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  1. just a little weekend bump
  2. *£200.00 if you collect* I've only had this for three months but I'm just not a 5 string player really & I have just got a new 4 string bass so this might as well go as it's not getting played. It is in mint condition,the factory strings are still bright & new sounding. I have given the bass a setup so it plays very nicely indeed,in fact much better than some much more expensive basses I have owned/played in the past. It is an active bass so has the usual volume/balance/bass/treble controls but also has a 5 way eq selector switch giving different sounds all of which are very usable & of course you can teak the sounds too using the active controls. Presets are slap/pick/neutral/finger style/solo. The pickups sound much much better than a bass of this price should allow,I was extremely impressed as soon as I plugged it in & it has a very very good B string too. specs Scale Length 34'' (863.6mm) Neck Maple and Mahogany 5pc Fingerboard Rosewood Radius 23-5/8'' (600mm) Nut Width 43mm Body Solid Mahogany Tuners Die-cast Bridge Die-cast 18mm Pickups MHB3n (Ceramic),MHB3b (Ceramic) Controls Master Volume, Pickup Balancer, Bass, Treble and Performance EQ switch Hardware Color Black Nickel The bass is in as new condition & comes with a brand new but basic gig bag. I would prefer collection or meet up in/near Harrogate However I still have the box & packaging it came with so you it could be posted if you wish (at your own risk though) cheers. No trades please
  3. [quote name='paddy109' timestamp='1492028099' post='3277365'] Even though I don't play upright anymore I have been watching this ad for a few weeks and dreaming the Duke was mine - I hope you are both pleased with the trade. 😎 [/quote] Thanks Paddy
  4. On hold trade deal with a thoroughly nice chap in progress
  5. [quote name='Lazurus' timestamp='1491989710' post='3276942'] Did it not sell yet, although very interested it is the travelling that is still a problem for me!!!!! [/quote] I'll very happily meet you half way if it helps at all. It's worth the drive 😀 I must admit I thought it would have gone pretty quickly,quite a bit of interest but a few time wasters too unfortunately.
  6. I could really do with moving this on guys,I'm hoping to buy a new 5 string bass guitar to use in my new band but can't do that until I sell this. Someone must need a beautiful double bass surely 😆 I may be open to a sensible offer so give me a shout Cheers
  7. Thanks Grangur I really don't want to spend a day in London though 😆 I'm more a country boy. I do appreciate your help though
  8. Fantastic 😀 I'll have a word with my buyer & hopefully get back to you later. Thanks again
  9. Excellent thank you very much. My bass would be in a lightly padded gig bag would that be OK?
  10. That's fantastic Many thanks I may be in touch soon
  11. Hi guys. I may have a buyer for my bass but I'm in Harrogate & the buyer is in London. Any suggestions as to how I could safely get my bass there undamaged,so a carrier is out, I'd never find a box big enough anyway. Driving all the way is not an option for me & my possible buyer can't drive at all. Train journey is far too expensive too. Any ideas. Cheers
  12. [quote name='Marc S' timestamp='1491577424' post='3274112'] Can't believe this lovely bass is still here Sorry to hear you're giving up DB Artisan.... Hope you're just having a short break, and not totally giving up for good GLWTS If only I had room........ [/quote] thanks Marc I to cannot believe this is still here,I guess everyone is skint or maybe they don't realise what a cracking bass this is
  13. Thanks for that matey,much appreciated. It is a wonderful sounding instrument,I would say deeper & punchier in "real life" but the recording does give a good idea of the sound. It also shows how golden slaps sound arco too,I was quite impressed.
  14. new much better photo's added. get yourself a fantastic bass folks trust me it sounds even better than it looks
  15. [quote name='FinnDave' timestamp='1490952421' post='3269299'] That's pretty much killed any chance of sympathy here, well done! [/quote] +1 Absolutely no need for that
  16. [quote name='Maude' timestamp='1490816396' post='3268334'] Somebody please just the bloody bass or I'm going to end up doing something that I really can't justify. [/quote] Lol of course you can 😆
  17. [quote name='DBerriff' timestamp='1490478580' post='3265471'] Sorry about that but I cracked as the stock at the Great British Bass Lounge is disappearing quite quickly. You could still order one and have it built to your exact specification. [/quote] Lol It looks beautiful but I can't do anything until I shift the DB.
  18. Beautiful bass I someone had bought my double bass in time it would have been mine 😆
  19. My Duke came with gut a likes from new. They aren't bad but the E was totally useless,floppy with very little tone. I sold them pretty quickly. I've tried loads of strings but always came back to golden slaps. If you want some synthetic guts the Superior Bassworks deluxe wackers are a much better bet.
  20. The actual bass can make a major difference too. My old Strunal was a total nightmare for feeding back,a total nightmare,I had everything damped & an extra sound post but still had problems. My Duke however is nothing like as prone to feedback,I do still cover the f-holes on a loud stage though as it is a major help when cranking the volume. BTW if you tape the f-holes you need at least 5 layers of gaffa tape for it to work. As for magnetic pickups - for me yuck,I hated both the sound & feel of the steel strings. I run through a GK MB800 Fusion,everything set flat apart from the bass control which is set around the 9 o'clock position (bass cut) & can play stood in front of the amp at pretty high volume with no feedback.
  21. [quote name='Lazurus' timestamp='1489736142' post='3259253'] Still drooling.............. [/quote] Get your cash out 😀 I'll meet you part way if you fancy a drive.
  22. just a little bump for this superb quality bass. i think you'd struggle to find a bass that plays or sounds anywhere near as good as this one for the price. so if you are thinking of upgrading or indeed just buying a quality double bass look no further in a very recent test it absolutely blew away a very nicely set up strunal bass on both tone & volume it really is a powerful sounding bass
  23. Thanks guys,some good info there that I'd never heard of before.
  24. Thanks guys. Olive/maple may be a goer soon 😆
  25. [quote name='LewisK1975' timestamp='1489423492' post='3256799'] Nope. Buy this: http://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/bass_guitars_detail.asp?stock=12031011241058-546843 So I can stop looking at it. [/quote] Lol I keep looking at that too 😀
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