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  1. Lookslike this has finally sold,I should get a confirmation in the next day 😁
  2. No problem at all & next weekend is fine for me. If you are are definitely coming up for it I will put it on hold for you if you like,as I have it advertised elsewhere too 😁
  3. £350 Silly price for a fantastic bass cab,I honestly can't believe it's still here 😲 Only selling as the arthritis in my knees has got worse so I need a lighter weight cab. That said this only weighs 29kg,so is only slightly heavier than a Barefaced 410 I'd rather burn it than sell it for less 😁
  4. Now there's a bloke who's talked his way to riches 😁
  5. Oh good it's Ruby Turner 😲 Somebody shoot me ffs What a crock of shite
  6. I'm still experimenting with it but so far I like BUS & FET modes,I find the SYM mode a bit too dark for me. I am loving the pedal though,very happy both of my purchases
  7. I couldn't resist spoiling my self 😁 So I bought a Hyper Luminal Compressor & an Alpha Omega Ultra Both are awesome,I'm very happy & also very skint now.
  8. I did adjust the height of the pole pieces on my classic but even that made no difference unfortunately,it was a black with birds eye maple neck,absolutely gorgeous but the weak G meant it had to go.
  9. I tried that with all of mine but to no avail unfortunately. My classic was a beautiful instrument but the G string was inaudible when played in a full band setting which drove me nuts,my band mates noticed it too. Don't have this problem with any other bass.
  10. I've owned 3 stingrays over the years (a 2 band,a 3 band & a classic ) & all of them had a weak G string which no amount of eq or setup work could fix,including a Nordstrand pickup. I never ever had that problem with any other bass I've owned in the last 40 years,it's no myth the 4 string single pickup stingrays do have a weak G string issue.
  11. You really need a Fender Bassman Neo 410 to sit that on. But there again I would 😁
  12. I have a gaming pc with pretty good speakers which can shake the house quite convincingly 😁
  13. Thanks guys,food for thought. While browsing I came across the Tascam US-1x2 interface which looks pretty good,any opinion on these. The only think putting me off a practice amp the the extra clutter,we have a small house so room is a consideration,although I guess a Fender Rumble is fairly small.
  14. I told the shop I wanted to be able to plug into my pc so I can play along with online bass lessons & jam with any music on my pc. I'm not at all bothered about recording or using it with my mobile. They sold me this ☹ I just had an email back from Banblab confirming that it doesn't work with pc,so I'll take it back for a refund. Maybe I should just buy a practice amp lol
  15. Yes I emailed them but have not had a reply ☹
  16. It's what the shop sold me,I know nothing about such things.
  17. Cheers. Yes the battery is charged,unit plugged into Audi input on my pc,software downloaded & running. It doesn't see my bass at all,most odd. If I plug my headphones into the unit I get total silence. When plugged into my phone the app's tuner sees my bass but that is it,I cannot get any sound from anywhere
  18. As above HELP. I bought this from my local music shop & was told I could use it to play my bass through my desktop pc or headphones. Since I'm an old man I can't get it to work,I charged the battery,plugged my headphones in then plugged my bass into it & absolutely bugger all happened. Total silence. So I plugged into the audio in on my pc-still nothing. Obviously it doesn't come with a user manual & I can't seem to get any info online. So can anyone help an old man to use this bloody thing.
  19. Wot he said 😁 It's extremely bloody loud in fact & has all the heft I'll ever need.
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