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  1. [quote name='walbassist' timestamp='1478608849' post='3170234'] Yes, the Contra is amazing, but so is the price tag! [/quote] How much is it? *Winces*
  2. Has anyone seen the Marleaux Contra?!? Imagine a Fretless 4 String Version... [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtFAiCPPGqg"]https://www.youtube....h?v=jtFAiCPPGqg[/url] [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQIynx39Ll0"]https://www.youtube....h?v=iQIynx39Ll0[/url] I had a Consat a few years back and it's still the best Bass I've played, but as a Jack Bruce fan, the Contra ticks even more boxes for me.
  3. [quote name='Kiwi' timestamp='1477024432' post='3159293'] True. I even prefer the sound of a split HB to that of a single coil. My love for single coils took a real beating after trying out some painstakingly constructed replica vintage 57 single coils for my Hitmaker replica. They were sh*t and were promptly replaced by some modern Fender noiseless singles. I have strong suspicions that Nile's Hitmaker is a bit of a dog in real life but my replica is still nice to practice Chic stuff on. [/quote] I'm in this camp. My experiences were very similar when I owned a Fender '57 AVRI Strat - I didn't have the pedals to make it work in a band setting.
  4. I now have all (Single Coil, P90 and Humbucker). Some Single Coils just don't cut through, so a Blade can be more practical; however, if you split a Humbucker then I think you cover this ground. As mentioned above, the Seymour Duncan '59 and JB split very well, as does the Jazz. It's more important to have a Bolt-On and Set Neck Guitar in my opinion, as there's now nothing I can't do (my Yamaha SG does Jazz, but it's normally this Genre that you miss out).
  5. Jack's associated with a Fender VI and a Danelectro Longhorn. I've never heard of the others in the photo, but it's nice to see the Seller's telling the truth.
  6. Schnozzalee

    Gibson ES175.

    Is that the guitar Ted Nugent played? I like those
  7. Does it have a case?
  8. Sawing the two plastic pickup covers and sticking them together is the easy part, it's finding the extra two pole pieces that takes time.
  9. I got one in top nick for £650 - I just had to get Overwater to tell me what tool adjusted the truss rod. I'd rather put £472 towards a Rick in this case.
  10. ^ Agree, 9's are always best with Floyd Rose Bridges IMO. I've never tried the bridge on the MSG (nice guitar btw!), but I tend to avoid custom innovations in case I need parts (the ESP Sinclair/Synclair was a nightmare). Trevor Wilkinson nails the reason why the Open G on Vintage Trems never stays in tune - I'll try and find the video. I have a T-O-M and Locking Tuners, but it still doesn't do what the Floyd Rose does, as I can do 10 bendy solos on the Floyd and it'll still be in tune.
  11. I've sold everything via Gumtree - The Geordies and Scots are great at buying my stuff and they always bring decent chat with them .
  12. Gotta be a Rickenbacker out of those.
  13. You really want to trade for a G&L Superstrat (Oh, yes you do!). I'm not a 5 string guy, but that's lovely .
  14. A refinish is going to cost you £300 (plus the loss in value), so I would just buy a 2nd hand backup for it, where you won't lose any money if you sell it on. The '71 can then sit and carry on accruing value. When you tie money to instruments you love it kinda kills the mood...Like when you see a good looking girl on the high street, maybe get an erection and suddenly have to start thinking about carpentry or politics to get rid of it.
  15. Bartolini Soapbars and a Glockenlang Preamp is a wonderful combo - Marleaux used it for ages before swapping to Delano Pickups (not sure why).
  16. Vmaxblues had one of these and he was kind enough to let me try it out while we were trading other things and it is still the best rock bass I've ever played. HNBD!!
  17. Love these - I think Rocco Prestia played them at some point.
  18. I loved my A4 and A6, but I was enticed away after playing a Precision Bass (The Sound in My Head) and later upgrading to a Marleaux Consat. You'll be hard pushed to find something (double soapbar) that will beat them for less than £800.
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