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  1. Hi, does anyone know of these cabs were available in the UK? Anyone played one? Thanks
  2. [quote name='bigsmokebass' timestamp='1483264454' post='3205668'] Thanks Shine but I already have a T'bird and ideally would be looking for something different to my arsenal. Thank you nevertheless and happy 2017 [/quote] No worries! Happy New Year to you too!
  3. Would an ebony Gibson Thunderbird tickle your fancy?
  4. Has anyone ever come across an Ampeg SVT 215 cab? I seem to have been searching for a uk based one for years... Totally impractical I'm sure
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Hi, Bass Player Wanted for Female Fronted Alt Rock band based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. All originals. Ages 20-40. Our man should have the desire to gig and record all original music, ideally will have own equipment, transport and be of a good playing standard, although nothing too complicated here. Newish band but with recordings, gigs on book, vids, all the social media etc etc just drop me a message to find out more. Thanks Alex
  8. Well fired up the Marshall yesterday using only the 50watts on tap into a Kustom 410 via the peavey alfa bass pre and my mexican active jazz. I was pleasantly suprised! With a little drive from the pre and a touch of drive from the power amp I had a lovely Carlos Dengler type sound going down, just solid and growly. I've decided to stick with it! Get another orange SP212 to unleash the full 100w, as my 410 departs this weekend. I think there's more balls to this amp than I had imagined. Given that in essence it's two seperate marshall 50watt heads in one box, with four fair sized transformers, it certainly packs a punch. Not masses of head room. But just enough
  9. Thanks for your input guys! Had that horrible feeling you get when spending hard earned cash on something that could be a completely useless! Wager your right regarding the potential for frequency cancellation if I wire the inline speakers to stereo. Looks like I'll have to get another Orange SP212... I'm sure the wife will agree... She loves the precision placement of my speaker cabinets in the living room Best Regards Alex
  10. Yes I hear you there but weighs as least as much as a V4BH or SC120B I'd run with before and its unbelievably loud with a guitar. Had hoped it would work well for bass coupled with a fairly good preamp. Guess I'll find out tonight when I plug it all in to test! Totally gutted I can't run it 100w mono tho... Felt sure there would be a way other than wiring my cab in stereo
  11. Advice appreciated! I'll look into a stereo wiring mod! By not as suitable you don't mean these things have a built on low frequency cut or anything? Price wise it seemed a bit of a steal and having used other 100/120watt valve heads before I was confident it would have my trousers flapping in no time Regards Alex
  12. Hi, Just picked up a marshall 9005 50w + 50w valve rack mount power amp. I own a orange SP212 and had hoped to put the full 100watts into it via the marshall and peavey Alfa bass preamp! Snagg is it only seems to run in stereo. Does anyone know these amps and can help? Do I have buy another cabanx iff not am I stuck with running one channel at 50w? The guy I bought it off said it could be done simply by running a Y cable into the cab? Any help appreciated. Regards Alex
  13. Oops just realise I've posted in wrong bit! Please remove!
  14. Hi, I have for sale a Gibson Explorer Melody Maker in black, excellent condition with Gibson gig bag. Location Leeds, West Yorkshire. Price £260 Many Thanks Alex
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