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  1. What is the darker area on the back of the bass ?
  2. Is this the stock bridge on the first picture ? Looks like a Gotoh 203.
  3. They look pretty similar to me :
  4. Thanks ! I am French and I did not know "yew" was a wood species.
  5. What are the woods ? Can you move the bridge saddles latteraly?
  6. I have been asked to sell the Lull T4 pickups separately. These pickups are not for sale unless someone wants the bass without them.
  7. This link is for the fretless one : https://bassmatters.nl/nl/126/Celinder-J-Vintage-5-fretless
  8. This looks like a gorgeous MTD ;-) I don't play fivers nore fretless though.
  9. For sale or trade this Mike Lull PT4 made in 2011 in Bellevue, Washington USA. Mike Lull PT4 by Eneade, sur Flickr This bass has all the Lull attributes, incuding a light weight of 7,7 lbs / 3,5 kg - Chambered alder body - Graphite reinforced maple neck with indian rosewood fretboard, PLEKed - Hipshot A bridge and ultralight tuners - Original Protec Contego softcase - Bartolini T4 pickup with Sadowsky two band preamp with Vintage Tone Control (passive tone control) - BONUS: Lull T4 pickups with tortoise pickguard and passive pots. This extra set includes chrome and plastic rings, screws, dome knobs... and is worth £500 on bassdirect http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Lull_pickups.html The Bartolini / Sadowsky set is worth £400. You can also mix electronics, Lull pickups and Sadowsky pre for example. Bass is located in France and can be shipped all over Europe. Price is £1650 / €1900. Trade wise I am interested in fretted 4 stringers : Moollon, F bass, Ken Smith, Warwick SS2... cash either way. Mike Lull PT4-2 by Eneade, sur Flickr Mike Lull PT4-3 by Eneade, sur Flickr Mike Lull PT4-4 by Eneade, sur Flickr Mike Lull PT4-5 by Eneade, sur Flickr Mike Lull PT4-6 by Eneade, sur Flickr Mike Lull PT4-7 by Eneade, sur Flickr Mike Lull PT4-8 by Eneade, sur Flickr
  10. For sale / trade this Sandberg Ken Taylor 5 custom made in Germany : Sandberg Ken Taylor 5-3 by Eneade, sur Flickr Sandberg Ken Taylor 5 by Eneade, sur Flickr Sandberg Ken Taylor 5-2 by Eneade, sur Flickr Specifications : - Ken Taylor 5 custom - 5 strings - 34 inches - 24 frets - birdseye maple fingerboard - dual humbuckers with toggle switch for single coil mode - 3 bands preamp (supposedly made by Glockenklang) - complete passive mode, the treble knob acts as a passive tone pot - string spacing at bridge 18 mm (adjustable) - high gloss white - matching headstock - weight : 4,1 kg / 9 lbs, well balanced thanks to the light tuners Price new on the Sandberg configurator : 2176€ (paste this BA1-TM2:S-SD-5S-34-HG-VW-ALD-NOT-BMF-F-NOI-MHHG-CRH-SBT-3EQ+SSW-NOP-X-RH here : configurator.sandberg-guitars.de) Other options : - quartersawn maple neck (non standard and not selectable on the configurator) - teardrop hardcase instead of gig bag / add £100 Sandberg Ken Taylor 5-4 by Eneade, sur Flickr Sandberg Ken Taylor 5-5 by Eneade, sur Flickr Sandberg Ken Taylor 5-6 by Eneade, sur Flickr Nicely set up with fresh strings. Very good low B. Modern, articulate sound in active mode. Cuts through a mix like butter. Passive mode is loud as the active mode, more in the traditionnal Fender-ish sounds, very useful. Price is €900 / £790. Trades possible for 4 stringers only. I'd rather trade up than down. Bass is located in France but can be shipped all over Europe.
  11. The wenge neck and walnut top are
  12. I know, I have one in 4 strings ;-) Very good bass with the single coil pickups ! For those interested, the bridge pickup is in a J60 position but the neck pickup is closer to the bridge, which with the woods, electronics and craftsmanship of Elrick, give these basses an excellent sound.
  13. As seen on Daniel Tobias' Instagram: Love the tinted maple top.
  14. eneade


    Love these two VanZandt JBV-R1 and JBV-R2. VanZandt is a small Japanese builder who uses VanZandt pickups from the US. https://www.taurus-corpo.com/vanzandt
  15. Vanzandt PBV-R2 on the left and Mike Lull P4 on the right.
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