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  1. Rehearsed at church with a new leader the other day. He came to the rehearsal with the music. He helped set-up the band. He told us which song to play. He requested changes to the playing style (drummer and sax). He made the singers rehearse alone. We got through 8 songs in 75 mins and we all knew what we were going for the following Sunday. It was the most productive rehearsal I've ever been involved in. Of course, this was one person's vision of what was needed. But at least he had a vision and was able to articulate it. Astonishing. So my vote goes for having an old school leader. Peace Davo
  2. Hmmm, it's got about 6 frets of usable range. I don't think I'll be ordering one from Sam Sonite. Davo
  3. I know some famous players use them but as said if you have a good technique they are not necessary - also they prevent you from digging in and this would annoy me tremendously. There are times I really want to pluck! Davo
  4. Yeah but, folk very rarely weigh their basses and that's always my first question ... Davo
  5. 1958 Precision with rosewood fingerboard? I doubt it ... Peace Davo
  6. I've got a Pandora's Box dated from early 90s? You could record on this device and it has a load of bass lines stored but I doubt I'll ever hear them again. I have a Fender strap, which came with a bass I bought new in 1976. I'm sure I've got other stuff that I never use ... Davo
  7. People are lazy. Whilst I see the value in a valve pre and a class D power stage amp. We've got used to class D anyway so why bother? On the bass front, folk want a 34" scale lightweight 7.5 lb bass with P, PJ or JJ configuration and a slim neck (back to front) and probably a slimmer body to get the weight down. It could be 7/8 the size of a standard body. Make it one place only. Take it or leave it. Make it cheap, eg basswood but don't skimp on the quality of the PUs or the neck. Oh and some lightweight tuners, please. That's my suggestion. Peace Davo
  8. Some of those gauges are heavy! 40-100 is all I ever use. A heavier gauge = higher tension. If you pick or finger at super-fast speeds then a higher tension might make sense. However, if I want to play super quick I just move my right hand nearer to the bridge where there is less lateral movement of the string. I like to bend strings and play with a light touch to preserve my wrist, which is why I play 40-100. Peace Davo
  9. Got Barefaced cab, but that's undone by Aguliar 500. Is there an equivalent of this amp in the UK? As for basses, all US supplied oops. Though I cannot stand the look of Burns basses and I prefer vintage so ... Bare Knuckle makes a decent pickup so any pickup replacements would be via them!!! Davo
  10. So gorgeous. I maintain that the Jaco tribute bass is the only tribute bass worth having - it really does get that sound. Peace Davo
  11. I've spoken to Strings Direct and they admit that the playing field isn't straight. Amazon can, via their global site and some Middle East address, avoid duty in the UK. Only Amazon can. Davo
  12. In the future, there will only be Amazon. We are walking into a nightmare. Peace Davo
  13. This post is very confusing. Really not sure what you want. Can you include a picture of your bass? In 2010, the 60th year anniversary goes back to 1950. The first Precision was sold in 1951! Also, none of them had rosewood necks until much later. You also mention 1964, so please add some clarity to your post. Further, why do you want to change the pickups? Peace Davo
  14. Wow, I'm guessing that for most subwoofers the only input is XLR as stated above. My Aguilar 500 XLR output should connect to the subwoofer. I imagine palm muting and playing with the thumb will knock the walls down. Davo
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