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  1. cb1

    Count Bubba

    mindformusic.com alfred.com for the score of the second one. Or both scores on YouTube
  2. New price £825, Great deal for what apart from a small area of scratches (shown in photo) is like a new Bass.
  3. No longer on hold ,so back up for sale
  4. It should say Sandberg Bag - not case. I have weighed it on more accurate scales and it showed up as 10lbs 6oz
  5. Sandberg VM5 £850 Now £825 [attachment=257254:IMG_20170629_193505.jpg][attachment=257255:IMG_20170629_190747.jpg][attachment=257256:IMG_20170629_190758.jpg][attachment=257257:IMG_20170629_190850.jpg][attachment=257258:IMG_20170629_192240.jpg][attachment=257259:IMG_20170629_193038.jpg] Excellent condition with the exception of the scratches on the top shoulder(not visible from the front) as shown in pics. Strung B-G, 34" scale. Great action and balance. This is the 2nd one of these I have had and they play great. The 1st one was too heavy for me and although this isn't a light Bass (about the same weight as my other 5 stringers) it feels very comfortable - about 10.5lbs on the bathroom scales. Comes with Sandberg case and tools. More details of similar Basses on the Bass direct website. I am based in Manchester but willing to post at cost.
  6. The Latin Bass book. By Oscar Stagnaro, pub. Sher Music. Although not strictly a tuition book it is an amazing resource. Not a tab in sight, 3 CDs full of fantastic backing tracks. You can either try to play the charts exactly as they are or or just take the feel and play your own thing over the chords.
  7. Have used a Hiscox quite a few times and never had any problems
  8. [quote name='Stickman' timestamp='1488471071' post='3249252'] Position your music stand off to your left (presuming you are right handed) rather than straight in front of you, that way you minimise the distance your eyes have to jump from the page to your fretting hand. [/quote] Good advice, but I'm not sure trying to learn to read on fretless is the way forward. It would best to stick to fretted as reading on fretless is difficult even for accomplished players and readers.
  9. [quote name='ambient' timestamp='1472156524' post='3119029'] Not necessarily. Notes, and rhythm are common to all instruments, pianists, trombone, bassoon, tuba, cello, double bassists would all read bass clef. My second year at uni, my reading class lecturer was a pianist. In fact it was a violin teacher taught me to read music. [/quote] Well true to a certain extent. But a bassoon player will not be able to tell you which is the best position to start in and where there are 2 or 3 ways to play a phrase they won't have a clue. Also with reading on Bass or any other rhythm section instrument interpretation is very important as opposed to being able to read the part 100% accurately - would a trombone player be able to help you with that? I don't think so.
  10. [quote name='ambient' timestamp='1471811095' post='3116108'] Find a teacher in your local area, it doesn't haver to be a bass player. You're never too old to learn to read. [/quote] It does have to be a bass guitar teacher
  11. cb1

    Middle C

    A very concise, easy to understand and accurate answer to the OP's reasonable question - say no more.......
  12. Hi, l can make use of it. Thanks
  13. Do you know what the top wood is? Thanks
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