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  1. We use the Real books and/or iReal Pro in our music but I tend to play the root to 5th for each chord in this song - a little like a Steely Dan’s intro to ‘Ricky don’t lose that number’ - with a little variation around and it seems to work fine. As has been said by others above.
  2. Anyone else felt that the neck wood could do with a bit of care? It’s a lovely looking hardwood but I have noticed dirt and sweat marks beginning to appear on the fretboard under the strings. Perhaps wooden worktop oil or one of the guitar shop oils?
  3. I’ve returned the 2 bows to the shop, a bit too pricey for me, and ordered a £51 bow with German frog from Thomann. I found that the two types were more or less equal in my hands but the German style has a deeper frog which means it hangs off the back of the Bass’s stand and quicker to grab. Win, win.
  4. I have been to the local violin etc. shop and took both on a week’s trial. I’ve watched the official Ibanez video and also a video on how to hold them. We’ll see after a few days !! I remember our oldest daughter trying a violin when at school (nearly 40 yrs ago) and the cat jumped up at her because of the squeaky sound 🤣. Hmmm !!
  5. Hi, my band members are wondering when I’m getting a bow for this brilliant bass. Not sure why I’d want one as it’s a swing jazz band. Having done a little research it seem I have a choice - French or German style bows, or resist buying one altogether. Has anyone else git experience with this Bass and which bow? Jimmy
  6. We had our rehearsal/practice yesterday and the others all thought the UB804 was “fantastic” in looks and sound. To them it sounded like a double bass!! Everyone happy. Now I’ve got to decide if I sell my leftie Rick4003, because I can’t see when I’ll need it again. Thanks again for your help, guys. 👍👍
  7. One more thing! Has anyone removed the back cover yet? It’s just there is something loose, rattling around. Everything works and I only discovered it when showing my wife how it breaks down into it’s bag.
  8. Hey thanks guys 👍that’s really very helpful. Yes I’m using the original strings and your comment about settling in is true. Not liking the round wound original strings on my Rickenbacker bass (much too twangy for jazz and church situations) I changed them for Tomastik infeld flats which were good straight out of the packet and they have just improved with age. I’m so liking the UB, the Rick might have to get sold (We’ll see !!) Cheers Jimmy
  9. Still practicing with it and especially checking on my finger placement accuracy using a nice big iPad display and PolyTune. My amp is a MarkBass 121p and not really sure where to set the tone controls or, for that matter, the tone on the UB804. Any suggestions?
  10. I finally sold my Martin D28 (rarely played these days) and just took delivery of an UB804. Boy am I a happy bunny. I’ll be rehearsing with my Jazz band mates on Wednesday, can’t wait see their faces. I have tried it right hand but had to turn the strings round. It’s working fine without altering the nut. Just got to practice like mad before Wednesday to build my fretless accuracy. cheers Jimmy
  11. Problem solved and special thanks to jrxin1 who pointed me in the right direction. In settings there are three things we all need to change if you are playing an instrument that isn’t plugged in directly. Untick the auto microphone volume and disable the two sections which refer to background noise. As simple as that. Zoom is good to go and our next scheduled rehearsal will be next Wednesday. All works Thanks for all your replies and interest.
  12. Recount? Yes - it’s the Covid-19 effect. I think I’m losing it. We were a quartet until a few months ago and then became a quintet. Actually though we can operate as 3,4 or 5 😀
  13. Thanks for that. At the moment we are simply using Zoom Skype was too laggy. For effects I have GarageBand but can’t see how to use it to get live sound into Zoom.
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