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  1. UK Gigs as normal for now, Guessing Belfast next week is now off (Ulster Halls), expecting the update today,
  2. interesting topic, Its a tough call if your in that position, I walked off Scunthorpe Steelworks one day and just never went back, financial suicide, luckily as I was now available, doors opened, its a brave decision tho
  3. Hey all, I’m clearly not in a good place at the min, can I apologise, if caused any upset or offence I’m genuinely sorry, best wishes and regards to all of you
  4. private messages, lets bury this thread,,,that's why the pros avoid this forum,,bloody shame, as the bass community deserve better,,good luck with your gig at the dog and duck,,
  5. instantly edited btw (not by me),, my words were stronger
  6. BC at its classic worst,, oh I've been there and done that righteous cow poop,, you not me...
  7. love your input, but feck..were supposed to impress the audience , not ourselves
  8. no offence meant or taken, its all about the bass,,complete respect
  9. fair comment,, im out , lol,, love to all xxx
  10. I genuinely don't fecking care..its all about the sound, its either right or not,,
  11. er,,nope,, they wont,,what planet are you on?
  12. its all a load of nonsense anyway, any half decent engineer will DI you, your on stage sound is vanity
  13. please note, I'm not trying to pick an argument, but I've a lot of experience, and my ears arnt painted on,
  14. its cool, loading nexo alfa and a piano down a pier or venue every week,,just stick it on wheels,,jobs easy lol
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