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  1. Jazz number five in the house!

    1. gjones


      Oh dear. I'm up to 8 now.....

      Don't know how that happened?

      To be fair, 2 are self builds from bits I found hanging around.


    2. BassAgent


      I am currently at 10 basses total, half of which are Jazzes. I really really like Jazz Basses ;)

  2. Going to check out a pretty amazing bass for a pretty amazing price next Monday...wish me luck.

  3. The new single of my americana band Violet Hour is out! You can order the debut album at violethourband.com

    Oh and somehow we got added to another artist called Violet Hour. So check out the website for the correct artist ;)


    1. Teebs




    2. daveybass


      Very very nice

  4. Live home video of my americana band! Had serious fun recording this. Pre order of the new album starts Friday at violethourband.com :)

  5. I'm going to do online bass lessons through Skype & Zoom! Hit me up to make an appointment :) Fretless, slapping, any technique, any style.

  6. Finally sold my fretless De Gier. I'm gonna miss it, but luckily a friend bought it. Can't wait for my new bass, which is due in about a month!

  7. My De Gier fretless is still for sale. Would love to not have to take it when I move next month.


  8. On Sunday I'll be interviewing one of my all time bass heroes: the great Tim Lefebvre! If you have questions for this giant of bass, hit me up, and you'll hear it back in my podcast :)

    1. Kiwi


      How do you say your surname?

  9. Considering doing a fretless Q&A on Facebook soon. Would you tune in?

    1. TheGreek


      I'm not on facebook

  10. That new Tame Impala song sure has a catchy bass line:


  11. That moment when you try to setup your new Mustang as low as possible and it goes even lower than you expected. Lovely.

    1. Reggaebass


      I play with a really low action, That’s so nice when that happens 🙂

    2. BassAgent


      Yeah I also like my basses setup quite low, so my eyebrows kept raising while I was setting up my Mustang. Very surprising to feel how low it can go.

    3. SpondonBassed


      That's only okay if you can play comfortably with the higher eyebrow action.

  12. Please tell me why I shouldn't buy a JMJ Mustang...

    1. bassbiscuits


      No reason at all. Go for it, and enjoy! I've got a regular MIJ Mustang and its a brilliant bass. The JMJ if anything is cooler still, with upgraded pickups, bigger frets and lollipop tuners.


    2. BassAgent


      And so I did!

      Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 14.54.05.png

    3. bassbiscuits
  13. I interviewed the great Stu Brooks of Dub Trio, Lady Gaga and G-Unit for my podcast. Check it out!

  14. I have no space left on my wall to put another bass. But there is another one coming. I can't put another guitar hanger on there. I'm not selling anything. This is something.

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    2. Shawman


      Time for a new house then, I guess

    3. TheGreek


      I thought that Space was infinite

    4. BassAgent


      Yes but so is the coolness of the basses in there so it fills it up nicely

  15. I interviewed the great Michael League for my podcast! Check it out: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5excUh69pG9OWMI7uQmXnG

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    2. BassAgent


      Also check out the interviews I did with John Stirratt and Jeff Berlin, they're also in English. Another one in the works: Stu Brooks is my guest in 2 weeks time.

    3. mangotango


      Thanks very much, some really interesting stuff on there. ML is a good guy and you've got to love his non-stop enthusiasm!!

    4. BassAgent


      You're welcome! :)

  16. Had a great chat with the awesome and ever friendly Michael League today. Such a nice guy with great stories. To be found in my podcast soon!

  17. Check out the podcast I did with Wilco's John Stirratt! Amazingly nice guy with some great stories.

  18. Had a great time interviewing Wilco's John Stirratt yesterday! Tomorrow: Jeff Berlin! Got any questions? Let me know!

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    2. BassAgent


      I will definitely ask him about gear, but since he's a MarkBass endorser I think i can guess the answer ;)

    3. Taylor Bitch-blues

      Taylor Bitch-blues

      Surely not using MarkBass on my 70's Bruford album  ?

    4. BassAgent


      Yeah but I mean he will probably not tell me "the Markbass rig is awesome but I do prefer the Acoustic (or whichever it is) rig I used on the Allan Holdsworth album." ;)

  19. We did a live session with Tyranni Flock a while ago and it's online now! Check it out.


  20. Sudden and intense GAS for a fretless Stingray. Why oh why are they NEVER available for sale?

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    2. BassAgent


      Yeah I saw that but that's a five and I'm a bit of a sucker for 4 string fretlesses.😁

    3. HazBeen


      Withdrawn, so not sold...


    4. BassAgent
  21. I just saw the first episode of my own podcast has almost 400 listeners. I was hoping for about 70 or 80 or something. And now it's 400. Crikey.

  22. I've recently started a podcast with and about bass players here in NL and I really enjoy the responses I get. Very positive.

  23. Two new music  videos out today! Check out "Ujung Kulon" by Tyranni Flock (you can hear me on Moog bass and guitar):

    And a video by my friend Aafke Romeijn, where I played my old Precision. Lyrics in Dutch.

  24. Got a Squier Bullet from '87 to restore. A good clean, new strings, setup... Can't wait to start on it.

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      @arthurhenry & @BassAgent - I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the quality of these MIK Fenders :)

    3. BassAgent


      It's finished! It's quite nice. The neck feels quite wide, more or less like early 60's Precisions. Otherwise it just sounds like a decent Precision. I like it.

    4. arthurhenry


      @Marc S I had mine from '88 - '90, but got the chance to play it again very briefly and unplugged, a few years ago. I was impressed enough to think about trying to get it back (it now belongs to a local school).

  25. I made a reggae remix of a song off the new Billie Eilish album.


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    2. eude
    3. BassAgent


      @HazBeen I'm a teacher so that's how I knew her ;) Her debut album is amazing!

    4. edstraker123


      Sophistication well beyond her years. I wanted to go and see her live but saw a youtube clip of her in concert and its just a load of screaming teenage girls. More than a grumpy old man could take !

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