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  1. Geoff Chalmers has a review of Zyex strings on his website: https://discoverdoublebass.com/lesson/double-bass-strings-review-daddario-zyex
  2. They could be Innovation Braided, according to Bob Gollihur's string identification chart. https://www.gollihurmusic.com/faq/57-STRINGS_STRING_IDENTIFICATION_CHART.html Innovation are good strings, the Braided are an 'orchestral' string, optimised for Arco playing, which can make them a bit dull sounding & lacking in sustain for pizzicato. If the wrap is unravelling above the nut but still intact on the playable length, then I wouldn't worry too much, but if you want a brighter sound then you may want to look at a pizz/jazz string rather than orchestral. Spiro wiech, Evah Pirazzi Welch (as mentioned above) and D'addario Zyex are all good places to start.
  3. What colour are the silks at the pegbox and tailpiece? Most manufacturers use unique colour combinations so it's possible we can identify your current string. Even with steel strings, an orchestral string will sound different to a jazz/pizzicato string.... seriously it's a bloody minefield. But, for a first step on the long and meandering road of finding the 'right' bass strings, I'd always recommend starting with a set of Thomastik Spiricore Weich. Nice tension, good sustain and note definition. They're a classic 'jazz' string and if you don't like them you'll easily be able to sell them.
  4. Strings make a lot of difference to how a double bass sounds, much more so than electric bass. However, it's not so much about how old the strings are than how they're made and what they're made of - steel ropecore vs solid gut for example. The starting point in choosing new strings would be, what don't you like about your current set?
  5. If John Martyn is on the list then try a bit of Beth Orton or Clayhill, both with the excellent Ali Friend on double bass.
  6. I love Eggle basses. I lusted after a New York bass after seeing one at the Birmingham guitar show. Wish I'd bought it as I've never seen one since.
  7. I recall playing one of those in a shop in Belfast in 1988 when I was 16. I thought it was the coolest bass I'd ever seen.
  8. Yes. I have a series 2 Fdeck and it works really well with the Eminence/Realist, much better than my Fishman Platinum pre. I don't use my Eminence live very much these days, but when I do I use it with the FDeck, rather than my usual Fishman.
  9. I don't think they're Jazzers, according to B9b Gollihurs string identifier, Jazzers have red silks at the pegbox end and the ball end is wrong for Pirastro strings. The colours are right for Thomastik Superflexibles , but the ball end isn't
  10. Yup - semi hollow piezo only bass would be the way to go. Check out Scojack's and Jabba the Guts' piezo basses in the Build Diaries forum.
  11. I thought they might have been Obligatos but they have ball ends (and the silks are wrong anyway...) So you've got a set of metal wrapped synthetic gut strings - that might narrow the search down?
  12. Do they have ball ends or are they knotted behind the tailpiece?
  13. Yep, looks like synthetic core to me.
  14. As long as the interface input has an high enough input impedance to work with the Shadow, you should be fine. *Edit* Just checked out the specs of the Scarlett and it says the input impedance is 8kOhm. That's a lot lower than the impedance that piezo pickups normally like to see (5-10MOhm). That doesn't mean it won't work, but the sound might be a bit thin and nasal. Ultimately it's a case of plug it in and give it a go, if you like the sound that comes out, you're good to go.
  15. That's not even the full list, just the ones that I felt were lighter than Helicores.
  16. Easy, a combination of money and unrealistic expectations.
  17. For tension, I liked the Super Silvers but preferred the sound of the Evahs. If you like an old school sound, then the Super Silver's will do the job. If you want a more focussed sound then go for the Evahs.
  18. I dont think the 301 was active though? Mine certainly wasn't and that one looks to be of the same era (early 90s) as mine.
  19. Of all the different strings I've used on my Eminence, these all felt lighter than the stock Helicore hybrid/orchestral set: Velvet Garbos Velvet Blues Innovation Super Silvers Preston Nylon wound Thomastik spiricore weich Thomastik Superflexibles Evah Pirazzi weich.
  20. Wow, a Blen EUB. I forgot he made those - it's a beautiful looking thing.
  21. You're not alone! My Doubler sat in a cupboard, unloved, for 6 months before I took the time to read up on how to actually use the bugger.
  22. I didn't like my EA Doubler much when I got it - I felt the sound was underwhelming. But one I'd spent a bit of time with it (and read the manual) I realised that you need to crank the EQ noticeably more than you would on other amps to get a noticeable change in tone. Maybe the amp is super flat with the EQ centered, so it sounds less lively than other amps when they're at 0 on the EQ. Or maybe they use linear pots so you have to turn the knob further to get the same change in tonight, either way, once I got over my fear of pushing the EQ section, I was a lot happier with the sound. Also have you tried adjusting the input gain and HPF trim pots on the top of the Doubler?
  23. I've had similar experiences and this sort of attitude is why jazz is perceived as elitist and exclusive. I love listening to Bill Evans at the Village Vanguard - there's loads of background chatter, there aren't any pretentious [email protected] going 'shush!' at anyone who dares communicate above a whisper and when the band does something interesting, people shut up and listen. That's how a jazz gig should be.
  24. Yep, but I seem to prefer either the late 50s 'Kind of blue era stuff, or the very modern stuff like Red Snapper (jazz/breakbeat?), E.S.T. Get The Blessing and GoGo Penguin. Which reminds me....must buy tickets for GoGo Penguin in November...
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