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  1. We've had a discussion about Bigsbys, so I thought I'd enquire about peoples experiences with Floyd Rose Bridges?? I've owned an '88 Jackson Charvel Star with one equipped, but I didn't use the bar at all (...I know); I tuned it maybe once a fortnight and it stayed, but off course you have to tune it 12 times (6 for the nut, 6 for the bridge). [size=4]There's the whole locking kahler vs floyd rose (licensed vs original) argument, but I'm wanting to ask how practical they are, in contast to the 2 point non locking trem I know & love.[/size] [size=4] [/size][size=4]All input greatly appreciated [/size]
  2. I like it, very 80's, and tonnes of people rave about Carvin - I don't do purple though, a nice ocean turquoise for me!
  3. ...damn I'd be ecstatic!! Congratulations mate, get it made fretless [size=4] [/size]
  4. G&L and Yamaha are my favourite brands at the moment - welcome to the club!!
  5. Wood & Tronics are my Achilles Heel, if I was still in Cardiff I doubt I'd resist.
  6. The poor quality music that ruined rock...who said that?? [size=4] [/size]
  7. I like the lead balloon in the middle of this interview: [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jj9LzzYEb8E"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jj9LzzYEb8E[/url]
  8. [quote name='Beedster' timestamp='1370418817' post='2100445'] He has lost the plot hasn't he. It's not like they're everyone's sup of tea in the first place, now he seems intent on making them an even more niche product by alienating current and potential customers. As one of the respondents said, customer service is everything. [/quote] +1
  9. They're still awesome fun live, true his voice isn't as good as it was but it's to be expected with the age, same for David Lee Roth - I don't know how Steve Tyler & Jack Bruce manage to keep it perfect.
  10. How would you describe the neck profile on these? EDIT: ...well on this particular one lol
  11. As a huge Jack Bruce fan, this is very appealing... [size=4] [/size]
  12. Restringing was a ballache on mine, I prefer a non locking tremolo, a bigsby's movement is very slight without detuning. I didn't mind the weight, but I never notice until someone mentions it to me, balanced perfectly.
  13. [quote name='Roger2611' timestamp='1368733564' post='2080938'] Gretsch = lust and divorce, especially if I ever come home with a White Falcon, Mrs2611 knows how much they cost! [/quote] [size=4] [/size]
  14. My friend sold his Les Paul for one of these in green; great guitar, and far more safe to gig!
  15. No jokes, just check it [size=4] [/size][size=4]:[/size] [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gretsch-duo-jet-1957-original-vintage-guitar-real-deal-george-harrison-year-/190840278687?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item2c6ef78e9f"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gretsch-duo-jet-1957-original-vintage-guitar-real-deal-george-harrison-year-/190840278687?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item2c6ef78e9f[/url] Wonder if he/she'd throw in some pomade & a leather jacket too!
  16. It's worth 750 quid of anyone's money
  17. Schnozzalee


    Ah, this is why Yamaha done away with the rib contour on their SG, it's supposed to add to the bass response leaving the extra wood there...I'd prefer comfort myself but each to their own!
  18. I'm not sure it's as much of an issue on bass, but a guitar with a chunky neck, always sounds better tonally than one with a super slim.
  19. Used to be mine!! Has a hell of a punch with some flatwounds and looks the dogs - this was the only bass my girlfriend liked . £400 is dirt cheap for the quality of the instrument, my guitar tech in Cardiff loved these & had a collection. The pickup selector has one position that sounds just like a Rickenbacker too! The condition's purely cosmetic, it's a rock solid instrument...(£400!!!) Hope you enjoyed it Dave
  20. A relic's not a relic unless they've wiped their arse up and down the back of the neck saying, "it's got that played-in feel"
  21. G&L nicely undercut Fender, Yamaha & ESP undercut Gibson. I think this brand name thing will end, but it's just a case of when the sheep realise that quality, not price, is key to a sweet sounding/playing instrument. 300 year old shed wood, nitro paint in ltd edition colours, vandalism etc ain't worth an extra grand - the biggest joke is Custom Shop to Masterbuilt - it's still all machine cut ! I've owned 2 American Vintage Reissues, never worth more than a grand.
  22. PRS are 25" bang on, supposed to be compromise between the two but I'm a 25.5" scale guy - less cramped! Check out the G&L Tribute Fiorano.
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