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  1. Have you even used this? It looks brand new. Mine looks like its been ravished by badgers. Great preamp - does everthing you need it to except play and pull jazz faces.
  2. Just 4 at the moment. There was a Banksy Rat stencil sticker in the lower left bout but it was getting a bit tatty round the edges so I took it off.
  3. 'Sorry seems to be the hardest word' Well, you say it four times in the song, Elton, so it can't be that difficult. 'Anemone' is a much harder word than 'sorry' IMHO.
  4. It's almost like rock stars are lying to us.
  5. Jefferson Starship: Marconi plays the mamba, listen to the radio, don't you remember? We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll A mamba is a bad tempered, highly venomous snake and Marconi would deeply regret messing with it. And that's before we get into a discussion about suitable foundations for large urban conurbations.
  6. As the Bluebird (genus Sialia) is indigenous to the north Americas, not nothern Europe, it is very unlikely that mutliple Bluebirds would be seen flying in the sky in the vicinity of Dover. Unless they were Bluebirds that had escaped from a local aviary.
  7. I do about 60 gigs a year across Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. There's loads of great little festivals and a great network of bands and musicians. As long as you're prepared to do a bit of travelling, you'll have no problem.
  8. I dunno, I use a magnetic pickup and this makes me feel a bit woozy. I'd echo the 'what are you doing to your bass query'. In 12 years, I've only had the bridge fall over three times - two stage invasions and one instance of late night loading into a badly packed van.
  9. Ah, but thats a single split coil in a P-bass shape, the RS Countour has 2 x '51 style P bass pickups in a Jazz shape. I love the look of the RS Contour but not £3000 worth of love. A £350 Squier with the same look would be very tempting.
  10. I thought the same thing. If only they had put proper old P bass single coils in, instead of jazz singles.
  11. Personally I'd try the bass direct into the Passport and see how you get on before buying anything else. The Marcus Miller will have enough onboard EQ to give you a wide variety of sounds so it would be worth spending some time experimenting before adding FX or amp simulators. For recording, I'd plug straight into the Focusrite and then use your DAW to change the EQ or add FX.
  12. You haven't got a semi-acoustic or a short scale so you're not done by a long chalk matey.
  13. You'll develop better finger strength with practice, but when I started out I found the critial element for playing a clear note without strain or injury was getting the bass at the right height (the nut should be approximately level with your eyebrows), keeping your left elbow up and using the weight of your arm and your shoulder muscles to exert the pressure on the string through your fingers. The thing you really want to avoid from the start is gripping/pinching the neck between the thumb and fingers, the thumb should be used as a pivot rather than a way of exerting force. Keep your fingers arched and stop the note with the tips rather than the pads, don't let your fingers collapse as that puts too much strain on the hand muscles.
  14. I reckon theyre old style, slug-end Innovations. When Innovation switched to ball ends they also changed the silk colours which is why your colours don't appear in the string ID chart. I think the solid blue silks are Innovation Honeys and the blue/yellow/blue is an Innovation Braided.
  15. I think that P basses with a Darkstar pickup is the second coolest looking thing on earth. The coolest looking thing on earth is a Jazz bass with two Darkstars. That doesn't really help as you've already said you can't afford/justify the cost of a Darkstar but are there cheaper alternatives?
  16. I've extended mine a bit just by wrapping a load of foam around the but that rests against your body. The supplied waist extension would certainly benefit from a bit of adjustability. If you're a bit handy with wood, you could easily make your own, I think the trickiest bit would be getting the correct taper on the bit that goes into the body. If you're not handy with wood, some of the lovely people who hang out in the build forum might be willing to help you out.
  17. There's a fretless, semi-hollow, piezo equipped Ibanez in the for sale forum at the moment. If you put a set of nylon wounds on there and stuffed some foam under the strings at the bridge, I think you'll get as close to a DB sound as you're likley to get from a bass guitar. Its also very competitivey priced.
  18. I had one of those, was a bit farty sounding.
  19. We've been re-recording some of our parody songs with Lockdown relevant lyrics. Drummer has been recording the drum part to a click track. That's then emailed to me and the guitarist and we record our parts. Those get emailed back to the drummer who does a rough mix which then goes to the singer for the vocal. Everyone videos themselves as they record their respective parts. While the drummer works on a final mix, the rest of us record little bits of video that can be edited together with the 'studio' footage. Everything is done in five separate locations (four band members plus the guy who did all the video editing) using smartphones, portastudios or laptops/DAW.
  20. 'Bigtown Fair' - I wonder where that might be? 🤔
  21. Excellent, I really enjoyed that, thanks for posting. Want a Mustang now....
  22. I'd give up the 3 position switch on my Sterling for a bridge with mutes.
  23. I was with you right up to the headstock reveal. Not. Good.
  24. I've spent a couple of hours recording audio and video for a public information film on the dangers of going on holiday during a pandemic... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3151932258150471&id=131726416837752
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