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    Lovely 😉 Are these thunderbird pickups ? Do you have a picture of how is the body routed under the pickguard ?
  2. Here is how the bass looks with the black Moollon pickguard (please refer to the OP's pictures for the actual condition of the bass).
  3. Used to be mine, the color is quite difficult to photograph. I have the original black pickguard if anyone wants it.
  4. Looks super clean for a Bravewood. He usually does a lot more Relic work. How did you get that one ?
  5. 4,3 kg is rather 9,48 lbs. Beautiful bass by the way 😉
  6. What is the string spacing ? It looks narrow.
  7. Beautiful bass. Delano is German, not French.
  8. the bass looks nice... but so does your house !
  9. Done a deal with Janez. Excellent communication through the whole process. Friendly and accomodating, the gear was as described. Highly recommended !
  10. Can you please explain what is the tweak ?
  11. Oh yeah, but I was looking at the back of the bass, it looks like there are 5 pieces of alder.
  12. Is it a 5 piece body ? In 92 the preamp would have been a Japanese made one, not a USA one (the US preamps were fitted on the Burners from 93).
  13. A rosewood fretboard is not common on a Warwick SS1. Is it original or has it been changed during the repair ?
  14. @yessokkey No thanks, I have already had the 4 string version of that bass. Please send trade offers by PM to keep this thread clean.
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