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  1. Dave's the man 😁 Never heard of him until I read this thread but I've had a good old laugh watching the videos,so thanks for that. Plus even though they may be crap,I still fancy a nice blue one.
  2. No probs Thanks anyway. I do like my stingray too,although I may have to sell it to fix my damn car
  3. Could you be tempted by a black & birds eye maple musicman stingray classic?
  4. Trades ? I have a lovely musicman stingray classic I may be tempted to do a deal with.
  5. artisan

    Which Fuzz help?

    I use an Ashdown James Lomenzo Hyperdrive & really like it. Light overdrive to pretty heavy fuzz.
  6. [quote name='lurksalot' timestamp='1499801268' post='3333749'] A company re-visiting a policy is one thing , but when a customer is obviously genuine and spends £5K when dropping the basses off in the first place , it should surely show £30 worth of goodwill ! [/quote] Exactly,it's a pretty crappy thing to do after that kind of sale. I'd be shopping elsewhere in future.
  7. Love mine too,it's the best amp I've had to date,sounds great & massively powerful.
  8. Nice I'd love this,It'd be perfect in my Sabbath tribute band. Sadly I have no cash.
  9. I've just recently got a classic 4 in a trade deal & must say it is one of the best basses I've ever played. Construction is perfect & it's very versatile sound wise. As for the neck it's bloody lovely
  10. Give me a gloss neck any day
  11. I must say I'm finding the tone on my classic very versatile depending mainly on where & how I pluck the strings. A lot of people seem to play over the pickup, I rarely do.
  12. Many thanks & I have to say I agree with pretty much everything you said there. Cheers
  13. Thinking of you must be my favourite bass line of all time.
  14. [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1494144454' post='3293529'] That's all very well, but you just don't do that to good friends, which is how the OP has described him. [/quote] + 1000000 Thank you There's no way I would loose a friend over a band,we'll just have to try to tune him up a bit.
  15. [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1494100973' post='3293330'] You never know, it could help. It could be that he's just struggling to pitch himself. [/quote] You're probably right there,I'll price some up for him. Cheers
  16. No he doesn't but maybe he should,I'll mention it He did say he was struggling to hear himself over us noisy gits,he didn't wear headphones either.
  17. Thanks everyone for your comments in do appreciate it. Personally I don't mind his vocals,OK he's very shakey on crazy train but I can live with the rest of it. He's a good friend & totally bonkers,we all have such a laugh,it's just a bit of fun for us. As for the video above,while that singer is assuredly a better vocalist I personally don't like his voice.
  18. Thanks guys Mep I'll have a listen to your tracks too when I get back on my phone.
  19. Thanks guys. He admits he's not a great singer but he's a great bloke & makes up for it with his stage presence. We were all in the room together,no separate vocal booth or anything like that. I'm very pleased with it,I'll admit I wasn't aware of the compression,it sounds good to my old lugs 😀
  20. my band recorded a live demo set in the studio last Saturday. almost all tracks were a one take recording with just a couple of overdubs due to lead guitar errors. please have a listen & add your comments below all comments are appreciated,but please remember it is a totally live recording. cheers. https://soundcloud.com/artisan1967/sets/jack-sabbath
  21. PM replied to still for sale though
  22. Bank holiday bargain bass bump 😀
  23. just a little weekend bump
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