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  1. Hi Chris, not sure if you have read my PMs. If not, please could you. Thanks, Rachel
  2. Congrats, a lovely corvette :-)
  3. Nyman bass rosin is a really good, professional quality rosin which isn't to badly priced for how long it will last you. It's not too sticky but is a liquid based rather than powder so does the job properly. A little tip when applying rosin to the bow always put your thumb over the metal part of the frog, then you won' chip or crack the rosin block.
  4. Heart Of The Sunrise - Chris Squires - Yes
  5. Easy answer NO! However......I will become violent if they take my 4 bars of Bare Necessities away from me!
  6. [size=6][b]Final price drop to £300.[/b][/size] I can't justify letting this go any cheaper, I would prefer to just keep it or advertise it on the fleabay. So here is the last chance to get a very decent, warm sounding, powerful (250w) in excellent condition combo.
  7. Yep, lost count of the times I've plugged into the headphone socket and had a minor stroke!
  8. Weekend bump. Still available this great amp. Lovely warm sound, near mint condition, never been gigged. I am willing to travel a bit to meet up / deliver if this helps!
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