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  1. I'm still experimenting with it but so far I like BUS & FET modes,I find the SYM mode a bit too dark for me. I am loving the pedal though,very happy both of my purchases
  2. I couldn't resist spoiling my self 😁 So I bought a Hyper Luminal Compressor & an Alpha Omega Ultra Both are awesome,I'm very happy & also very skint now.
  3. I did adjust the height of the pole pieces on my classic but even that made no difference unfortunately,it was a black with birds eye maple neck,absolutely gorgeous but the weak G meant it had to go.
  4. I tried that with all of mine but to no avail unfortunately. My classic was a beautiful instrument but the G string was inaudible when played in a full band setting which drove me nuts,my band mates noticed it too. Don't have this problem with any other bass.
  5. I've owned 3 stingrays over the years (a 2 band,a 3 band & a classic ) & all of them had a weak G string which no amount of eq or setup work could fix,including a Nordstrand pickup. I never ever had that problem with any other bass I've owned in the last 40 years,it's no myth the 4 string single pickup stingrays do have a weak G string issue.
  6. You really need a Fender Bassman Neo 410 to sit that on. But there again I would 😁
  7. I have a gaming pc with pretty good speakers which can shake the house quite convincingly 😁
  8. Thanks guys,food for thought. While browsing I came across the Tascam US-1x2 interface which looks pretty good,any opinion on these. The only think putting me off a practice amp the the extra clutter,we have a small house so room is a consideration,although I guess a Fender Rumble is fairly small.
  9. I told the shop I wanted to be able to plug into my pc so I can play along with online bass lessons & jam with any music on my pc. I'm not at all bothered about recording or using it with my mobile. They sold me this ☹ I just had an email back from Banblab confirming that it doesn't work with pc,so I'll take it back for a refund. Maybe I should just buy a practice amp lol
  10. Yes I emailed them but have not had a reply ☹
  11. It's what the shop sold me,I know nothing about such things.
  12. Cheers. Yes the battery is charged,unit plugged into Audi input on my pc,software downloaded & running. It doesn't see my bass at all,most odd. If I plug my headphones into the unit I get total silence. When plugged into my phone the app's tuner sees my bass but that is it,I cannot get any sound from anywhere
  13. As above HELP. I bought this from my local music shop & was told I could use it to play my bass through my desktop pc or headphones. Since I'm an old man I can't get it to work,I charged the battery,plugged my headphones in then plugged my bass into it & absolutely bugger all happened. Total silence. So I plugged into the audio in on my pc-still nothing. Obviously it doesn't come with a user manual & I can't seem to get any info online. So can anyone help an old man to use this bloody thing.
  14. Wot he said 😁 It's extremely bloody loud in fact & has all the heft I'll ever need.
  15. We play classic Sabbath covers & I did get an awesome vintage growl just using a little of the B3K blended in,my jazz sounded awesome,I couldn't stop grinning. Love the amp to bits & I am enjoying playing with the controls too,I just wish it had a headphone socket.
  16. Lol 😁 So I used this at Monday's rehearsal through a very well hammered old Ampeg SVT410HLF & it still sounded awesome. It's punchy as hell too although as I discovered if I blend too far towards full on distortion I loose all of the bottom end. I just need to use it more & get used to how everything works together to get the best from it,but so far I am very impressed with it,can't wait to hear it through some decent speakers.
  17. Oh 'eck 😁 I just need to move my Fender Bassman Neo 410 now. It is a fantastic cab but just a bit of a struggle for my knees,especially on stairs,whereas the VK's should be a doddle. I used to have a Big Baby 2 ,it was a brilliant cab but I fancy something different & those VK's look so damn sexy.
  18. Thank you for all of your help & advice on this guys,you are very helpful,I really appreciate it. But in the end I bought a darkglass microtubules 900 instead,mainly for ease of transport & I have to say it does exactly what I need it too. Thanks again
  19. They look absolutely gorgeous too 😁 I'm mighty impressed with the amplifier though & can't wait for tomorrow night's rehearsal,even in the house at very low volume it sounds fantastic,I'm so happy I bought it. I did try an EBS Reidmar 750 too but after playing the DG is sounded incredibly bland. I'm sure they are fantastic amplifiers too but just not after hearing the DG. Even the clean channel sounds so musical,who needs a valve amp 😁
  20. Thanks guys. On the subject of cabs I really fancy a pair or Vanderkley 112MNT's.
  21. I agree Lozz,it has a very nice clean tone,so punchy & you can add as much of two overdrives as you want. Great for funk 👍
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