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  1. Really like both of those! Congratulations
  2. From my experience, no bass / guitar is worth more than £1500 - I spent £3000 on a PRS and there was no improvement between that and a £1500 Yamaha (from a Player's perspective). If you bring 'Art' into it, then I would pay more for a particularly nice Facing or Paintjob etc...but that's 'Art'.
  3. Martin Lee of Overwater used to teach my lessons on a bass very much like this...I wonder if it's the same one
  4. Basswood has a great even tone across the strings and I really like it. People say stupid stuff about it like "it's the cheapest timber" etc. The only thing I would mention is that it's soft, so it can ding/scratch up easily, but it's structurally sound. I had a Basswood Superstrat for 3 years and you could see indentations where it had been sitting in it's stand (the metal has started to come through the foam).
  5. Listened to Dave La Rue play one with Joe Satriani and Johnny A.s Bassist before him and dayum there was some great tones. I love the 'Egyptian Smoke' finish you have there.
  6. That's a good looking 80s bass - Really like Pewter finishes.
  7. Another one for the Stingray - It's just much too much.
  8. Schnozzalee

    Strat info

    EDIT: Didn't read the rules. I've got a G&L Invader in Redburst with a Maple Neck - HSH model with a Schaller Floyd Rose - Looks a bit like this:
  9. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4wBLUBa8YI"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4wBLUBa8YI[/url]
  10. I'm not a fan of 5'ers As mentioned above the extra width on the neck lessens playability and I think the tone of a B string is useless!! Sounds like a crocodile belching. It's annoying if you're trying to cover a song by someone using a 5'er, but you're fine if you can pass with a D-Tuner.
  11. Excellent - Thanks Happy Jack! Yep, it's a 500/1 1962 Reissue from after 2000. Sounds good to me - I just don't where to start with adjusting the bridge and I can't seem to find a Youtube video. I always have this Precision vs Alternative dilemma nowadays. Thanks again
  12. [quote name='lownote12' timestamp='1452450747' post='2950057'] oh, mannnnnnnnn... [/quote] +1
  13. That looks great fun. I want to see someone standing and playing an ACG - I can't image how they look on a strap.
  14. Morning Guys, I've been offered one of these at a very good 2nd hand price (below a grand) and it's the 'Mersey' model. I like the tone of short scale EB3s and Harmony Basses, but I've shockingly never tried one of these. There's so many mixed reviews on them as well, which doesn't help!! People discussing intonation, playability, finishing and regular neck re-sets etc. Does anyone have experience of owning or playing one? I won't get a chance to try it out beforehand.
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