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  1. UK Gigs as normal for now, Guessing Belfast next week is now off (Ulster Halls), expecting the update today,
  2. interesting topic, Its a tough call if your in that position, I walked off Scunthorpe Steelworks one day and just never went back, financial suicide, luckily as I was now available, doors opened, its a brave decision tho
  3. Hey all, I’m clearly not in a good place at the min, can I apologise, if caused any upset or offence I’m genuinely sorry, best wishes and regards to all of you
  4. private messages, lets bury this thread,,,that's why the pros avoid this forum,,bloody shame, as the bass community deserve better,,good luck with your gig at the dog and duck,,
  5. instantly edited btw (not by me),, my words were stronger
  6. BC at its classic worst,, oh I've been there and done that righteous cow poop,, you not me...
  7. love your input, but feck..were supposed to impress the audience , not ourselves
  8. no offence meant or taken, its all about the bass,,complete respect
  9. fair comment,, im out , lol,, love to all xxx
  10. I genuinely don't fecking care..its all about the sound, its either right or not,,
  11. er,,nope,, they wont,,what planet are you on?
  12. its all a load of nonsense anyway, any half decent engineer will DI you, your on stage sound is vanity
  13. please note, I'm not trying to pick an argument, but I've a lot of experience, and my ears arnt painted on,
  14. its cool, loading nexo alfa and a piano down a pier or venue every week,,just stick it on wheels,,jobs easy lol
  15. daft lad , lo I play guitar on that gig now,,please don't hate me,,,
  16. I load in and out of theatres, 3 times a week, its fine, nice of you to ask lol
  17. so after 20 yrs of making people dance and have a goo d time, im still convinced, this is a load of bollox,
  18. Hey all, expect to get a bit of stick for this but hey ho, its bothering me So 20 yrs as a Bass Player, I've been very lucky and successful, most ambitions achieved, (played every major venue in the UK)and open minded too modern ideas etc, had to play a successful event last night (*sold out last November) and in rehearsal my modern ish Bass amp packed in ,,quick ring round, and the drummers brother came to the rescue with a large 80s Peavey tank and an Amp peg cab OMFG, The frequency's were amazing, used a couple of basses, the active cut through , the passive was great I loved it, the engineer loved it, the audience went mad, and even a world class engineer in the audience gave praise, annoyingly this rig has stood unused for 20 yrs, it was far better than any of the rigs I've owned since my Trace Elliot days in the early 90s, I have do desire to be a dinosaur, and no disrespect to the modern light stuff, but cannot these amazing sounds be reproduced, yes I've done the massive 8x10 stuff at festivals, but to get a punch like that in a venue was phenomenal, are we on the right track ?
  19. Hey All, I've a Ashdown combo that used in anger last night the output dropped to almost zero,,worked when I kicked it, but then repeatedly has this massive volume drop issue all evening, is this a familiar and quick fix?,,Ive only one more gig to do later this week, before it retires anyway,,might have to hire in,,any thoughts?
  20. Madly, just remembered my password, been yrs since visited, and er, well, guess it's kind of comforting to find nothing has changed lol.......
  21. Hi guys, it's been a while, so be gentle, haven't read every reply, and some great points here, all bands have to be treated like a business, and you have to have an aim, which, for most, is to play live, have a following, earn some cash, which as a start up band usually needs to be invested back into the project, and have a great time, any business has start up costs, and if your seriously going for it, and you need to get on the scene, the odd forty quid could be an investment, certainly agree that it should not be the norm, but until you have a name and some followers, you really aren't in a position to throw your weight around, all us old timers have been in this position, some you get right, some you lose, you learn on your feet, at this level seem bands that have got paid expenses etc, and then put three times back over the bar, it's all relative,,,over time, and if your guys are entertaining and want to take it seriously, then that becomes a different issue, hope this helps,
  22. Ha, crikey, now here is a thing, was quite a crush in that crowd, was the mandela concert, was three rows from the front when this happened, great memory, thanks for posting.
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