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    New Site Features

    Never thought of that, I will try.
  2. eneade

    New Site Features

    Thanks for the answer. It would be a neat feature for the marketplace.
  3. eneade

    New Site Features

    Hi, Is it possible to receive a notification when a new post is created and the title contains a keyword I have chosen ? For example, I would like to receive an email each time a new sale pops up for a "Fodera" or "Modulus" etc... Thanks
  4. Does the 33 scale feel much different than a 34 ? How do they compare ?
  5. [url="https://flic.kr/p/Zj9D3j"][/url]
  6. Do you have a picture of the truss rod nut (showing its condition and how deep it has been tightened) ?
  7. What year was this bass made? Ash or maple neck ?
  8. Looks very nice on this picture. Hope it sounds as good as it looks ;-)
  9. Hi there, I am selling this Music Man Stingray V made for the 20th anniversary of the model in 2007. This is a rather rare bass, I have read only 330 basses were made. Specifications : - ash body with mahogany tone block and quilted maple top - color is California Sunset - profiled heel with 5 screws - the preamp was tailor made for this model (better low frequencies, clarity, sustain) - Alnico humbucker - custom made - G & G Anniversary Case - weight : 10 lbs - new Addario 45-130 strings It sounds very well obviously, a lot of grain and presence in a mix (must do it on purpose not to hear yourself in a mix!). In very good condition apart from a small dent on a side. Everything works perfectly ;-) The bass will ship from [b]France[/b], add £40 for quality packaging and shipment. Not really interested in trades but if you want to make an offer, the bass cost 3300 €.
  10. It's surprising that the A string is not aligned on the center dot of the neck on such a bass. And same problem for all the strings on the neck pickup.
  11. I guess you are wrong about the date of the pots : [url="http://home.provide.net/~cfh/pots.html"]http://home.provide.net/~cfh/pots.html[/url] CTS pots dates are 137 + two digits for year + two digits for week. Sorry but it seems that your pots are from 1980.
  12. Hi, I also have a 1983 Fullerton Precision standard and I am very happy with it, but I was not aware about the "Smith-era pickup" thing. Can you please explain ? Thanks
  13. I bought a Precision bass to Steve last month and I seriously recommend him ! Packing was safe, shipping was fast, easy communication and item EXACTLY as described. Did I forgot to say I live in France ?
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