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  1. gub

    Any order ideas?

    Cheers me lovelies Big red I use it mainly as a tuner and have a custom setting on all the time which gives me a bit of reverb. Other uses are delay on a couple of songs and chorus, flanger on another couple. I did get a fair bit of noise and even feedback the other night in Rehersal so maybe need to turn off the zoom when using the muff ?
  2. gub

    Any order ideas?

    Hi guys I have a big muff, a milk box compressor and a zoom b2 Any ideas on order? Cheers Gav
  3. Very nice ash! Just waiting for a chq to come through which will cover this Nicely so if still here then I will give you a shout mate
  4. gub

    Zoom B3

    I use my B3 at all gigs, tuner, delay and a nice bit of chorus.
  5. Look forward to getting this little beaut rich
  6. gub


    I have one of these and it has the fastest and easiest neck I have ever played, great for slap and so light! Could never sell mine!
  7. Ahh I see cheers chaps, some interesting reading there!
  8. I had the opposite reaction, was hoping to be the next tony levin but ended up more like Keith chegwin !
  9. I see the tearm used a lot, just wondering what sort of wood it is?
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