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  1. The pickup surround is from Rickysounds,very expensive for what it is but worth it I think,it finishes it off nicely. Lol no I have never polished it,it's definitely a matt finish,just the photo makes it look that way.
  2. This is my first ever Rickenbacker & I can't get over how much better it is than any of the many Fenders I've owned over the last four decades. My P bass is now just a backup bass.
  3. Good choice sir ! I've had mine 2 weeks tomorrow & absolutely love it to bits,I can't believe what I've been missing these last 40 years.
  4. I was just about to recommend pressurewound strings,I have them on both of my basses & couldn't be happier with them.
  5. Just done my first gig with my Rickenbacker on Saturday night & am exceedingly happy with it,my P bass is now relegated to backup duties. The Rick is so much easier to play & really fills out the band's low end with masses of punch,the whole band mentioned it. I even had a couple of punters mention how good it sounds & also how cool it looked too.
  6. I've just swapped my jazz bass for a 4003SW & couldn't be happier. It doesn't feel cheaply made to me in fact quite to opposite,I'm really liking it so far. As for the bridge,yes it's a shyte design
  7. I love the pickup in mine & have no plans to change it as it sounds really good,Fender claim to have revoiced the pickups in the vintera's,I think they actually have. I was never impressed with the early MIM Fender pickups at all,the newer ones are much better. I had an MIM 50's P a while ago & don't remember that sounding as good. As far as build quality on my bass I had a couple of minor issues I had to sort but the construction,including fret work is very good indeed & it is fairly lightweight too.
  8. Typical Fender quality control I reckon 😁 Mine is actually a P bass although I fitted a kiogon loom which massively improved it.
  9. Must have been a ropey vintrea as I prefer mine to my American Elite jazz.
  10. I would think Kiogon could make it for you
  11. It would seem that I am in the process of trading this lovely bass for something else like you do 😁
  12. back up for sale as I have realised that I much prefer a P bass these days. ta
  13. I play in a black sabbath covers band & run my Darkglass MT900 into a Markbass NY122 & couldn't be happier,it sounds fantastic with my P bass thumping through it,it is very loud too. It's a very easy carry & I think it looks great now I've taken the tacky Markbass badge off. I much prefer it to the Barefaced Big Baby 2 which I used to have,that was far too boomy/bassy for me but the NY122 has a very nice tight low end which really works perfectly,I couldn't be happier with it.
  14. Kiogon could make you a suitable loom to fill all of the holes,maybe VVTT ? I would think,drop him a line he is extremely helpful.
  15. Thanks Marc 👍I love blocks too. It is a fantastic bass especially now with the crappy active stuff removed. I find the series/parallel switch very useful too when I feel the need for a P bass moment but can't be bothered to switch basses 😁
  16. No you will have to cut the wires unfortunately,I was a little daunted about doing it at first but I'm so glad I did. There is no way I'd ever put the active system back into it now.
  17. Hi it definitely sounds a lot clearer with the new electronics installed & it's much more intuitive to find a sound I like. I like the sound of the N4 noiseless pickups. I recommend the series/parallel switch too.
  18. Just modded the electronics in my Elite Jazz bass & proper loving it now. I've never been a fan of active basses & always play this bass in passive mode which made me list it for sale a short while ago.But as I love the bass I decided to rip out the active circuit & fit one of Kiogon's stack knob kits with added series/parallel switch. It's now my perfect Jazz bass & to me looks so much better without the cluttered active controls.
  19. Bought a stack knobs kit for my jazz bass. Arrived very quickly indeed & was fitted without too much hassle (after I read the instructions properly ). John was super helpful & really patient with this here dimwit 😁 The kit has massively improved my once active bass.
  20. I play classic Sabbath tunes in my main band & general classic rock covers in my second band. I find my Darkglass MT900 into a Markbass NY212 cab is just the job with with either my P or J bass. I do add a little dirt with a Sansamp YYZ pedal though. Loud as hell,punchy & very easy to carry around.
  21. Just fitted a Kiogon loom to this bass & wow it really sounds awesome now. The stock pickup is excellent & combined with the new loom makes for a really warm punchy tone. Love it.
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