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  1. The jack socket had a very a poor connection & just needed the contacts bending a bit to make good contact with the guitar lead. Secondly the D &G side of the pickup didn't have enough foam underneath it to hold said pickup at the correct height. Both easy fixes & the rest of the bass is superb. The loom replacement does make a massive difference to the sound of the bass & is so easy to install The stock pickup is just fine & punchy so no need to change that.
  2. My band "Jack Sabbath" have a gig booked on March 7th at the Brewery Tap in Bradford. Unfortunately I won't be available to play this gig as I am having a knee replacement operation a couple of weeks before this. Short notice I know. We just play the early Ozzy era stuff. Are you up for the challenge? If anyone is interested then please pm me & I'll pass your details onto our band leader. Many thanks.
  3. KiOgon is a member on here & a really nice bloke too,so you will find him using search on here.
  4. I have both a Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra & a Sansamp YYZ on my board,both are extremely good along with being very versatile.(and rather expensive too) I highly recommend them both.
  5. I've had loads over the decades & this is the only one I've hung onto for a while. My last American standard P never had the punch you normally associate with a good P so was soon moved on. I've had several MIA,MIM,MIJ basses of various specs including American deluxe & the only one that was as good as my Vintera was a late 90's American vintage reissue '62 P bass. Build quality is generally very good,although if you search I did have a couple of very minor issues with mine,both very easily fixed. One thing I will recommend is a KiOgon loom,it really transformed the tone & was dead easy to fit.
  6. Love mine,it's the best P bass I've had
  7. Thanks Karl,I am proper loving it,in fact it is definitely the nicest bass I've had in my 41 years of playing. So pleased you love the Jazz,it is a gorgeous instrument & I do sometimes miss it but would not swap back 😁
  8. Gorgeous bass,congratulations matey. I too recently got a Rick from Karl & absolutely love it to bits. I really can't believe it's taken me 40 years of playing to discover that I am a Rick guy.
  9. That's beautiful,very good job
  10. I genuinely had tears in my eyes when an American friend shared the news on Facebook last night. We've lost one of the world's best musicians,I am gutted to say the least. R.I.P. Neil Peart
  11. artisan

    Geddy Lee pedal

    I've been using one for a while now & am really liking it. It is actually very versatile & does way more than the Geddy Lee thing. I use mine to really fatten up my tone & add a little drive,this is now my to go "clean" tone. Over all I'm very pleased with this pedal.
  12. Lol nasty bass face at last night's gig in Gibson's, York.
  13. The pickup surround is from Rickysounds,very expensive for what it is but worth it I think,it finishes it off nicely. Lol no I have never polished it,it's definitely a matt finish,just the photo makes it look that way.
  14. This is my first ever Rickenbacker & I can't get over how much better it is than any of the many Fenders I've owned over the last four decades. My P bass is now just a backup bass.
  15. Good choice sir ! I've had mine 2 weeks tomorrow & absolutely love it to bits,I can't believe what I've been missing these last 40 years.
  16. I was just about to recommend pressurewound strings,I have them on both of my basses & couldn't be happier with them.
  17. Just done my first gig with my Rickenbacker on Saturday night & am exceedingly happy with it,my P bass is now relegated to backup duties. The Rick is so much easier to play & really fills out the band's low end with masses of punch,the whole band mentioned it. I even had a couple of punters mention how good it sounds & also how cool it looked too.
  18. I've just swapped my jazz bass for a 4003SW & couldn't be happier. It doesn't feel cheaply made to me in fact quite to opposite,I'm really liking it so far. As for the bridge,yes it's a shyte design
  19. I love the pickup in mine & have no plans to change it as it sounds really good,Fender claim to have revoiced the pickups in the vintera's,I think they actually have. I was never impressed with the early MIM Fender pickups at all,the newer ones are much better. I had an MIM 50's P a while ago & don't remember that sounding as good. As far as build quality on my bass I had a couple of minor issues I had to sort but the construction,including fret work is very good indeed & it is fairly lightweight too.
  20. Typical Fender quality control I reckon 😁 Mine is actually a P bass although I fitted a kiogon loom which massively improved it.
  21. Must have been a ropey vintrea as I prefer mine to my American Elite jazz.
  22. I would think Kiogon could make it for you
  23. It would seem that I am in the process of trading this lovely bass for something else like you do 😁
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