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  1. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1453657767' post='2961482'] This one has Delano pups but it does have a very Bart like sound... Clean but not EMG clean sort of tone. [/quote] Ah I see! I know they went for those oval Delanos on some of the other models. The preamps killer too - I think someone said it was modified Glockenlang. That and a Precision and you're all bas(s)es covered .
  2. I miss mine!! It was fretless - That's the nicest one I've seen since. EDIT: What Electronics do you have? I thought my old one has Bartolinis.
  3. Hi Guys, I just wanted to ask about this - I've recently noticed various basses with book matched flame/quilt maple tops. Nowadays you can buy a nice one piece top from Overwater or Marleaux etc, but the Vintage stuff seems to two piece. Some perfectly match, some perfectly mismatch and some are just plain unsymmetrical...So what do you prefer? (I'll try and find some suitable piccies soon!)
  4. [quote name='tom1946' timestamp='1452926300' post='2954752'] Damn, Been looking for a trib for ages.... sold my last one here, a lovely honeyburst/maple jobby and I bitterly regret it now [/quote] I regret selling that same one! I have their guitars now instead.
  5. I can't fault it at all, it's just that I don't have that much disposable income. Hypothetically, I would buy this over a Fender of the same value.
  6. I would highly recommend trying out the necks on these models beforehand. I play Superstrats but only those with Stratocaster neck profiles, whereas 'shredder' necks can be so thin and wide that you cannot play with your thumb over the top and you have to adopt more of a Classical guitar technique. This is an absolute deal breaker for me, but all Superstrats have flat or compound radii and medium to jumbo frets, which is great. If the guitar has a floyd rose, the nut makes the neck narrower, so you only have to worry about the thickness front to back. I hope this helps! I've always found Jackson and Charvel very playable, although Fender doesn't finish the frets very well on them and they tend to be sharp! You won't have this problem with ESP. I hate Ibanez necks.
  7. [quote name='Machines' timestamp='1443867765' post='2878277'] My experience is very well made but their own preamps aren't great. [/quote] Exactly this - My first basses were a Cort A4 and a Cort A6. There's a stark constrast betweeen a Cort A5 and a Marleaux Consat 5, so I would try and find a 2nd hand model made by the latter. I've never played a bass better than a Marleaux, but they don't put out a vintage Precision tone, so you'd need a Bravewood or something for that.
  8. Got to see him live in 2009 - Incredible presence on stage and very iconic to the genre. I'll always remember some very heavy pre-drinking sessions spurred on by Motorhead's music. RIP.
  9. Glam Rock or Glam Metal for me - Thrash is bland.
  10. For me it's probably the G&L LB-100, but I've not played a Maruszczyk (or however it's spelt) and I'm intrigued.
  11. Yes please! Now to convince him/her to take 60 pounds for it
  12. I think it's tone and sustain, much like on a Gibson Les Paul.
  13. Keep it you madman! If The Who's your No. 1, you'll only regret this. Did Steve Harris have a Slab Bass too?
  14. If you were talking about a guitar I'd understand - There's a huge difference in play ability between a vintage 7.25" radius and a modern 12", but on a bass...Where's the difficulty? It wouldn't matter either way.
  15. This is my favourite Vintage Bass and my favourite Modern Bass is the Wood & Tronics VM Signature. If I had both of those for just a year, I'd die happy. Nice one Chilli - Thank you for the photos
  16. Thanks Embra - You can't go wrong with G&L. I've owned 7 and bought all of them blind, but never had a bad one (although some were heavy).
  17. Now they've been out a while, what are people's thoughts on these? I owned a couple of the old AVRI guitars, but my G&Ls blew them away, so I just wanted to see if anythings improved? I've never tried the Classics, although I've owned a '94 Sterling in the past.
  18. Love G&L!! Out of interest, what does Empress sound like?
  19. I love W&T and this model probably suits me the most, but why, why, why relic/age a modern bass? Marmite finish...Kinda like my flip flop pink superstrat .
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