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  1. I don’t think it’s been mentioned but it should be in Eb (3 flats)
  2. I've been grateful for the transcriptions posted on here and elsewhere during lockdown, so I thought it was only reasonable to reciprocate. I heard this track recently and was inspired to do a transcription. The track is 'The Blood,The Blood by Joshua's Troop. The bass player Bryan 'B Dub' White and I'm assuming he is covering his own playing. Good Luck with it, it moves at quite a lick! The Blood, The Blood - Bass Guitar.pdf
  3. Sometimes there is more than one way to write stuff out - but in this case it's got to be they way Joebass has suggested
  4. Usually above where the repeat in question starts or where you put theDS al coda
  5. It is best to indicate whether repeats are to be played on the D.S. or not. ”Play repeats on D.S” or “No repeat on D.S”
  6. Something like this. Mistakes sib bass.pdf
  7. As has probably been mentioned before, notes shouldn't cross the centre of the bar (in 4/4). The Crochets that cross the centre need to be split into Quavers and tied - there are exceptions to this, but none that apply here, apart from the semi breves.
  8. Thanks for putting the Jimmy Johnson solo on. He's a player who deserves a much higher profile than he has. I think it should be just 8va all the way through?
  9. This also applies to semi quavers which should be beamed into beats - even when it includes rests. Sibelius tends not do this by default so there are lots of examples out there now of this rule being broken. If you don't read much these rules may seem a bit fussy, but to people who do read they are important as that is what they are used to seeing. Regarding the Key signature: It is in A, therefore I want to see it with 3 sharps - despite having G and C naturals. As a reading Bass player if I'm playing a Blues in D, I expect it to have 2 sharps despite an abundance of C and F naturals: I want the Key Signature tally to the Key I am in.
  10. I wasn't sure what to price to put this on at, but looks like it was too high. So price drop to £825
  11. Yamaha TRB 5P £950 This is one of the older TRB's with the Piezo. These are really well made basses and the Piezo can add a touch of an acoustic edge to the sound. Good condition for the age - a few scratches and chips but nothing too major. (which I have tried to show in the photos) Neck is good and plays really well - it is strung B - G. The weight is 4.38kgs/9lbs 10.5oz. Feels comfortable for a 5 string and balances very well. Comes with a case (not original). Any Questions, feel free to ask
  12. Willing to post at cost or meet up somewhere
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