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  1. I read that the James Jamerson high action is a bit of a myth. He had a broken truss rod and never got it fixed! Is this true anyone?
  2. Spare bass? - See other thread! + Money (for beer obvs) Davo
  3. I usually practice with my bass plugged into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface into my mac with Logic Pro fired up. I use my in-ears and my 1964 Precision strung with DR Sunbeams. My favourite tone is essentially straight but with reverb set to kick in above ~ 1000 hertz. I find I can play really smoothly or dig in and get a really lovely aggressive P-bass tone. So what's your favourite practice tone?? Peace Davo
  4. I think you're all missing the most interest aspect of this post- we're in decline since 2000! Davo
  5. Hi what is the weight of the bass and what wood is the fingerboard? Do you know? Regards Davo
  6. Drummers are normally OK too in my experience. It's drums n bass versus the rest ... gotta have sympathy for drummers with setting up and down. In my experience singers just turn up and say ... can we do a sound check? Peace Davo
  7. Madness! I do like the idea of an ashtray mountain. One in Europe and one in America. James Jameson didn't take his off though ...
  8. Do whatever EBS_freak tells you. He knows his IEMs. I have benefited from his knowledge. Davo
  9. Now now. The original regulation is welcomed if it works. Has it been effective? We know we've been affected but has it made a material change to the real problem? Regards Davo
  10. Can you import bass parts without duty? If so you could make up a Precision (the most widely available) from parts. Indeed, even if you can't import parts you may find bargain bass parts in India. 5 or 6 string may be a stretch! Cheers and good luck Davo
  11. I'm not a fan of any bass solos. Bass solos in Jazz tend to be from the how-many-notes-can-I-get-in-a-bar and lets-play-notes-at-the-end-of-the-fingerboard school. It's never exciting, emotional, rarely connected to the song etc. Try playing the melody but in a disguised way with few notes. Make sure the drummer is still with you. Then you might have something notable. If you are playing an URB, then the beauty of the URB is in the tone of the instrument. Play less so you can hear the tone. If you are playing an electric bass are you playing it straight or are you making any tonal nods to an URB? Or focus on an interplay with the drummer as this is more interesting for the audience. Sorry to rant Davo
  12. Making a bass would be fun and informative. However, you want to make a keeper. In my opinion, the No 1 part of the bass that defines whether I buy/keep it, is the neck. Therefore, buying a cheap neck might not be the best way forward. Well, it could be if the neck feels good to you. I'd be tempted to buy a used neck if it were me. Peace Davo
  13. I have installed a K and K pickup on a fretless acoustic bass guitar (Godin A4). I found it here: https://www.gollihurmusic.com/category/7-UPRIGHT_BASS_PICKUPS.html But I can see that the one I ordered is no longer available. Thing is, what are you trying to do because a small microphone might be a better choice. I've noticed that on my ABG that a combination of the acoustic bass pickup and a microphone gets the best upright-like tone. Also, if blending the piezo PU and the Precision PU there may well be a big difference in output! Peace Davo
  14. Has anyone tried any daft punk songs? We have tried and failed. They sound so boring and samey we keey ditching them! I play mostly worship so I had a double dose Yesterday (morning and evening) and in the Worship Minister's words, we smashed it. I had two folks mention my playing, one said you're enjoying yourself too much and the other said I really love it when you play. So whilst I keep it really simple and straight - there's space for improvisation so I can really play tight or really fluid. I have gotten into playing with my thumb and palm muting mainly because I'm near the sub and oh my, palm muting really does do things to your insides. Marvellous. Love those playlists - I've always wanted to play Teenage Dirtbag. Davo
  15. I can't argue with the No 1 choice but most of the rest leave me cold. The thing that makes Comfortably Numb so brilliant is the guitar solos feel an integral part of the song rather than, "eh up, here comes the guitar solo". I can't stand guitar -w&nkery. This is why Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, Gilmour, Clapton, John Mayer are top of my list. And the Isley Brothers Guitarist ... Davo
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