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  1. Hi, anyone have any experience/advice with regards to selling and transporting gear to US? TIA.
  2. Hi, I don’t have a hard case so would rather not post, thanks. Martin.
  3. No problem Jez. If it’s Jameson you need a P Bass! Cheers, Martin.
  4. Hi Jez, I’ll give you a call tomorrow. Do you have a small amp you could bring? Cheers, Martin.
  5. Cheers Marc! I agree on all counts! The neck is lovely and slim, the action nice and low, it plays like butter and sounds fabulous. It’s a shame that it doesn’t get played anymore, which is the only reason I’m letting it go.
  6. I used a Carvin B1500 through mine. Holy Moly....!
  7. Mate of mine has one with the extension cab. He absolutely loves it.
  8. Just realised this thread is a year old😳
  9. I would try to find a Genz Benz NX2-12T, they’re great. Faital Pro speakers, 600 watts @4 ohms, one hand carry and I’ve seen them second hand for 300 quid. In fact, if I ever started gigging again I’d be looking for one to replace the one I sold.
  10. Dan bought my Carvin B1500, great to do business with and a thoroughly nice chap to boot!
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