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  1. Went to gear4music this morning to try this head out & I just can't get over how awesome it really is. It must be impossible to make it sound bad,it is the best head I have ever used & the two distortions are fantastic too. I had to sell my ctm100 due to having arthritis in my knees & was worried I would miss the "heft" but I am happy to report that this is one "heafty" mofo 😁 Just need to move my 4x10 & get a pair of 1x12's now.
  2. I'll definitely be buying a crown XLS amplifier then, Do I really need the power of the XLS1502 ? Or will an XLS1002 suffice? It will always be in bridge mode Initially I'll be running through my Fender 4x10 cab but will soon switch to a BB2 or similar,eventually I aim to have 2 BB2's. Cheers
  3. I'm seriously thinking of joining mainly to learn some theory. I'm totally self taught & have been playing 39 years now,can play pretty much anything I put my mind to but when it comes to writing bass lines or fills or even a solo I struggle to play anything new/interesting. Frankly I'm pretty bored with my own playing,the same old licks time after time,it feels like I hit a wall years ago. I do get regular compliments on my bass playing at gigs etc' but I feel frustrated with myself so maybe it's time for some decent tuition.
  4. I have considered exactly this 👍 But I decided that if I'm going to do it I may as well get a killer rig that is suitable for any venue. Eventually I will probably run this through 2 Big Baby 2 cabs,which I'm sure will sound absolutely epic. Thank you for the suggestion though,it is still a possibility.
  5. Hi,technically it is sold & my buyer said he is collecting it on Tuesday. However if he doesn't I'll let you know. Cheers
  6. This is still available guys 👍 I have a very interested potential buyer but nothing 100% just yet 😁
  7. Lol it hasn't gone yet,my potential buyer may yet back out,you never know.
  8. £350 collected Just spotted my next cab so price dropped big time - collection only. This is a silly price for a cracking 4x10 I won't sell it any cheaper so please don't ask 😁 Was £759 New so this is just like brand new & less than half the price. Fender Bassman Neo 410 in totally immaculate condition Eminence USA speakers Removable casters Sounds immense with either modern amps or all valve amps,rich & punchy with a very musical adjustable horn. 1 year old & only left the house 8 times for gigs so it is in extremely good nick with no damage. Comes with a Roqsolid cover,also in mint condition. Collection only I'm based in Harrogate Cheers
  9. *now sold through Facebook Ashdown CTM100 valve amp' in absolutely immaculate condition,complete with Roqsolid cover & owners manual. 100 watts of all valve power & it is very very loud,(100 watts of valve power is silly loud when cranked up). I play in a classic rock band with a loud guitarist & a mental drummer with no issue whatsoever,even on a fairly big festival stage. It sounds fantastic,with tons of creamy tone or a beautiful valve break up overdrive if that's your thing. (it's definitely mine) This amp has had the eq mod' to bass,mid & treble found below,which works a treat giving the eq a much greater range of adjustment which makes it a truly versatile amp.(stock these can be a bit muddy sounding but not this one ) Price is fixed & a total bargain for one of these lovely amp's Collection from Harrogate only,it's worth the drive as I think this is a silly cheap price. I'm only selling as the arthritis in my poor old knees is crying out for a lighter rig,(not that this is particularly heavy). Not looking for trades as I already know what I'm replacing this with. Ashdown's info' https://ashdownmusic.com/products/copy-of-ctm-300-head Payment bank transfer or cash on collection please. Thank you. Fender Bassman Neo 410 also for trade -
  10. Thank you for advice/help & information,I'll have a look at matrix amps as I'd not heard of them before. Much as I like my current rig(CTM100 & Bassman410) I have arthritis in my knees,severe in my right knee,so a lighter weight rig would be great but I won't compromise on tone. I always loved Geddy's tone so think this will be a brilliant rig for me,I may look to change my cab for a couple of 112's as well to make carrying so much easier.
  11. Excellent 👍 Thanks guys much appreciated
  12. I'm thinking of totally changing my rig & would like a little advice from you guys who know far more about these than my crusty old brain ever will. I'm wanting a Tech-21 Sansamp GED2112,so will need a power amp suitable the pump this into my Fender Bassman Neo 410 (500w). The choice seems endless & I have no idea where to start so I seek advice of greater brains. I will be doing the internal jumper mod on the GED so give a combined mono output btw. Thanks in advance.
  13. I'll weight it when I get chance guys 👍 I'd guess about 9lbs,it's about the same as my MIM jazz. The ash bodied one I tried was a lot heavier though,at least 11lbs I would think.
  14. Thanks guys 👍 I can really recommend these after spending a few hours noodling on it.
  15. Thank you. It plays like a dream,love it
  16. Just got back home from P.M.T. Leeds with my new US Elite Jazz & I am so pleased with it,I can't stop grinning. It was a tough call between the black & the natural Ash bass,took me over an hour to make my mind up,but I made the right choice - I think. It's my 50th birthday bass but just over a year late 😁
  17. Lol I just got home with my brand new US made super jazz 😁 It is a lovely bass indeed,I can fault it.
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