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  1. It's a Bassman NEO 410
  2. Back up for sale 😁 I did place it on hold as I was torn between selling or keeping it,it's such a lovely player but alas I've had to conceed that I am a Jazz bass man after all.
  3. Lol good man. They are just so dynamic,play gently & you're rewarded with a delicious creamy tone,but dig in but & you get a really nice snarl for your effort. Love it 👍
  4. Gigged my CTM100 through my fender bassman neo 410 on a pretty big outdoor stage this afternoon. Input gain at 10 o'clock & master at 3 o'clock & it was bloody loud on stage, awesome trouser flapping sound too,you'll never get that from a class D. Plus the valves react to how you play beautifully.
  5. No problem I'm sure you're going to love it,especially at that price.
  6. If it's the CTM you've bought then good on you,I'm sure you will love it once you get used to it. Any questions just ask 👍
  7. I've not used an ABM before so couldn't give you a comparison but it is the best sounding amp I have ever used,warm,punchy & very loud. The bass,mid & treble controls don't do a lot but Ashdown sent me 3 new pots of different frequencies which have made the eq much more useable,a mod I would recommend. For £500 it's a total steal,they are brilliant amps.
  8. Love mine to bits & it has all the volume I'll ever need too.
  9. £50 cash on collection £55 posted to the U.K. In excellent condition,complete with it's box & power supply. Works brilliantly on guitar & pretty well on bass,I have used it 1.5 steps down & it performs reasonably well. Located in Harrogate.
  10. The new Japanese built ones are awesome basses,easily as good as a US Fender,I stupidly traded mine on a while ago ☹
  11. Why is it pointless? I don't get comments like yours,it would seem that anything that isn't jazz is pointless to some people. Surely you play jazz classics,so that must be pointless too.
  12. Indeed I am 😁😁 A big thank you for your original post as I was considering selling mine & getting something else. Now my amp is perfect.
  13. I always have the mid shift pressed too 😁 The new pots make a massive difference & are definitely worth changing. I run mine through a fender bassman neo 410 & found in some rooms I had far too much bottom end with no means of reducing it. Now I have plenty of adjustment on tap to remove the boomyness,so I'm much happier with my amplifier.
  14. Just got my CTM100 back from the tech with it's new pots fitted & wow what a difference,a massive improvement. I love my CTM even more now 😁
  15. I always have my P bass volume up full. On my CTM100 I set the master volume to full & use the gain control to set my volume level. This definitely works best for me
  16. I may contact them myself as I find the eq pretty useless too. Thank you for the information 👍
  17. The MIM standard P I played in gear4music was extremely good & if I had the dosh it would have come home with me.
  18. Excellent While I love my CTM100 I'd happily swap it for a super bassman,plus it'd look awesome sat on my bassman neo 410
  19. artisan


    My U.S.A. G&L JB & my recently purchased MIM Fender Jazz
  20. Bet that sounds awesome You just can't beat the sound of tubes
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