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  1. Drummers use the tip of knowing famous songs such as Alright Now and fixing that tempo in their DNA. Then if you need a song at 120 BPM just hum Alright Now in your head and hey presto! Peace Davo
  2. I've got La Bella deep talkin' black nylon light gauge strings on my Godin A4 fretless and they are fantastic. Davo
  3. How about NNUTS Go on ask me ... I know you want to ... Nothing new under the sun Peace Davo
  4. I have used Joseph at https://www.josephkayeguitars.com/ for a '66 Precision in sonic blue with light relic. Fantastic finish and paint job. Very lightly crazed. Looks fab. This guy really knows Fenders. You can't tell from these photos but hey it looks cool. Peace Davo
  5. If we're trying to eradicate humans from the whole process why not just play a random .mp3 in each room and be done with it? Peace Davo
  6. My main gig doesn't require a bass amp or cab so yes they will be a thing of the past! Peace Davo
  7. Oh no. I don't like it. Each to their own. I'm always surprised that guitars and basses don't have custom paint jobs more often. Peace Davo
  8. I like watching Joe Dart and Michael League the most. Michael League for the faces he pulls and Joe Dart's neck movement. Peace Davo
  9. I do listen to lyrics on some songs and seem to ignore others. I like a story like Sting's I Hung my Head. Or a catchy chorus, but I love Weather Report, which is all instrumental so that puts me on the fence. I prefer vocals as part of a band arrangement. I find a solo vocalist accompanied by a band rather annoying. Peace Davo
  10. Yeah I remember the core-only going over the saddle - but they tended to break!! Great to hear from some fellow rounders ... Davo
  11. I cannot believe Hackett hasn't seen all the criticism of Nad online. Blimey, his unflinching devotion to something so at odds with common sense might have been part of the reason why he left Genesis in the first place? I can't watch it. Davo
  12. Gentlebassfolk I feel left out from the general love-in going on in the Precision and Flats thread. I didn't want to distract with any negativity in that thread as I'm not a big fan of flats. So I thought it would be more appropriate to start (a rival) thread focussing on rounds. I have 2 Precisions; one with rounds and one with flats. They happen to be '64 and '66 Precisions but don't let that distract you. The tone and feel you get with rounds gives me great pleasure especially when you dig in and get some bark and heft coming back. I am a great fan of DR Sunbeams 40-100 bass strings, which are nickel. To me, the flexibility of the string being low tension is what I love about these strings. Being nickel, they sound great straight away ie not too much clang, and decay in tone much slower than stainless steel in my humble opinion. But ultimately it's the feel along with the '64 P neck that gets me excited every time I pick it up. I also find with nickels that I can use them in any genre e.g. Jazz, worship, rock and use the tone control according to acoustics etc. I get a lot of positive responses - particularly in church. One young lad asked me once: since I could play, shouldn't I get myself a new bass! I think he was a bit affronted by my LOL. Anyways, tell me about your love affair with rounds on your P? Peace Davo
  13. I struggle to find a band and I'm a very experienced bassist - there again compared to you I'm ancient. I play a lot (a lot) in my local church and that may or may not be an option to you depending obvs on your faith. However, it is an excellent and very frequent opportunity to play. There may be open mic sessions near you that, and, whilst a bit scary, could be an option for you. Whilst I enjoy practice, the bass is an accompanying instrument as is drums, so not playing in some sort of group is essentially missing out on the raison d'etre of the instrument. A tip could be to hook up with a like-minded similar-aged drummer and go from there. Peace Davo
  14. I remember listening to listening to WR (Heavy Weather) from a cassette given to me by a school friend in 1978. I had been playing bass for a year and the album knocked me sideways. The effect was absolute. I couldn't get over the phrasing and involvement of the bass as an equal instrument to keys and sax. In contrast to Chris b, I only own Joni's Jaco albums. I don't think of him as overplaying at all. These are great albums. There are musicians that overplay and I agree that it's annoying. I too hate the ... it's the bassists turn or drummers turn for a 16 bar solo ... part of jazz. But the uniqueness of WR is there are no solos, just music. That's not me being clever or intellectual - that's what I feel. Lastly, I cannot stand Brad Mehldau's drummer. Don't get it. I'll never get it. I've been accused of "not getting it" online even though I've played and listened to Jazz for 50 years. Mentioning no names, the drummer in question changes the beat every bar and just hits lots of stuff regardless of whether it's an uptempo, mid tempo, slow, melodic, dischordant song. The one constant in his playing is zero repetition. It's like having a mosquito in the room. A constant irritant. Peace Davo
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