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  1. As seen on Daniel Tobias' Instagram: Love the tinted maple top.
  2. eneade


    Love these two VanZandt JBV-R1 and JBV-R2. VanZandt is a small Japanese builder who uses VanZandt pickups from the US. https://www.taurus-corpo.com/vanzandt
  3. Vanzandt PBV-R2 on the left and Mike Lull P4 on the right.
  4. I have tracked a few Lull P4 for sale on Basschat previously and thought mine were reasonably priced ;-) Have a look by yourself : https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/262554-sold-deposit-taken-mike-lull-p4-precision-seriously-light-weight-under-75lbs/ https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/214732-mike-lull-p4-gone/ https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/221903-mike-lull-p4-sunburstrosewood-sold-pending-usual/?page=2 https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/214476-mike-lull-p4-sold/ But do not hesitate to PM trade and purchase offers.
  5. For sale this Mike Lull P4 made in Bellevue WA in 2010. Comes with original certificate. BS6A2419 by Eneade, sur Flickr Gnarly P Bass sound in a lightweight and perfectly balanced package (7,4 lbs). Alder body and rosewood fretboard. Pickup is the original custom made Lindy Fralin. The bass is in very good condition minor small dings on the inside of the lower horn (see picture). Everything works as it should, pickup, pots, truss rod, plenty of life in the frets... The bass is in France but can be shipped in all Europe, PM your country and zip code to have a quote. I prefer a sale but I am not opposed to trades, just try me.
  6. Weren't the original pickguards one ply on these ?
  7. To give an idea, I asked Mark a quote in 2017 for a p bass in ash. It was approx. £1000 with a gig bag.
  8. I have been asked a picture of the neck pocket showing the ash / mahogany tone bloc and maple top so here it is : I have checked the truss rod and it's at the beginning of the tightening and turns freely ;-)
  9. To help buyers, price goes down to £1100 + shipment. PM your country / zip code / city for a shipment quote.
  10. Sexier than an Asat ;-) And with ZERO neck dive.
  11. For sale this Music Man Reflex 4 made in 2010. This is really a nice bass that sounds great (and huge) but I have just bought a Mike Lull and I have to make choices ... This is a rather rare bass that is no longer produced. For the story, MusicMan had released the 25th Anniversary series with this particular shape and with substantial prices. These basses had a mahogany tone block and a flamed maple top with a transparent red finish. After that, they made the Reflex, which is the same bass except that the maple top is not figured and the bass is painted. I checked in the neck pocket and there is the mahogany tone block and the maple top. Caracteristics : - Ash body with mahogany tone block and maple top - Quartersawn maple neck, quite unusual for MusicMan - 4-band preamp : bass, low mid, high mid, treble, 18V (derived from the Bongo 5) - Single humbucker (like a Stingray) - Serial / parallel switch - Active / passive switch with passive tone The neck is similar to a Stingray and is straight with a low action. The truss rod operates as it should. Thanks to the ultralight tuners, the bass is very well balanced (weight: 4.2 Kgs / 9,25 lbs). Apart from a ding on the edge, the bass is in excellent condition. The bass is located in France and comes in its original Musicman hardcase. Price: £1200 £1100. For shipment just ask for a quote with your country, zip code and city.
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