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  1. Agreed. Happy ending though due to the sheer stupidity of the thief. Davo
  2. Vintage P is what you need - please someone pretend they're interested! Davo
  3. Agree about drum solos. They only work, as do bass solos, if the rhythm section stays on stage and play together. I know - that's a duet but drums need bass and vice versa. Take one of those away and you've got bread and no jam. Or worse, jam and no bread (need to be politically correct). Love Joe Morrello BTW. I have never enjoyed Buddy Rich. Weird - so much skill but never quite managed to play the song. I'm also a drummer BTW. Davo
  4. Why have an American artist in the Euros? I mean with all the European talent available, do we really need an American on the show at all? It sends all the wrong messages to the USA, ie they are best etc. They are not. Davo
  5. Here's my plan for minimal embarrassment: Stop bankrolling the event We will have to qualify We will hardly ever qualify so no embarrassment in the final If we do qualify and all the voters who take this seriously might just vote for us because we have been through the qualifier and they have heard the song. Davo
  6. No, but I had a truly dreadful Rosetti bass to start with - the string separation was about 10 mm and the action was nasty. However, as this was the 70's my next bass was a USA Precision. This had its' issues (bridge in the wrong place etc) but the sound was chalk and cheese when compared to the starter bass. I still have this bass! Davo
  7. Argh, you ignored all my advice. How come you're so wise! 🙄
  8. Hey gotta let this one go. Found it in the US looking sad and needing some love. Spent a lot of shilling on a light relic refin in sonic blue. Paint job is fantastic. The backplate, pickups and neck all match for 1966. The tuners are probably not original and nor is the scratchplate. That's about it. Will consider an offer, if it's sensible, and if we jive in the love of P. Enjoy Davo Other Photos and refin photos available ...
  9. The Greek, I live in St Albans.  We're neighbours!  Tell me - are you in a band?  I need a band to play in and I play drums and bass.



    1. Soledad


      Like me you're probably going to have to get out there and start at or near the bottom, unless you know a network to plug into. I did my main playing years in the north then London so I'm anonymous down here. I just reckon to get out and play... like shaking the tree, see what falls out 👍

  10. Three things to say: Buy used. Why? Because they are played in. When you try them - that's exactly how it's going to feel from now on. I have never ever in 40 years needed to play with the truss rod on any of my basses. Plus of course, they have a bit (or lot) of mojo and mystery. Plus you get better bang for buck. Photograph yourself as if you're holding a bass. Then superimpose basses on your body to see what takes your fancy. Spend some time trying a Precision and a Jazz to see which neck you prefer the feel of. This is the litmus test and should then help in reducing your list to a sensible number. Peace Davo
  11. I did and good shout. Good point about DB, the hand position is different on DB but again it is important to start with good technique. I'm a drummer too and the hand technique is so important to get right to prevent all sorts of posture issues (back, shoulders, legs, ankles etc). Fortunately with drums, even with horrible drums as long as the skins are at a reasonable tension the bounce is all you need to get good technique. A double bass will always have high(ish) action and so that's part of playing the instrument. Interesting exposition ... Davo
  12. Not sure I buy this. Firstly, if you have a guitar or bass with a high action it will not encourage you to play. Secondly, applying high pressure to the stings may lead to poor technique and wrist problems in the future. I do think a beater will help a learner appreciate a good bass in future. But if you pick well, a modern beater bass may feel good, with a nice low action. So I'm not sure of the value of the beater as suggested by the OP. interesting thought though, but I'm not buying. Peace Davo
  13. I can't say I do this by choice. But after 40 years of playing, I'm bound to slip in some Jaco or Sting without realising. Anyway, as long as you're not overplaying it's all good. Peace Davo
  14. How about sizing the basses based on numbers sold. So the Precision would take up most of the page and the Grabber, for example, would be tiny? : ) Davo
  15. Steve Gadd - drums Alex Acuna - percussion Linley Marthe - bass Dave Gilmour - Guitar Paul Desmond - Sax I want to hear this band ... Davo
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