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  1. Give me a gloss neck any day
  2. I must say I'm finding the tone on my classic very versatile depending mainly on where & how I pluck the strings. A lot of people seem to play over the pickup, I rarely do.
  3. Many thanks & I have to say I agree with pretty much everything you said there. Cheers
  4. Thinking of you must be my favourite bass line of all time.
  5. [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1494144454' post='3293529'] That's all very well, but you just don't do that to good friends, which is how the OP has described him. [/quote] + 1000000 Thank you There's no way I would loose a friend over a band,we'll just have to try to tune him up a bit.
  6. [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1494100973' post='3293330'] You never know, it could help. It could be that he's just struggling to pitch himself. [/quote] You're probably right there,I'll price some up for him. Cheers
  7. No he doesn't but maybe he should,I'll mention it He did say he was struggling to hear himself over us noisy gits,he didn't wear headphones either.
  8. Thanks everyone for your comments in do appreciate it. Personally I don't mind his vocals,OK he's very shakey on crazy train but I can live with the rest of it. He's a good friend & totally bonkers,we all have such a laugh,it's just a bit of fun for us. As for the video above,while that singer is assuredly a better vocalist I personally don't like his voice.
  9. Thanks guys Mep I'll have a listen to your tracks too when I get back on my phone.
  10. Thanks guys. He admits he's not a great singer but he's a great bloke & makes up for it with his stage presence. We were all in the room together,no separate vocal booth or anything like that. I'm very pleased with it,I'll admit I wasn't aware of the compression,it sounds good to my old lugs 😀
  11. my band recorded a live demo set in the studio last Saturday. almost all tracks were a one take recording with just a couple of overdubs due to lead guitar errors. please have a listen & add your comments below all comments are appreciated,but please remember it is a totally live recording. cheers. https://soundcloud.com/artisan1967/sets/jack-sabbath
  12. PM replied to still for sale though
  13. Bank holiday bargain bass bump 😀
  14. just a little weekend bump
  15. *£200.00 if you collect* I've only had this for three months but I'm just not a 5 string player really & I have just got a new 4 string bass so this might as well go as it's not getting played. It is in mint condition,the factory strings are still bright & new sounding. I have given the bass a setup so it plays very nicely indeed,in fact much better than some much more expensive basses I have owned/played in the past. It is an active bass so has the usual volume/balance/bass/treble controls but also has a 5 way eq selector switch giving different sounds all of which are very usable & of course you can teak the sounds too using the active controls. Presets are slap/pick/neutral/finger style/solo. The pickups sound much much better than a bass of this price should allow,I was extremely impressed as soon as I plugged it in & it has a very very good B string too. specs Scale Length 34'' (863.6mm) Neck Maple and Mahogany 5pc Fingerboard Rosewood Radius 23-5/8'' (600mm) Nut Width 43mm Body Solid Mahogany Tuners Die-cast Bridge Die-cast 18mm Pickups MHB3n (Ceramic),MHB3b (Ceramic) Controls Master Volume, Pickup Balancer, Bass, Treble and Performance EQ switch Hardware Color Black Nickel The bass is in as new condition & comes with a brand new but basic gig bag. I would prefer collection or meet up in/near Harrogate However I still have the box & packaging it came with so you it could be posted if you wish (at your own risk though) cheers. No trades please
  16. [quote name='paddy109' timestamp='1492028099' post='3277365'] Even though I don't play upright anymore I have been watching this ad for a few weeks and dreaming the Duke was mine - I hope you are both pleased with the trade. 😎 [/quote] Thanks Paddy
  17. On hold trade deal with a thoroughly nice chap in progress
  18. [quote name='Lazurus' timestamp='1491989710' post='3276942'] Did it not sell yet, although very interested it is the travelling that is still a problem for me!!!!! [/quote] I'll very happily meet you half way if it helps at all. It's worth the drive 😀 I must admit I thought it would have gone pretty quickly,quite a bit of interest but a few time wasters too unfortunately.
  19. I could really do with moving this on guys,I'm hoping to buy a new 5 string bass guitar to use in my new band but can't do that until I sell this. Someone must need a beautiful double bass surely 😆 I may be open to a sensible offer so give me a shout Cheers
  20. Thanks Grangur I really don't want to spend a day in London though 😆 I'm more a country boy. I do appreciate your help though
  21. Fantastic 😀 I'll have a word with my buyer & hopefully get back to you later. Thanks again
  22. Excellent thank you very much. My bass would be in a lightly padded gig bag would that be OK?
  23. That's fantastic Many thanks I may be in touch soon
  24. Hi guys. I may have a buyer for my bass but I'm in Harrogate & the buyer is in London. Any suggestions as to how I could safely get my bass there undamaged,so a carrier is out, I'd never find a box big enough anyway. Driving all the way is not an option for me & my possible buyer can't drive at all. Train journey is far too expensive too. Any ideas. Cheers
  25. [quote name='Marc S' timestamp='1491577424' post='3274112'] Can't believe this lovely bass is still here Sorry to hear you're giving up DB Artisan.... Hope you're just having a short break, and not totally giving up for good GLWTS If only I had room........ [/quote] thanks Marc I to cannot believe this is still here,I guess everyone is skint or maybe they don't realise what a cracking bass this is
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