650

    Bought a Stagg EDB from Lee - he was brilliant throughout the transaction. Couldn't ask things to have gone any better. Thanks so much.
  2. debwilliams

    Bass Lady Says Hi!

    Hello! Welcome Bass Lady from another of your kind in glorious sunny Swansea. Happy New Year everyone xxx
  3. debwilliams

    In a band at last!

    Well done - you must be chuffed! Will look forward to hearing more, great news.
  4. debwilliams

    Time for a Welsh Bass Bash?

    November 10th is good for me. As before, if help needed send me a message and I'll do my best be useful. Have Highway one basses (Jazz and Precision) and Prosebass shortscale fretless to bring along plus Ashdown combo if that's needed. Deb
  5. debwilliams

    What Ashdown combo would you choose?

    I have the T15 combo and love it. It arrived with the MAG 300 label still attached . The only reason I didn't buy a second hand amp was that I was kitting myself out with my bass and amp etc and didn't want to spend a reasonable amount of money and have no guarantee if the item was faulty. There was nothing left for repairs or amp replacement if it all went wrong! Happy shopping!
  6. Will try and make your January gig in Cardiff - gallery page is taking ages to loads on my phone but a Gilmour lookalike is a huge incentive!
  7. debwilliams

    Mr blue sky on bbc4 now

    I'm watching too ... fantastic. ELO concert on next!
  8. debwilliams

    Time for a Welsh Bass Bash?

    Cheers. Cardiff seems a good location for people travelling from all directions. It's not familiar territory to me so zero input from me on that front !!! Will have a look at the location tomorrow when I'm using my pc. Deb
  9. debwilliams

    Time for a Welsh Bass Bash?

    Whereabouts is this?
  10. debwilliams

    Time for a Welsh Bass Bash?

    November sounds good. When myself and Debs joined BC loads of members from Wales said Hi so might be worth a PM to guage interest / best date for most. Deb
  11. debwilliams

    Strings Direct

    Bought from String Busters last week, order placed at 5.45 pm - strings arrived at 8.30 the next morning. Excellent customer service, nice guy on the phone. Prices great, postage charge reasonable - I will definitely use them again and without a doubt will recommend.
  12. debwilliams

    Time for a Welsh Bass Bash?

    Well - we are clearly going to need some advice on this. We all seem to understand the concept that an alehouse is a vital ingredient! Probably best if we have this further East than Swansea. I'm more than happy to go anywhere in the name of a day out. Same goes for you Debs?
  13. [quote name='billyapple' timestamp='1348608701' post='1816048'] No doubt making huge profit somewhere! [/quote] Yeah ...of course. Bless him.