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  1. Thanks guys. I'm sure they will I'm just pissed off after waiting all week for it to arrive. I can't get it delivered to work as it's a finance order so they'll only deliver to the registered address. Oh well
  2. so i just took delivery of my "brand new" Yamaha bass from GAK via Fedex. i was a little worried that it arrived in a Squire box. upon opening the box i find my bass wrapped in white plastic sheeting with just a little cardboard shoved in each end of the box - not a good start. when i unwrapped the bass i find the volume knob has fallen off,the bass absolutely covered in dirty fingerprints,the neck has a back bow & the strings are knackered ! this bass has had some serious playing hammer in the shop, i'm certainly not a happy camper. i phoned to complain,but there is nobody in that i can deal with today,so as i bought it through V12 finance i have now logged a full complaint via them. GAK i am not inpressed. especially as i paid £20 extra for a saturday delivery i work 6 days a week & now won't get chance to be home to receive another delivery for 2 weeks.
  3. [quote name='dannybuoy' timestamp='1477143108' post='3160120'] I really loved the look of the 505 and was gassing for one, until I listened to all the various clips and demos I could find and it was clear that the 305 sounded better and was cheaper! [/quote] Thanks you for that it helped me make my mind up,so I now have a TRBX304 being delivered on Saturday morning. Hope I like it Cheers
  4. Thanks guys,I will be ordering one just as soon as I decide which one I want
  5. [quote name='Mr Bassman' timestamp='1477070042' post='3159718'] I've just recently lowered Artisan's action without removing it the bridge. It can be done by slackening just 2 outer strings at a time, then the 2 centre strings if necessary keeping tension at all times. Just be careful with the chainsaw! [/quote] And a mighty fine chainsaw job it is too,my bass has never played so good
  6. I really can't decide which of these to go for so would appreciate a bit of help. I am going to get one of them in either 4 or 5 string,only used for noodling at home & as backup in case my double bass decides to fall to pieces. the 300 is tempting due to it's cheap price but i'm not too sure on the preamp presets. the 500 looks temping with a more usual 3 band eq & the active passive option. i guess the construction & body/neck are the same on both basses ? i really fancy a Yamaha as i've never actually owned one before but keep hearing good things about them,plus i like the looks of them too. cheers.
  7. strings now fitted & i'm liking them already
  8. Thanks guys. My Evah's have just arrived in the post so I'll get them fitted later on.
  9. How are you finding them? I've just ordered a new set & just hope I like them. Mr Bassman on here,lent me some obligatos to try,I was going to order a set of them but went Evah instead.
  10. [quote name='lowlandtrees' timestamp='1476542515' post='3155098'] OK Ok ok....will you post to Scotshire in the baltic Norf? [/quote] LOL yes I'll send it by ice breaker
  11. what no Rockabilly or slap players wanting a bargain ? this is almost a give away price folks
  12. [quote name='SubsonicSimpleton' timestamp='1476055750' post='3150945'] This sounds much more expensive than the price tag would suggest, is an easy DIY fit and doesn't need to live on the bass 24/7, it also plays nicely with most amps without need for an impedance matching preamp. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/J-tone-Big-double-Bass-Pick-up-/201498506263 [/quote] +1 for J tone pickups They may be cheap but they are extremely good,I have one on my bass & am very happy with it.
  13. Hartke Kilo This biggest pile of sh*te I ever owned. It failed mid 1st set of the 3rd gig in tried to use it at. Sent back for repair them promptly failed 2 gigs later. Sent back as rejected unfit for purpose. I emailed Larry Hartke at the time & he never replied. Total crap, I would never buy any Hartke gear again.
  14. Well I picked my bass up from Keith's this evening & what can I say. Bloody hell it's a different bass now,so much easier to play. Sound wise it is absolutely fantastic,while still having a great punch it now has a wonderful growl too. The obligatos are a wonderful string & really suit my bass, I think Keith is pretty impressed with the sound too. We tried it amplified using my extremely good yet mega cheap J tone pickup with very very good result. I am so impressed with Keith's Acoustic Image amplifier too,it honestly is the sound of my bass but louder,never actually had that before. I may need one of them sometime So a massive thank you to Keith for setting my bass up so well, I never realised just how much it needed doing. It's now so much easier to play, I'm hooked again. Lovin' that mwaaaa
  15. Keith is a true gent My bass is now sitting at his place with a new lower action & wearing a loan set of obligatos along with my gut G. Can't wait to pick her up tonight. Massive thanks to Mr Bassman
  16. [quote name='Mr Bassman' timestamp='1475435482' post='3145906'] yes Ive found an old set, think the G has snappeed at the peg but we can probably tie a bit of string on and stick it with some chewing gum. And maybe I could set about your bridge with the chainsaw again [/quote] Haha lol we can just nail that G to the fingerboard That would be absolutely fantastic thank you so much. It'll be nice to see you again too When would you fancy having a go at it. I'm thinking of maybe trying a bit of jazz too,which is a shock to me
  17. [quote name='hubrad' timestamp='1475414506' post='3145717'] You're welcome to a go on mine with Honey Jazz on if you fancy, and I'm sure Keith will say the same. P'raps have a get together sometime. [/quote] Thanks hubrad,you are a star I really appreciate your help
  18. [quote name='Mr Bassman' timestamp='1475433056' post='3145881'] Might have an old set go obligatos to for you to try Neil Just got back from the DB bash so I'll have a look later [/quote] Ooohhhhhh thanks Keith that would be fantastic
  19. thanks again hubrad. the bass note is most definitely the priority for me so i may go with the higher tension set. for me most modern slap players seem more interested in the click rather than the bass,a couple of bands i have seen recently had the click way up in the mix whilst the bass itself was almost inaudible. plus my bass has always had low tension strings & a very high setup just for slapping & i am getting a bit bored of just root 5th lines
  20. thanks Hubrad,much appreciated. yes I do indeed know Keith,I'll get my strings ordered then give him a shout. (Keith setup my very first double bass infact,he's an extremely nice bloke) as for the Obligato's,should I go for the solo set (will tune to E) for a lower tension ? cheers
  21. [quote name='zero9' timestamp='1475264097' post='3144612'] If your slapping stamina is like that of djordje stijepovic, you'll have no problem with the obligatos I found the pirastro obligato tension slightly higher compared to thomastik weichs. The obligato is a great string and very versatile imo, and fine for occasional slap. The other option is to get the thomastik solo set, slightly lower tension compared to weichs when tuned to concert pitch, and still good for pizz and arco, as well as fast slapping. [/quote] thanks Zero09,i didn't think of them so i'll check them out too. i wish i could play 5% as good as Djordje,he's a bloody amazing player
  22. I'm thinking of getting my bass setup with an easier playing string height so have been looking at various strings. When I'm slapping I never pull the string hard so it snaps back into the fingerboard as I really don't like the sound. I much prefer a nice solid bass note follow by one or two palm slaps. I quite fancy trying a spot of jazz sometime too. Would Pirasto Obligato work ok for this ? I still need fairly low tension for fast slapping but with a much more musical styles than the usual nylon strings. Also is there anyone in Harrogate who fancys lowering my string heights for me. Ta
  23. That is lovely Tom,good buy
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