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  1. Problem solved and special thanks to jrxin1 who pointed me in the right direction. In settings there are three things we all need to change if you are playing an instrument that isn’t plugged in directly. Untick the auto microphone volume and disable the two sections which refer to background noise. As simple as that. Zoom is good to go and our next scheduled rehearsal will be next Wednesday. All works Thanks for all your replies and interest.
  2. Recount? Yes - it’s the Covid-19 effect. I think I’m losing it. We were a quartet until a few months ago and then became a quintet. Actually though we can operate as 3,4 or 5 😀
  3. Thanks for that. At the moment we are simply using Zoom Skype was too laggy. For effects I have GarageBand but can’t see how to use it to get live sound into Zoom.
  4. We are a jazz quartet, two horns, piano, bass and drums. Problem #1. Couldn’t hear the bass, even with my wife 2 floors up, complaining! - Fixed that by getting a Behringer U-Phoria UM2 USB Audio Interface and plugging the bass directly into it. My mates can all hear me fine and are very happy with that (as is my wife as I use headphones). Problem #2. Drums. The first hit heard, but then nothing. So he got the the same audio interface as me and with a studio mike but the same result, no improvement. Today he got his practice kit out which he can plug into any amplifier by jack plug (not usb) and normally is fine. He plugged it into the audio interface instrument connection (same as me) first hit loud and then the rest hearable for me but very quiet. Oh and we’re all using iMacs. Any suggestions please
  5. Thanks for your warm welcome Marc. I play left handed for reasons you’ll see in my profile but I hope to get an Ibanez EUB 804. They don’t do a left handed version so I’ll probably try to play it as it is. One of the benefits of being a lefty is that you can usually visualise a mirror image easily, so muscle memory, or lack of it, won’t be a problem (only speed but I’ll get there with practice). I tried the UB804 in PMT last year and found its sound very pleasing and rather more DB sounding than others I’ve tried.
  6. Hi folks, been playing for a few years now. These days mainly but not exclusively in the Jazz world. As I’ve got older my amps have got smaller and lighter, currently a Markbass cmd121p which is amazing. Playing a very nice Rick with Thomasik flats but thinking about an EUB. Oh and I’m left handed.
  7. My previous left handed string swop question. Any clues, or should I stop wanting?
  8. Being and playing left handed I emailed the distributors and the guy who replied could see no reason why the strings couldn’t be swopped round. As you’ve restrung yours, Mr B, what do you think? Any other lefties out there?
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