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  1. [quote name='therealting' timestamp='1467233302' post='3082219'] What exactly is a non-nitro lacquer? [/quote] ^ This.
  2. ZZTop are wonderful - No one like em and often overlooked. One of my all time faves
  3. I've recently switched a contoured body guitar for one with a slab body and I get more bass/low-mid response at the expense of comfort - Standing up is fine, but it can give you a jab in the ribs sitting down.
  4. Missed out on the 4, bought something Yamaha and now I'll miss out on the 5 These are getting hard to find too
  5. I know a company that also ignores both e-mail and facebook messaging, so they don't get my business. If I have to phone the shop, I feel under pressure to buy and I don't like that if I'm making inquiries. One time I phoned the shop to ask for details about an item and they texted and rang me non-stop through working hours and completely lost their professionalism when I didn't reply within 2 hours. I always consider myself a potential customer, as I've owned over 50 instruments, but it still has to be my decision and I hate pressure sales. I've found a shop that always replies to me and they're very patient, so I'll keep going back.
  6. I was listening to a 6 string version the other day and my word, these are incredible!! The low B actually sounded clear!
  7. Someone buy it - I can't get to Sutton Coldfield
  8. Like Graffiti Yellow and Capri Orange too The Sahara looks great - I've never seen that one.
  9. I feel like I need a cigarette after looking through those pictures.
  10. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1464732315' post='3062075'] Good advice. If I were recommending a best bass it would be a Precision as that`s what works best for me, but whenever I hear someone play a Stingray I love it. They don`t work for me though, so how could I recommend a bass that I love the sound of, yet which sounds pony when I play it. [/quote] Haha - Yeah I get this and I tend to like a Precision or a Double Soapbar Bass in my hands and I can play either 32" or 34" scales, so that counts out a lot of 5'ers. I'll have to have a think - Thanks guys
  11. It's a one off tribute that Chris May and Martin Lee made in memory of Jack Bruce (my favourite Bassist).
  12. Well, my ideal score would be something like a 2nd hand Overwater (or a Shuker), but there's not many going and this is going to take a bit more saving up: I like G&L, Yamaha and Warwick as 'Mainstream' Brands.
  13. I've been out of bass playing for a while now, as I switched to guitars around 4 years ago. I wanted to ask what you feel the best quality bass is between £600 and £900? Used to get all sorts for £650. The reason I ask is because every time I spot something that I feel is a good deal, I see something a lot better for £100 extra...So my radar's out of touch. I had a Marleaux Consat and a Bravewood Precision before I changed and I was very happy with these, but I couldn't get a band together at the time. So what's out there nowadays?? (All input appreciated)
  14. You've owned a Pedulla before, so I believe you
  15. I've owned 7 instruments at once, but now I currently have 2 and would like to make it 3. I've cut back opting for quality and I'm happier now that I can't pick out issues, or things that need upgraded etc and I get on with my playing. You can try and get lucky with the budget thing, or blow £2k+, but I think that £1.5k mark is as good as it gets from a practical point of view - 1 or 2 of those and you're set for life.
  16. Just out of interest - Is it an Ash Body? Or Alder?
  17. Never tried a Carvin/Kiesel, but they do look great - Hard to find in the UK
  18. Dibs if you go to sell it , but I hope you enjoy it. I've had 7 G&Ls and my current No.1 is an Invader Guitar - Never had an average one, never mind a bad'un.
  19. Was just looking at the new Michael Anthony model - Never tried a Schecter, but the neck profile might be a bit too thin for me. Great looker though!
  20. Oh right! Well, yeah - I owned an ESP for 4 years and that narrow 'U' is fantastic. If you've had the Gibson 6 years then it's obviously a good one, so I would get it re-profiled in that case.
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