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  1. I do get confused with ohms and the like I must confess! Lol your probably right regards an 8x10. Although they are ridiculously cheap at the mo with the new wave of lightweight cabs! Also, even at very low volume there is somthing trouser flapping about being stood in front of a fridge when just practicing
  2. Bill, so in this case I do indeed need a load of 4ohms or lower? i.e. I can't just plug my 8ohm cab into this all valve head (SS rectifier).
  3. Sounds like it might fit the bill for me. I'm a pick player. Like a slightly more driven sound with warm lows and a present twang!
  4. It's not really going to be moved around this cab. Will spend most of its life in my little bedroom studio setup. I could stick a 810 in there and it wouldn't take up anymore space etc. Interesting question about the ohm rating. I might have got myself confused here. Current cabs 8ohm. I've 4 and 2ohm outs on the new, well old Peavey Alpha Bass valve head. Can I run a single 8ohm load into this?
  5. So, I've changed out my studio bass amp. Problem being the new runs a max 4ohm load. It looks like my current 4x10 is going to get the boot, unless I purchase another cab. However, I could probably get my mits on an Ampeg SVT 410 HLF from an old band member. Tiny snag is its not USA made, it Vietnamese. Its not so much the origin of manufacture that I'm concerned with, but the differences between the cabs. I understand the Vietnam one is quite a bit lighter, using poplar ply etc. Has anyone played both or has anyone just got a view on this particular cab? I used to run a USA SVT 210HE & 115 and thought they were great. I seem to remember playing a 410 HLF in a store years ago and it sounding very dark indeed. Any thoughts?
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Interesting! In a purely practice situation do you feel you could be heard with a SP212? I wouldn't be expecting miracles etc
  9. Feedback most appreciated! I'll have to look into these Barefaced cabs!
  10. Ok I'm not going to lie I'm really drawn to the look of the orange brand aesthetic Those that own one or have experience of playing one can you share? Specifically volume for a loud indie rock band set up in a rehearsal situation? Two guitarists with 30watt vox / 40watt fender combos etc. Also what are they like to move around? I hurt my abdomen a few years back, so the days of single handedly moving heavy cabs is just not an option
  11. Interesting, can you expand a little? Are we taking power rating / sensitivity / frequency response etc?
  12. Ok, I might just have been one of those who drove round in his youth with subwoofers in the boot of his car.10's always seemed a little light and a 15 couldn't keep up... But 12's seemed just perfect. My first home made bass guitar cab featured 12's, but with branded gear I've not tried them, not once. Anyone with experience to share?
  13. So, the Ashdown stubby 30 is on its way back to Ashdown Enginering to figure out what got busted in post when they sent it to me. Lacking a bass amp again in desperation I plugged my peavey classic 20 guitar head into the 410 and musicman hoping to get a sound I could bear to listen too in the interim. Well call me Terrance and smear me in butter the sound it produced on the clean channel at practice volume was actually pretty darn good. I flicked the inbuilt attenuator thing from 20watt to 1watt and low and behold fat valve goodness. Admittedly I've farted louder before it reached the onset of breakup, but for practice I'm quite pleased with it. Anyone else tried a valve guitar head into a bass cab before? Appreciate it might not be all that good for either the amp nor speakers long term etc.
  14. Can I ask what kind of figure you got it for? I see one on reverb now for £500, but that's alot more than I've seen previously. Not saying they are not worth that mind!
  15. Yes I played a V4BH for years though a 1x15 and 2x10 SVT cab. I thought it was a great amp. The trick was just to max out the bass, run the gain about 2 o'clock, dial mids and treble to suit and turn the master till it got gooey :). Similarly played a Soundcity 120B for years with the same cabs and occasionally an old 8x10 SVT I had. That was a totally different beast. I found jumper leading the channels worked a treat as each lacked either treble or bass, but together we're very usable. You got any recordings of the alpha bass? I be interested to hear!
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