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  1. Most helpful Keir! Thanks for the links also!
  2. Any EB Musicman Sterling 4H users out there want to tell me about the qualities and dislikes for this bass for fingered and pick usage? Currently have a EB Musicmsn Sub and thinking about a move etc
  3. Not at all I've followed with interest as I too had spotted that amp and was seriously tempted at the price! I hope you get a satisfactory resolution.
  4. That's good the hear regards drive, weight to be expected I suppose! ABM heads do seem to be an absolute bargain at the moment! I'm certainly not ruling out hybrids, but drawn to all valve just because
  5. That sounds absolutely perfect for my needs. Looks great too. I'll have check one out. Thanks for the response!
  6. How do you find it? I'm imagining alot of middle clack and more preamp overdrive than you could use at volume?
  7. Prices seem surprisingly cheap at the moment. I imagine this to be a very clean and warm without much punch?
  8. Any views on the above? Particularly interested in hearing about a superbass if you played one?
  9. Did Burman ever do a dedicated bass amp head? I might be getting confused but didn't Burman share similarities with old Laney amps? Once recorded through a Laney VA50 amp into a sealed 15 and was hands down best bass sound I've ever got!
  10. Handbox is an interesting option I'd not heard of I'll certainly explore!
  11. Interesting to hear your thoughts on the Selmer. Prices seem ok but you've confirmed my fear regarding usable volume! Thanks for commenting!
  12. Interested in recommendations for reasonably priced secondhand valve bass heads. Previously owned the Ampeg and Soundcity 100/120 offerings and enjoyed them greatly, but looking to try something new. Thinking Selmer, Trace Twin, Fender Bassman, Ashdown CTM, Hiwatt, Marshall perhaps etc. I generally play pick, simple root note stuff through fender or musicman type basses. Like just a touch of drive to thicken things up, certainly not looking for loads of overdrive however. Reliability and modern features a bonus. Somthing to be heard in an indie band. Any views from those that have? Thanks
  13. That looks mean to the bone awesome looking bass
  14. I think probably the one I particularly loved was considered not a great era for squire, being Korean made, I think. I thought it sounded great however. Got to say I've played a few of the recent squires and I've been seriously impressed!
  15. Cool looking bass that! I've had many a squire. Great basses. Particularly loved an early year precision I had for my first bass. Late eighties or early nineties made. Kept going back to it over much more expensive fenders for gigs!
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