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  1. I never liked Percy's tone once he dropped the Wal. Probably heresy, but it's my personal view. Peace Davo
  2. Hi I have a very lightweight precision body and need to marry it up with the lightest neck I can get my hands on. Two problems; 1) no-one seems to state what the neck weights are, and 2) where could I source a lightweight neck? I really want a Telecaster neck with rosewood fingerboard!! Peace Davo
  3. Oh my there's some heavy gauge strings suggested ... I'm obviously a wimp but I prefer 40 - 100 gauge and have used DR Sunbeams for a number of years. These are nickel and have a long life, losing their trebleness gradually. I prefer light gauge because it just feels right in my hands. Experiment till you find what you like. My recommendation is to stick with a single manufacturer - try all their strings and when you have found your fave try similar strings from other brands. Peace Davo
  4. Plus Sting, he gets a lot of flak but he was influential to me ...
  5. OMG this is the kind of playing that I aspire to. Slightly greasy, very groovy, very dance-able, totally fab. Great human being too. Peace Davo
  6. I agree great album, I bought it by chance really, back in the day when you bought stuff unheard. I find Holdsworth very melodic and modern - absolutely love his playing. Bruford was a talent though. Peace Davo
  7. Ninjam looks horribly complicated. Has anyone actually used it? Davo
  8. I have tried Jammr and JamKazam. I have a direct connection to the router via an ethernet cable. Both were very laggy indeed. It wasn't milliseconds more like seconds. Now neither of my fellow musicians had ethernet connections so that could be the problem. Both sets of software are poor. The JamKazam is absolutely dreadful in my humble view. See if you can get it working without swearing and wondering why didn't they make it simpler? Great idea, I've yet to see it work. I've looked at Lawson's blog but this is about gigs online rather than playing with yer chums. Peace Davo
  9. There's too much hatred in this world. I'm not sure this helps. Peace Davo
  10. I agree that the prices are reasonable for such a small gig. I'm in, but I'm trying to get a buddy to go ... Peace
  11. One of my primary influences as a teenager. We used to go and see Budgie in pubs when we were underage! Happy days. I play a beaten up 60's Precision so the influence has lasted well. Davo
  12. Burke Shelley was one of the reasons I took up bass. Andy McCluskey anyone? Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Just saying ... Are we playing a game of pointless here? Davo
  13. Having read all this I'm feel a bit nostalgic. I understand the technological differences but that's not really the point. You plug in and go hmm or wow. I do like it when I feel the hairs on my legs feel the air moving from the speakers. I like it when you can blow away the guitarist and then show restraint by turning down to a sensible volume. But ... All we use in church is in-ears and a click track and frankly it terms of enjoying the experience, forget it. Enjoyment lives in the past when all we had was class D, bad backs and plenty of wow. Peace Davo PS: my rig is a class D Aguilar and Barefaced Cab. So I'm a phoney.
  14. If the objection to the J in a PJ is a wiring issue, couldn't there be a wiring scheme that keeps them separate. For example a switchable P-only to P+J. Just asking! Peace Davo
  15. I'm a fan of used basses. I just prefer the feel of them. If it's a good one it isn't going to change. Peace Davo
  16. LOL true. I guess I mean a vanilla covers band.
  17. Left to right is how we think (in the west). It's how we read. If you draw a flow diagram you either flow left to right or top to bottom. [Apologies to Arabic and Chinese folk who read right to left] Peace
  18. This post is very relevant to me but I'm really none the wiser. I've heard it said that you should make sure the set list is dance-friendly. That way any women in the audience will stay engaged. Does anyone agree or disagree with this? Davo
  19. I'm distinctly average and I seem to fall into ... I'm OK once we've started category. What I love are the songs that have completely the same outline structure but for no apparent reason change a three note run every time it comes up. arrgghh. I'm OK now. Peace Davo
  20. "Just what do you think you're doing Dave?" That's basically lived with me all my life since I saw "2001 A Space Odyssey" in 1968 when I was 7. I've occasionally had: "was that you playing in Studio X?" I'm hoping it was meant as a compliment ... Peace Davo
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